St. Louis directory :
Advertising Department. 65
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A. P.Ladew, .
V. J.Peehrs, .
Wm.WilliamBright, .

Saint Louis
Type, Stereotype, and Electrotype Foundry ,
Printers’ Furnishing Warehouse,

of all Descriptions
in General Use;
Chases, Cases,
Reglet, Furniture,
Brass Rule,
Cuts, Leads.

[missing figure]

Book, Sews, Letter,
Cap, Colored, etc.;
Printers’ Cards,
of every Color,
Gold Size,
Bronzes, &c.
37 and 39 Locust Street.

Ladew, Peers & ,
Respectfully call the attention of Printers and Publishers to their establishment, where
may be found a full and complete assortment of
Machine and Dand Dresses, Plain and Ornamental Dppe,
Rules, Borders, Cases, Chases, Wood Type,
and everything necessary for a complete Printing-Office; all of which will be sold at
Eastern prices. Also-News, Book, Colored, Manilla, Flat-Cap, Commercial-Post,
Packet-Post, Folio-Post, and Note Papers—a full and general assortment always on
hand, and for sale at a slight advance on the original cost. News, Book, Card and
Colored Printing! Inks, Flocks, Crystal, Bro Also—Ivory, Blank, Satin
Enamelled, Colored Cards and Card Boards—a full stock of the various quali-
ties, at manufacturers’ prices. Fancy Show Cards, all the various styles.

Agents for
R. Hoe & ’s Press Manufactory , New York;
S. P, Ruggles’ Power-Press Manufacturing ;
The Principal Type-Founders and Press and Paper Manufacturers in the United States.

Old Type received in exchange for New, at 9 cents per pound.