St. Louis directory :
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Teeth, Gold Leaf, Foil &c.

Dlatina, Gold and Silbort Plant and wlire,
Gold & Tin Foils.
Operating, Various Patterns.

Bench Tools
Furnaches for Baking Teeth,
Benry Material for Making Porcelain Teeth,
Foreeus, Turukeys, Pluggers and Scalers,

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Missippi Yalley Dental Depot
St. Louis Premium Gold Leaf and Gold Foil Manufactory ,
79 Market St., St. Louis, Mo.

A. M.Leslie, , D. D. S., Proprietor .

Sole Agent in St. Louis for Teeth manufactured by Jones, White & McCurdy, Philadelphia; John Klein, Philadelphia;
New york Teeth Manufacturing Compny.

Medals and Diploma, St. Louis and Alton Exhibitions, 1856, for best Dental Instruments, Chair, Cold Foil and Leaf, St.
Louis manufacture.

„We cheerfully commend to the Profession of stock of rental Materials on Rale at the depct of A. M. Leslie, be-
lieving that the Praetitioir will here find a selection from which he may purchase a complete outifit, or replenish his

Spalding & Pkrink , A.Blake, , EdwdHale, , I.Forbes, , H. J. B.McKellops, , H.Barrons, , Dunham & Hale .

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To Consumers of Gold Leaf.

“"Having used Leslies Gold Leaf, we can confidently recommend it to the Trade as a Oral rate article.”

J. C. Miller & , P.Crumman, , Samuel Spencer & , Boggs & , Gillders, St. Louis.

Orders punctually filled. Terms Cash. Catalogues sent when desired. Address

A. M.Leslie, . 79 Market st., St. Louis, Mo.