St. Louis directory :
70 Advertising Department.
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Kdward A.Lewis, .

J. H.Alkxander, .

Lewis & Alexander ,
Attornens at Law,
St. Charles, Mo.

Practice in the Circuit Courts of
Montgomery, Warren, Lincoln and St. darles
Countles, and the Supreme Court at St. Louls.

Jas. B.Ellobus, .

John A.Smithed, .

Ricords & Smithers ,

[missing figure]

Undertakers And Furnishers of Funerals,
No. 107 Chesnut Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

Metalic Cases, Of All Kinds, Constatly On Hand.

H. Philip Wortman&s
Lumber Card ,
On Broadway,
(Between Florida and Mulanphy Streets,)
St. Louis, Mo.

M.Greene, ,
On Wood and Metal ,
No. 20. Second street,
(Oppotite the Post Office,)
St. Louis, Mo.

Particular, atention given to seals.

G. GranvilleSamuel, M. D.,
Dentist ,
No. 391-2 Fourth St.,
(Opposite the Planters’ House.)
St. Louis, Mo.

JohnSylvester, ,
Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Watches ,
Watch Jools and Materails
Deals exclusively in the above articles, and can
offer great inducement to dealer.

No. 88 North Main Street,
St. Louis, Mo.

B. L.Blades, .

J. W.Phillips, .

Blades & Phillips ,
And Builders.

Jobbing in all branches of the trade
done to order.

Shop No. 357 Franklin Avenue,
Opposite The Western House.

Mayer & Kower ,
Importers and Dealers in
Leaf Tobacco, Cigars,
Plain nmt fance Diper,
Agents for the Sale of
Virginia Chewing Tobacco,
No. 13 Pine Street,
Between Main and Second,
St. Louis, Mo.