St. Louis directory :
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Additions, Alterations, Corrections,
And Names Too Late For Insertion In Their Proper Places.
Abbott, Charles S., (Abbott, WilliamB & Scaolan, )
4th ne.northeast c.corner Chesnut
Abbott, Williams & Scanlan , International,
ne.northeast c.corner 4th ana Chesnut
Ajrlar, James P., forwd.forwarding and com.mer.merchants , 13s.south Main;
bds.boards 365n.north 2d
Anderson, Thomas A., collector , Crow, McCreery &
Co.Company , r. Pine b.between 6th and 7th
Anderson, William H., (Tatum & Co.Company ) r. 229 Chesnut
Anselme, Francis, Pikes' Peak Hotel, 7th bet.between
Spruce and Poplar
Ashdown, M., (Ashdown, Rippcy & Co.Company ) r. 80 a. 7th
Ashdown, Rippey & Co.Company , (MatthewAshdown, ,
J. M.Rippey, and W. R.Stanley, ,) gas and steam
pipe filters , 90 Olive. (Sec advt., p. 430.)
Baker, Johr f., (Baker, Mills & Co.Company ) r. 76n.north 5th
Baker, Mills & Co.Company , (John F.Baker, . William H.
Mills, Jr.junior , and —, ,) drygoods, 234 and 236
Bayley, R. N., (Pottle & Bayley ,) r. at Kirkwood
Ballard, Samuel T., lawyer , 35n.north Market
Bamman, Frederick D., clerk , Nash Bros. , bds.boards . Wash
b. Broadway and 4th
Bamman, John H., clerk , Nash Bros. , bds.boards Wash
b. Broadway and 4th
Barker, W. O., fruits, &e Broadway b.between Wash & Carr
Barnard, Albert A., fruit and trees, 14n.north Main;r.residence
16s a. 16th
Barron, William M.. with W. F.Gage, , non-resident
Bartlett'S Sewing Machine, (HowardHug-, , apt ) 92n.north 4th. (See advt., p. 240.)
Batterson, T. J., wh. & retail grocer , c. 14th & Market
Bauer, Louis S., bookkeeper , L. Block & Bro. , bds.boards
38s.south 3d
Beach, M., salesman , Tennent & Co.Company , 101n.north Main
Bellefoxtaixe Brewery, (Pearson, Smith &
Co.Company ) old College farm, Bellelontaine road; office
49n.north Commercial
Bennett, George B., clerk. Mason &, Wetherell , bds.
ns. Clark av.avenue b.between 21st and 22d
Berthouft, Alexander C., lime mnfr.manufacturer ; office,
291/2n.north 3d; bds.boards 23n.north 9th
Blanchard, C. S., currier , se.c. Walnut & Commercial
Boaneng, Henry, saloon, nw.c.corner 7th and Ann av
Braconnier, J. B., merchant tailor , Elm b.between 4th
nnd 5th
BrightHenry, Jr.junior , (Bright & Tucker ,) r. 34 Carr
Brockelmann, H. W., com.mer.merchants , 30s.south Com'cial
Broeksmitn, Hermann, sc.c.corner 4th and Lombard
Browder, Joseph A., foreman , Wm. H.Johnson, , r.
20th b.between Clark av.avenue and Estelle
Brown & Whitney , (C.C. Mongel & Co.Company ) r. Boston
Brownlee, David, (Brownlec, Homer & Co.Company ) r.
Virginia Hotel
Brownlee, John A., (Brownlec, Homer & Co.Company )
and pres. Merchants' bank and Millers' and Man-
ufacturers' Ins.Co.Company , r. 8th sw.c. Pine
Buchanan, John, blacksmith, , alley nr. Vine b.between 2d and
3d;r.residence Broadway b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
Bussum, James H., carpenter , Carondelet av.avenue sw.south west c.corner
Russell av
Buck, Robert H., lawyer , 55 Chesnut; bds.boards 11th near
Clavk av
Cavett, Edwin P., lightning rods, 6s.south 4th
Chatard, Pierre F., (Funkhouser & Chatard ,) and
com.mer.merchants , 281 and 283n.north Main; bds.boards 237 Chs'nt
Cheyne, Robert, at J.M. Crawford's,r.residence 294 Morgan
Chouteau, Harrison & Valle , removed to
146n.north 2d
Chouteau & Edwards , (J. GillmanChouteau,
and James C.Edwards, .) forwd.forwarding and com. , 24
Levee and 48 Commercial, (See advt, p. 488.)
Cochran, Jno. C., architect , 65 Cliesnut; bds.boards 106n.north 4th
Cogswell, William B., foreman , Cuddy, Car-
penter & Co.Company , bds.boards sw.south west c.corner 5th and Carr
Cole, John C., umbrella and parasol mnfr.manufacturer , Wash-
ington av.avenue se.southeast c.corner 5th. (See advt., p, 250.)
Collins, Frederick, (G. Pickles & Co.Company ) r. 228 a. 4th
Connor, B. G., (Connor, Moller & Co.Company ) c. Pine & 7th
Connor, Mollek & Co.Company , (B. G.Connor, & Chris-Moller, ,) native wines, 75s.south 7th. (See
advt., front fly leaf.)
Corbet, Eben A., (Corbet & Kuhn ,) r. 240 Olive
Corbet A Kuhn , (Eben A.Corbet, and Gottlieb
L.Kann, .) saddle and harness manfrs.manufacturers , 70n.north Main.
(See advt., p. 332.)
Crozier, W. M., lawyer . 46 Chesnut
Dammann, Charles, bookkeeper , Wissman & Senden ,
r.s.south 2nd b.between Elm and Myrtle
Danforth, R. F., 92 4th;r.residence 7thc.corner Pine
Dann, Edward, 328 7th
Dann, Edward S., (E.S. Dann & Co.Company ) bds.boards Barnum's
DannJesse C., (E.S. Dann & Co.Company ) bds.boards Barnum's
Dann, Walter B., banker , nw.c.corner Locust and Main
Dann E.S. & Co.Company , (Edward, S. and Jesse, C.)
bankers and exchange brokers , Mainnw.northwest Cor.corner
Daughtrey, Mills C., (Daughtrey, Norcom &t Co.Company ) bds
Barnum's Hotel
Daughtrey, Norcom & Co.Company , (Mills C.Daugh-, , Henry T.Norcom, & -, ,) foreign fruits,
&C..17s.south 2nd
Deady, J., liquor broker . 142n.north 3d
DeBann George, Jr.junior , broker , bds.boards Virginia Hotel
Deoouagne, Edward, elk. , Robinson <fc Co.Company , bds.boards City
Derr, William, tailor , ss.south side Almond b, 2nd and 3d
Deweber, William F., (Purter, Low <t Co.Company ) r. 232
Diefenbach, Michael, (Michael Diefenbach &. Co.Company ) r.
63 Pluml
Diefenbach Michael & Co.Company , (MichaelDiefenbach, and
CasparSchmelter, ,) wood dealers , b. Levee bet.between
Poplar and Plum
Diekenga, Eldert D., shoostore, 184 Market
Dikelb, Joseph, gas and stcampipe fitter , 49
n. 3d
Dodge, John G., patent tent manfr. , 42 Commercial,
up stairs
Duncan, John, daguerrean , Biddlec.corner 5th
Dunnica, John L.. (J.C. Bull A;Co.Company ) r. 10n.north 9th
Durphy, Robert H., (Durphy & Griffin ,) r. Main opp.
Iron Mountain R.R. depot
Durphy & Griffin , (Robert H.Durphy, and John A.
Griffin, .) bacon, lard and butter dealers , 263
Edgar, William A., salesman , ThomasGass, , r. 5th
c. Pine
Ely, E. C., photographer , 138 and 140n.north 3d
Ferguson, H. B., drygoods. se.southeast c.corner 5th and Franklin av
Ferguson, Kenneth, (Ferguson & Penney ,) bds, 110
n. 3d