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Chilled Iron Safes!

Vault Doors

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and Bank Locks.

Manuactured by the World’s Safe

Chilled Iron Bank Safes!
of Lillie’s Patent,
Are from two to four inches thick, Solid Metal, harder than hardened Steel. They
are perfectly Drill Proof, as the term is universally accepted.

They are all fastened with Lillie’s Bank Lock, which is the only perfectly Powder
Proof Bank Lock in use.

This Lock has stood the Test, for Six years, of the Lock-Pick, and Burglars,
without alteration.

These Safes and Locks have been extensively manufactured for six years, and have
successfully withstood a single-handed competition against the combined efforts of all
Sheet Iron Safe Makers and Bank Lock Manufacturers. We will not
produce bought or untruthful certificates to subs: beir reputation, but will Bay,
without fear of contradiction, that Four Hundred Banks, and as many thou-
sand other institutions of comparative equal importance, are now using them, and from
which a dollar was never stolen through their inefficiency, or lost by fire; and we are at
liberty to refer to the following in This City who have our Safes and Bank Locks
in use.

Bank of the State of Missouri ,
D. Rokohl & , Bankers,
Home Mutual Insurance Company,
St. Louis Building and Savings Institution,
Merchants and Manufacturers’ Savings Institut’n,
G. W.Loker, , Banker ,
Spaunhorst & , Grocers,
Townsend, Robinson & , Commission Mer
R. V.Kennedy, , Publisher City Directory ,
J.Morris, , Agent ,
No. 1 Market Street, St. Louis, Mo.