St. Louis directory :
48 Advertising Department.
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Geo. D.Little, , St. Lonis. Chas. H.Olcott, , New York.

Little & Olcott ,
Wholesale Dealers in
stapledry goods
No. 156 Main street,
Near Washington Avenue,
St Louis; Mo.

Excelsior Iron Works & Foundry ,
cor.corner Cihih street and Clarh Surnue, St. Louis.

Manufaciurers of all descriphons of
pain and ornamental cast and wrought
bank and store vaults, fire-proof shutters,
sashes and doors, ratlxngs, verandahs, balconies, &c., &c., &c.

Also, sole Agent for “Hobbs,’” or Day & Newell’s celebrated bank locks.

J. G.McPheeters, , Proprietor .

MorrisPawly, , Superintend’t .

Missouri Hotel ,
cor.corner of Main and Morgan sts.,
Saint Louis, Mo.

Price—per day, $1 50; per week, $9 00.

GeorgeFerree, .