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Jacob Fritschle’s
Steam Bakery ,
cor.corner of Chouteau Avenue and Seventh Street,
Office---No. 42 Commercial Street and No. 21 Levee,
St. Louis, Mo.

All kinds of Crackers and Bread constantly on hand.

J. C.Wicks, . J. H.Gerdemann, .

Mound City
Machine Bakery .

Wicks & Gerdemann.

Constantly & Hand and Made to Order all Kinds of
Loaf and Plot Bread, Grackers and Cakes.

At the Shortest Notice.

Supplying Depot—No. 68 Commercial Street, between Vine and Washington Avenue.

Manufactory—No. 93 Morgan Street, between Sixth and Seventh.,
B.Rineart, , Agent . St. Louis, Mo

B. Noel & Son ,
Goffer, Tin & Sheet-Iron
No. 231 North Main Street,
Saintlouis, Mo.

N. B. Steamboat Jobbing; of all kinds promptly attended to.

McSherry & McCord ,
Copper, Tin and Sheet-Iron Workers,
No. 203 North Main Street, Opp. the Old Foundry,
St.Louis, Mo.

Manufacturers of Steam Engine & Distillery work
of Every Description,
Soda fountains, Copper pumps, Copper Hettles), &c.
of the Best Quality.

They also manufacture Stkamboat Cooking Stoves of the approved patterno and the best workmanship
and materials. Britching and Chmneys made an repaired. Aff assortment of Tin-Ware always on hand.