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Great Western
Billiard Table
Holzhalb & Balke .

Manufactory, Office And Warehouse:
N.E.Cor.corner Of Main & Eighth Sts.Streets ,
Cincinnati, C.

Michael Phelan'S
Patent Combination Cushions,
February 19Th, 1856,
October 28Th, 1856,
December 8Th, 1857,
January 12Th, 1858, And
November 16Th, 1858.

For Which We Are The
Only Western Agents.

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Holzhalb & Balke
Manufacturers of
Billiard Tables
Phelan's Patent Cushions

Best Patent Combination Cushions ever invented:
Michael Fhelan'S Latest Patent, Nov. 16th, 1858.

Agents For Our Billiard Tables:
John C.Terfloth, , Louisville. Ky.Kentucky
B.Mapch, , detroit, Mich,
F.Riepling, , Sandusky. 0.
G.Wolf, , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri
L.Lyons, . Nashville, Tenn.Tennessee
Appbston&Co.Company , Memphis, Tenn.Tennessee
G. c.Ptjrcell, , Nafoleos. Ark.Arkansas
JohnKuener, . Iowa City, Ia.Iowa
A.Limberg, , chicago, tvL.
E.Sparrow, , Lask Paovtoinice, La.Louisiana
C.Montgomery, , Indianapolis. Ind.Indiana
C. Rall & Co.Company , Pittsburgh, Pa.Pennsylvania
T.Rettberg, . Cleveland, O.
M.Dufaut, , New Orleans, La.Louisiana

United States
Savings Association ,
N.E.Cob. Of Market & Secoid Sts.Streets ,
Saint Louis.