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A New
Merchant Flouring Mill
For 1,000 Dollars.

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We have Purchased the Patent for the State of
Missouri, for a
Combined Grinding and Bolting,
Merchant Flouring Mill,
Patented by E. & J. M. Clark, and are making extensive preparations
for its manufacture, at the
Pilot Knob Machine Works ,
Corner Main and Ashley sts.,
St. Louis, Mo.,
Where we respectfully solicit orders for the above justly celebrated Mill. We have a
full sized mill, [being only 26 feet in length, 5 feet wide, and 5 feet high,) in the third
story of our building, in daily operation, where all parties may satisfy themselves in regard to
its merits. We claim for the mill, not only a superiority over the ordinary Flouring
Mills, in point of compactness and simplicity, but that it will do the work of a mill
costing, in the aggregate, from eight to ten thousand dollars, in the same time and in a
more ’satisfactory manner, making a greater yield of. flour per bushel of wheat, and
requiring only one-fifth of the power to run it. It is so constructed that it can be
attached to any power in operation, at a trifling expense; or, should parties purchasing
require it, we will furnish an engine and boiler complete, warranted abundant power to
operate the mill, for $900.

Sell, Ward & Sheppard .