St. Louis directory :
56 Advertising Department.
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J. Garneau’s
Premium Bakery

Premium awarded to J.Garneau, ,
for having
The best Crackers at the late Fair,
held in St. Louis, by the
St. Louis Agricultural and Merhanical Assoriation.

Factory , cor.corner 17th and gay sts.,
office, No. 9 commercial st., Saint Louis.

contatantly on hand, every variety of crackers and pilot bread.

Largest Store in the West!

CharlesAltinger, ,
importer of
etc., etc .

[missing figure]

And all Materials for Gunsmiths,
at wholesale and retail.

☞Guns warranted for one year, and Repairing done at the shortest time.

No. 27 Market st., bet. Main and Second, St. Louis.

Little Giant
Corn and Gob Mill,
and Agrienltural Implement
Warehouse .

[missing figure]

A large and geoeral assortment of Agricultural Implements and Tools kept con-
stantly ou hand; also Western Ageney for the celebrated Little Giant Corn Mill, Ag-
ricultural Steam Boiler, and Hodges’ Chinese Sugar Cane Mill.

James B.Chadwick, ,

175 and 177 Main St., St. Louis, Mo., opposite virgiala Hotel.