St. Louis directory :
Business Directory. 277
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Stille, George H.
Straat, John n.
Smith, Irwin Z.
Schneider, Julius F.
Stremmel, Philip.
Scherman, Eleazer.
Skinner, John W.
Stevens, Robert.
Sawyer, Woodbury.
Schneider, Frank. A. H.
Shands, Edward W.
Salisbury, Thomas L.
Saddler, James F.
Tice, John H.
Taylor, Clay.
Taylor, John Dacosta.
Taussig, James.
Timon, Owen V.
Tillson, Charles H.
Ulrici, Emil.
Voorhis, Robert S.
Van Wagoner, Gar. S.
Vogel, John C.
Voullaire, Seymour.
Widgery, John.
Weber, William.
Waite, Liberty.
Wood, William D.
Walsh, Edmund P.
Wolf, Michael.
White, Stephen V.
Worsham, William H.
Walther, Charles F.
Young, Jeremiah F.
Mackinnis, Thomas, M.D., surgeon and oculist , office
63 ½ 4th, b.between Pine and Olive.
Oil Manufacturers.
Adams, Washington F., Gratint, b.between 5th and 6th.
Goodwin & Anderson , lard oil, soap and candles, 73
Hassbynr & Thomas , 33 n.north a 3d.
Jones, Benjamin, c.corner Ferry and Broadway.
Neuer, Ernst, office 10 Pine.
Ring, Edward, lard oil manufacturer , c 21st & Morgan,
SchmeisserCharles, , 150 Corondelct av.avenue
Wyman & Grant , c.corner 2d and Cass av.avenue
Organ Builders.
Pilcher H. & Sons , 116 16th.
Packers Of Pork And Beef.
Ames Henry & , 280 n.north Main.
Ashbrook, H. & , c.corner Commercial and Vine.
Ashbrook, Levi L., c.corner Spring and Broadway.
Bayha G. & C. , 291 and 293 s.south 2d.
Crane Francis W. & , 69 Commercial.
Hagens, Geo., Convent, b.between 2d and 3d.
Steitz, Matthias, 243 and 245 s.south 2d.
Taylor, P. C., 29 Levee.
Whittakcr, Francis, c.corner Carr and 7th.
Painters — House, Sign & Ornamental.
Armistead, Robert W., 50 Pine.
Bekckers & Vogler , 20 s.south 3d.
Benteen & Carswell , Olive, op. Wood’s Theater.
Betts, Conway & , 33 Pine.
BoltonRichard E., sen., 44 Vine.
Brewster, Charles A., 652 Broadway.
Bury, J. C., 9 s.south 3d.
Carten W. & D. , 106 Wask.
Carter, Richard, 249 s.south 3d.
Cooper, T. R., 46 Locust.
Cowden, Thos., 37 Olive.
Doellner, Henry, 36 s.south 2d.
Farmer Henry & Son , 38 Olive.
Frank & Stabler , 4 s.south 3d.
Garvin W. S. & P. W. , 262 Broadway.
Harrington, Charles, 52 Locust.
Hooper, Clark, 46 s.south 6th.
Julian, Marcus L., Washington av.avenue , b.between 14th and 15th.
Kibbe, Ludlow, 152 Market.
Reissc A. & Bros. , 157 s.south 2d.
Spore, James, 101 n.north 4th.
Thomas & Kennedy , 73 n.north 3d.
Thornburg R. & W. A. , 221 n.north 2d.
Voss, H. H., 389 Market
Wilgus, Noble ,& , 513 Broadway, 32 & 34 Pine.
Wilson & Dugal , 110 n.north 3d.
Paper Dealers and Manufacturers.
Allen J. G. & , 181 n.north Main.
Bird, Thomas, 103 n.north 3d.
Crittenden, Hiram, 117 n.north Main.
Graham, H. B., 66 n.north 2d.
Ladew, Peers & , 37 and 39 Locust.
Nelson, Wm.William A., 11 Locust.
Paper Hangers And Dealers.
Benteen & Carswell , Olive, opp.opposite Wood’s Theater.
Bradford, D. R., 34 Pine.
*Gonzelman, G., c.corner 5th and Olive.
*Howard James & , 98 Market.
*Kennard & Bro. , 111 n.north 4th.
*Michael, Geo. B., 80 n.north 4th.
Reisse A. & Bro. , 15 s.south 2d.
Wilgus, Noble & , 513 Broadway.
*Wolff & Engert , importers, 43 s.south 2d, & 303 Br’dway.
*Zimmermaa & Rosenthal , 63 n.north 4th.
Patent Agents.
Broadnax, Amos, Custom House building.
Patent Medicines.
Bragg, Burrowes & , c.corner 3d and Market.
Cavanaugh, T. H.Dr., c.corner Carr and Broadway.
Easterly, Ezra, c.corner 3d and Chesnut.
Blaksley, Henry, c.corner 2d and Vine.
McLean, James H., c 3d and Pine.
Shaw, Sarah, agnt for Braudretli’s Pills ,
55 Market street.
Snow, R. B., c.corner 3d and Vine.
Wood O. J. & , 114 Market.
Pattern and Model Makers.
Merzy, John, 170 s.south 2d.
Wallingford, E., 56 Locust.
Pension Agents.
AndersonWm.William C., sen., 108 Locust.
Busay & Hartier , 4th, b.between Walnut and Elm.
Hudson, H., 96 Market.
Adreon, Steplien W., 79 n.north 6th.
Allen, Buford J., 14 s.south 4th.
Alleyne, J. S. B., 129 n.north 5th.
Almeida, Wm.William H., 98 n.north 5th.
Atkinson, John R., 49 s.south 5th.
Backer, Fred. W., 245 Franklin av.avenue
Banister, T. Y., City Hospital.
Barnes, A. S., c.corner 9th and Biddle.
Barnes John & A. F. , 142 n.north 4th.
Barr, Edwin W., 54 Washington av.avenue
Bassett, Wm.William W., 10 s.south 14th.
Bates, Julian, 92 Olive.
Battner, Ferdinand, 210 n.north 6th.
Baumgarten, Frederick E., phyi-
cian and surgeon , 211 Market.
Behr, Alfred, 62 s.south 2d.
Benkendorf, Edward, 52 Washington av.avenue
Berghoff, T. J., Buel, b.between Soulard aad Carrol.
Bicknell, T. J., 328n.north 9th.
Blank, Charles, 318 s.south 5th.
Bohannan, Wm.William A. S., 4 s.south 4th.
Bosse, Louis, 83 Carondelet av.avenue
Botfield, J. J., 216 Market.
Bock, John P., 110 Green.
Brokaw, F. V. T., resident physician U. S. Marine
Brown, Joseph T., c.corner 3d and Market.
Bryan, E. H., c.corner Green and 4th.
BryanJohn G., Jr., c.corner 4th and Green.
Burnett, James B., 262 Pine.
Campbell, Cornelius, 333 s.south 4th.
Campbell, George W., 333 s.south 4th.
Campbell, James C., 144 Morgan.
Carpenter, A. E., 147 Morgan.
Carrington, C., 2n.north 9th.