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Joseph W.Branch, , JosephCrookes, , RobertFrost, .

Branch, Crookes & Frost
Manufacturers of Warranted
Cast Steel Saws
Wholesale and Retail!
Office, 18 Vine Street, betw. Main and Second.
Saintt Louis, Mo.

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Particular care paid to repairing all kinds of Saws.

After four years successful operation we have succeeded in establishing the reputa-
tion of Saint Louis Saws over most, and equal to any manufactured in the East. All
members of our firm being practical men, and personally exercising a supervision over
every department, we are enabled with our knowledge of the steel trade in Sheffield,
England, and of all the best makers of steel, and by our experience in the Eastern States
and England, to purchase our raw stock on terms equal to any house in the East, and
thereby also to manufacture saws equal, in every respect, and in many instances superior
to any that are turned out in New York or Boston. ☝See next page.