St. Louis directory :
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Flottman, Wm.William, laborer , 17th b.between Cass av.avenue and Da-
vis st.street
Flotran, Lewis, laborer , alley b. Carr and Biddle, 14th
and 15th.
Flotzer, John, laborer , Carrol b.between Jackson and Co-
Flournoy, John, lawyer , room 4 Weld buildings;
r.residence Barnum’s Hotel.
Floyd, B. L., salesman , 137 n.north Main; r.residence 141 n.north 5th.
Floyd, John, (Brown, F. & ) non-resident.
Floyd, S. W., bricklayer , 53 Mullanphy.
Fludder, Charles J., clerk , 165 n.north 3d; r 182 n.north 7th.
Fluett, Emanuel, bricklayer , 30 Washington av.avenue
Flugel, Jacob, signpainter , 220 s 3d.
Flugger, Chas. S., clerk , 82 n.north 7th.
Flainer, John, stonemason , 188 n.north 13th.
Flukes, James, furniturestore , 5th near Morgan; r.residence
St. Charles road.
Flyn, John, shoemaker , 121 Christy av.avenue
Flyn, James, stonecutter , 47 n.north 9th.
Flynn, Daniel F., P. R. R. timekeeper, Christy av.avenue b.between
20th and 21st st.street
Flynn, Hugh, coffeehouse , 6 Morgan.
Flynn, Martin, policeman , ns.north side Spruce b.between 12th & 13th.
Flynn, Michael, drayman , rear 264 n.north 8th.
Fochtman, Fred., carpenter , sw. c. new reservoir.
Foder, Peter, varietystore , 143 Franklin av.avenue
Foerer, Fred., blacksmith , 60 Morgan.
Foerg, Henry, druggist , 130 s.south 2d.
Foerstel, Anthon, butcher , n.north Market; r.residence Jackson,
near Lami.
Foerster, Anton, butcher , ne. c. Duchouquette and
Congress, up stairs.
Foerster, Michael, collar manufactory , se.south east c.corner Colum-
bus ami Lesperance.
Foerth, Lambert, hosiery store , ss.south side Convent b.between 3d
and 4th.
Foff, Henry, huckster , s.south Market; r.residence alley rear 3d b.between
Hazel and Convent.
Fogarty, John, foundryman , Washington Foundry.
Fogarty, John, laborer , Gratiot near Spring.
Fogeding, Wm.William, brickmaker , n.north 15th b.between Benton and
new Market.
Fogeltine, John, laborer , Dekalb b.between Barton and Victor.
Fogelty, James, teamster , 623 s.south 7th.
Fogor, Ultman, tailor , 204 n.north 11th.
Fogerty, Patrick, drayman , Washington Foundry.
Fogerty, Michael, laborer , 120 Orange.
Fogerty, Thomas, teamster , ws.west side Jackson b.between Marion
and Carrol.
Fogle, Henry, shoemaker , c.corner 12th st.street and Franklin av.avenue
Fohr, Andrew, tailor , c.corner Franklin av.avenue and Abby st.street
Fohr, Jacob, tobacconist , 403 s.south 7th.
Fohrell, Anton, boot and shoe manufacturer ,
42 s.south 2d; r. ns. Elm b. 2d and 3d.
Fokel, John, laborer , 197 n.north 9th.
Foley, Antony, near Cass av.avenue b.between 12th and 13th.
Foley, Bryan, grocer , 165 St. Charles.
Foley, David, shoemakar , 386 n.north Main.
Foley, Edward, laborer , 58 Biddle.
Foley, James, drayman , 110 s.south Main.
Foley, John, laborer , 370 Biddle.
Foley, John, laborer , 74 n.north 9th.
Foley, LouisaMrs., 155 Morgan,
Foley, Martin, laborer , 216 n.north 8th.
Foley, Michael, barkeeper , 86 n.north Levee.
Foley, Patrick, sexton St. Patrick Church, 260 n.north 6th.
Foley, Patrick, teamster , alley b.between 10th and 11th, and
Biddle and O’Fallon.
Foley, Thomas, tailor , 138 n.north 3d.
Faley, Thomas, coffeehouse , 86 n.north Levee.
Foley, Thomas, carpenter , 74 n.north Greeen.
Folk, Frederick, Wm.William Tell House , 264 n.north Main.
Folk, Frank, tinner , 87 Carondelet av.avenue
Folks, Catharine, widow, boardinghouse , 20 s.south 3d.
Folkenstein, Franz F., stonecutter , ss.south side Anna av.avenue b.between
7th and Decatur.
Follberg, Wm.William, tinner , rear 97 Caroadelet av.avenue
Folihert, Frederick, stonemason , 282 Franklin av.avenue
Folling, Chas., butcher , se.south east c.corner Barton and Dekalb.
Follinius, Reinhold, stonecutter , 4th b.between Market and
Walnut; r.residence 221 Market.
Follman, Casper, steamboat hand , 79 s.south Main, ups.
Follmer, Frank, cooper , 174 Wash.
Folmer, Herman, laborer , 153 n.north 14th.
Folsom, Henry, (H. E. Dimick & ) 69 s.south 4th.
Folstarn, Barbara, widow, alley rear 293 s.south 7th.
Foltz, John F., clothier , 52 s.south 2d.
Fonbeaum, August, shoemaker , 276 Market.
Fonda, E. A., 110 n.north 4th.
Fontaine, Dominick, coffeehouse , es.east side Ferry, near
Fontaine, Cyrus, tinner , 49 n.north 3d; r.residence 300 2d.
Fontaiae, Juste, clerk , 14 Vine.
Foohey, James, porter , 37 Wash.
Fooley, James M., shipcarpenter , 454 n.north Main.
Fopp, Bernhard, milkman , ws.west side 7th b.between Anna av.avenue and
Arrow st.street
Foray, Calvin, rivercarpenter , 292 n.north 7th.
Forbs, Ellen R., widow, 114 Carr.
Forbs, G. W., clerk , 83 n.north 4th; r.residence 50 s.south 5th.
Forbes, J. H., tea and coffee store , 25 Franklin av.avenue
Forber, John, bricklayer , 18 Orange.
Forbes, C. M., surgeon dentist , office and res. 51
n.north 6th.
Forbes, D. C., wireworker , 144 n.north 2d; r.residence 100 n.north 4th.
Forbes, Isaiah, dentist , 108 Olive; r. sw. c. 11th
and Pine.
Forbes L. & , Jewelers, 88 n.north Main.
Forbes, Leonard, (L. F. & ) 46 Olive.
Forbes, William, tailor , 10 Green; r.residence York House.
Forty, George, painter , es.east side Naomi b.between Clark av.avenue and
Spring st.street
Ford, C. C., lawyer , 49 Chesnut; r.residence in the country.
Ford, Chas., blacksmith , 2d; r.residence 381 Broadway.
Ford, C. W., agent U. S. Express , Townsley’s
Ford, James, laborer , 336 Biddle.
Ford, James, machinist , Labaum near n.north 10th.
Ford, Mary, seamtreas , 62 Locust.
Ford, Matthew, laborer , rear 114 Green.
Ford, Patrick, roofer , ns.north side Cedar b.between 2d and Main.
Ford, Patrick, drayman , Carr b. 22d and 23d.
Ford, Thomas, attorney , c.corner Kossuth av.avenue & Farrar.
Ford, Thomas, blacksmith , ne. c. Green and n.north 8th.
Ford, Thomas, blacksmith , rear 12 n.north 3d; r.residence 12th b.between
Franklin av.avenue and Wash st.
Ford, Walter, laborer , 129 O’Fallon.
Ford, Wm.William, wheelwright , 109 and 111 n.north 7th; r. se. c.
8th and Green.
Fordman, Augustus, carpenter , c.corner 9th and Biddle.
Fordman, Chas., cabinetmaker , ne. c. 17th and Carr.
Fordman, Mrs., c.corner 9th and Biddle.
Forech, Lewis, printer , sw. c. Main & Olive, 3d floor.
Foreey, Christiana, widow, ss.south side 20th b.between Market and
Foresick, Casper, laborer , 24th b. Carr and Biddle.
Forsick, Henry, laborer , 446 Biddle.
Forest, ——, tailor , 72 Washington av.avenue
Forey, Henry, apothecary , 130 s.south 2d.
Forgensen, Berkel, tailor , c.corner Market st.street and Laclede
Forheld, George, clerk , c.corner Buel and Lafayette.
Forman, Benjamin, tinsmith , 263 Market.
Forman, Jas. A., salesman , 170 n.north Main; r.residence c.corner 6th &
St. Charles.
Forman, L. C. W., salesman , 119 n.north Main; r.residence Monroe
Formcoop, Florintine, laborer , 178 n.north 10th.
Fornhoost, Fred., laborer , b.between Benton and Warren, and n.north
9th and 10th.
Forney, R., finisher , 228 n.north Main.
Forrest, Michael, laborer , 79 Green.
Forrest, MaryMrs., washerwoman , 60 s.south 6th.
Forrester, Thomas, 48 Washington av.avenue
Forrester, Thos., supt. Blow’s Factory , ns.north side Ran-
dolph, 6 doors w.west 12th.
Forrester, Wm.William, machinist , Pacific R. R., machine
shop ; r.residence ss.south side Adams st.street , w.west of Pratt av.avenue
Forrester, S. C., brickmaker , ss.south side Franklin av.avenue b.between 23d
and 24th.