St. Louis directory :
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Tnpe and Stereotype foundry ,
168 Vine St“ Bet.between Fourth And Fifth, Cincinnati, O..
B.Allison, . Sup't .

Manufacturers Of And Dealers In
news, book And job type,
Printing Presses, Gases, Gallies, &c.,
Inks & Printing Material Of Every Description
of All Kinds —Books, Music, Patent Medicine Directions, Jobs, Wood Ejf
(5Ravings, Ac, Ac.

Brand & Pattern Letters Of Various Styles.

Electrotyping, in all its Branches.

James Bradford & Co.Company ,

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French Burr
Millstone Manufacturers
And Importers Of
French Burr Blocks,
And The Genuine Dutch
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anker brand bolting cloths;
Also, ManufactBrers of Portable Flonriog aid Cora Mills of all siits, Smit Machines,
Hoisting-&Mws. Tempering Screws, Mill Spindles. Screen Wire. Mill Citings, Steam Knitine and Boiler Dam-l Irons.
plaster Paris, land plaster constantly on hand.

At our Hew Factory, 70. N.W. Corner Of Second And Elm Sts.Streets
Or. At Our Office And Sai.Eroom. No. 65 Walnut Sts.Streets , West Side Betbetween 2Nd & Pearl Cincinnati,

Butler'S Mercantile, Record Ind Copying
Excelsior Fluid Inks
Manufactured By
James J.Butler, , Agent ,
39 Vine Sts.Streets , Cor.corner Of Commerce, Cincinnati, O.

In use by 1000 Merchants an Bankers of the South and West. For sale by 600 leading Stationers and Merchants of
the South and West.

For Sale In St. Louis, By
L. & A. Carr ,
G. M.Grover,
YndeBushnell, ,
Keith & Woods ,
H.Critenden, ,
Stevenson & Morris ,
RufusFitch, ,
J. M.Crawford, ,
Richardson, Mellier & Co.Company ,
Bacon. Hyde & Co.Company ,
Barnard & Co.Company ,
And Dealers Generally.