St. Louis directory :
Additions, Alterations, Corrections, And Names Too Late. 15
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Ferguson & Penney , (KennethFerguson, and
Eraufc L.Penney, ,) stencil cutters , 30n.north 3d
Fitch, Thomas. Jr.junior , tea and coffee, 51n.north 5th;
bds.boards 3 Russett av
Flaherty, Edward, house agent , 341/2 Chesnut;r.residence 404
Floyd, G. T., (George Wharton & Co.Company ) Cherry Cor.corner
Gass, Thomas, fancy drygoods, 130n.north Main;r.residence 5thc.corner
Getz, C.Mrs., prop. Prescott House, sw.south west Cor.corner Market
and 6th
Gilmer, Thomas W., lawyer , Chesnut se.southeast c.corner 3d
Gle1M, Charles, druggist , 6th se.southeast c.corner St. Charles;
r. 92 Pine
Good Samaritan Hospital , (Rev.L. E.
Nollau, , director ,) Pratte av.avenue c.corner Dayton
Goodwin, Edward Tv., clerk , John C. Moody Js Co
Gottsehalk, Louis, lawyer , 46 Chesnut
Hammersley, J. H., capt. gymnasium, 49 Chesnut
Hammerstein, Gustavus, (Hammerstein & Schild ,)
r. DeKnlbc.corner Picotte
Hammerstein & Schild , (GustavusHammer-, and WilliamSchild, ,) wholesale grocers and
com.mers. , 46s.south Main. (See advt., p. 266.)
Harvey, Frederick, Merchants' dining saloon,
81/2 Chesnut
Hervey, William D., sash, doors and blinds, 34 Com-
mercial;r.residence 70n.north 5th
Homes, William, attorney , 0. &. M.R.R. , Main cor.
International, (Abbott, Williams Ascanlan ,)
4th ne.northeast c.corner Chesnut
Jenks, G. W., lessee O. & M.R.R. , r. 271 Wash-
ington av
Jcnks, M. L., bookkeeper , 141 Main;r.residence 271 Washing-
ton av
Jones, John, (Alexander H. Smith & Co.Company ) r.
Grand av.avenue near Cass av
Kennard, Thomas, physician , 158n.north 5th
Kennedy R.V. & Co.Company , (Robert V.Kennedy, and
Thomas M.Halpin, ,) book and job printers and
general directory publishers , Chesnutnw.northwest c.corner 3d
Kranz, Melchior, physician , 144 Morgan
Lacy, Benjamin, elk. , D. RobertBarclay, , bds.boards 38s.south 3d
Laird, Claudius H., lawyer , 53n.north 3d
Labeaumc, Henry, schoolteacher , 109n.north 16th
Labeaume, Louis A., pres. St. Louis Has Co.Company ;r.residence 14
Lucas Place
Labeaume, Theodore. 18th c. Davis
Lewis & Groshon , (John L.Lewis, andWilliam
Groshon, ,) hats, caps and furs, 58n.north 4th
Low, William, (Porter, Low & Co.Company ) r. Olive bet.between 5th
and 6th
Low & Eagleson , (WilliamLow, and William H.
Eagleson, ,) carpenters , es. 14th nr. Chouteau av
Lunt, John, tobacco and cigars, 7th sw.south west c.corner St. Charles
Mandeville, Henry M., (Mandeville & Tray
nor .) r. 43s.south 6th
Mandeville A Traynor , (Henry M.Mande-, and John L.Traynor, ,) wholesale grocers ,
75s.south Main and lumberyard. Levee bet.between Cedar
and Plum
Mannewal, Peter, baker , ns. Manchester road near
Clark av
Mengel Charles C. & Co.Company , (Brown& Whitney ,)
cigars and tobacco, 117n.north 2d
Moody, John C., (John C. Moody & Co.Company ) r. 48n.north 7th
Moody John C. & Co.Company , (ThomasRussell, ,) drugs
and medicines, Washington av.avenue c.corner 6th
Moore, G. T., (P. Warner & Co.Company ) r. at Chicago
Moore, J. G., lawyer , 521/2 Chesnut
McLean, Alexander, lithographer , 15 Chesnut;
r. 262 Morgan. (See advt., p. 308.)
Nooncy, James, bookkeeper , KennethMackenzie, , r.
St. Louis Place
Owen, Benjamin G., lawyer , 53n.north 3d
Oxford, Alfred, saloon, Gthc.corner Market
Parr, Henry P., notary public , Kenneths building
Parsons, Lewis B., lawyer , se.southeast c.corner Main and Wal-
nut;r.residence 135 Chesnut. (See card, p. 448.)
Patton, Alvin A., indiarubbcr goods, 92n.north 4th:r.residence
203 Locust
Payne, Thomas J., farmer , 15thc.corner Chesnut
Pococke, H. Charles, milimachincry , 21 Mar-
ket;r.residence 53 Center
Prescott, House, Mrs.C.Getz, , sw.south west c.corner Market and 6th
Rannels, Charles S., lawyer , 33 Chesnut;r.residence country
Reed, William C.Jr.junior , (George Wharton & Co.Company ) r.
Evans av.avenue bet.between St. Charles road and Page av
Riecke, William, (Bent & Hieeke ,) r. O'Fallonc.corner 11th
Russell, Thomas, (John C. Moody & Co.Company ) r. -
Sanford, D. C., com.mer.merchants , 26 Commercial and 13
Levee;r.residence 206 Christy av
Soanlan, W. H., (Abbott, Williams & Scanlan ,) 4th
ne.northeast c.corner Chesnut
Sharp, J. W., lawyer , Market se.southeast c, 4th
Smith Alexander H. & Co.Company , (JohnJones, ,) O'Fallon
Mills, 5thc.corner Hazel;r.residence 7n.north 11th
Stewart, J. C., (Stewart & Wheeler ,) r. 9th b.between Biddle
and O'Fallon
Stewart <fc Whceles , (J. C.Stewart, and Benjamin
Wheeler, ,) saloon, 103n.north 5th
Swan, Edwin R., with Alex.Leitch, , bds.boards Ashland res-
Thomas Julius, brewer, Mallinekrodt near Broadway
Travis, John, shooting gallery, 52n.north 4th; bds.boards Everett
Valle Neree & Co.Company , (NereeValle, , Cyrus G.
Hoyt, and Willis J.Powell, ,) com.mers. , 48Com.
Wabash, Valley It.freight office, No. 4 City bldgs.
South Commercial
Wa1Te, Joseph, steampress printer , Theater al.alley b.between
Pine and Olive;r.residence 16 Center
Wales, D. T., r. Eastonc.corner Webster av
Walker, Ralph, general agt.agent , Wabash, Valley R.
office, 4 City hides, sonth Commercial;r.residence ns.northside
Clark av.avenue below 14th
Warner, Porter, (P. Warner & Co.Company ) bds.boards 15th b.between Wash
and Franklin av
Warner P. & Co.Company , (PorterWarner, & G, T.Moore, ,)
merchants' police, Mainc.corner Locust
Western, Wm. W., lawyer , 77 Chesnut; bds. 56 Vine
Wharton George & Co.Company , (GeorgeWharton, , G. T.
Floyd, and William C.Reed, Jr.junior ,) Dunnage Co.Company ,
Cherryc.corner Levee
Wheeler, Benjamin, (Stewart & Wheeler ,) r. 9th bet.between
Biddle and O'Fallon
Wiggins, Edward C., bookkeeper , Wiggins Ferry Co.Company ,
bds.boards Planters' House
Williams, Lines D., (Abbott, Williams 4 Scanlan ,)
4th ne.northeast c.corner Chesnut
Williams, D. E., salesman . C. D.Ellis, , r. 256 Morgan
Wilson, Samuel, (G. Pickles & Co.Company ) r. 228 s 4th
Woods, Joseph, lagerbeer saloon, Kennett's bldg.building ,
Chesnut b.between 3d and 4th