St. Louis directory :
Cus 117 Dah
Correction: CUP-DAH
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Cupples A Marston , (fennelCupples, and
[ ThomasMarston, , Jr.junior ,) cordage, wood and willow
ware , Ss and 57n.north 2d. (See following pagt)
Copp*, Henry,steward , 260n.north 7th
Cnpps, John L., steamboatsteward , llth, ew.c.corner
Curlet, John, stonecutter , 17th, b.between Biddle and
Cnrley, Edward, tailor , 82 Locnst
Curley, John, ostler , wks. 44 Chesnut
Curley, Thomas, policeman ,r.residence 388 Morgan
Cumin, Bridget, Mullanphy , c. 9th
Curran, Charles, cooper , bds.boards 34s.south 10th
Corran, Ellen, wid.John, ,r.residence al.alley b.between Main and 2d, near
Cnrran, Francis, schoolteacher ,r.residence 21th, b- Franklin
av.avenue and Wash
Cnrran, John, lab.laborer , al.alley near Carr, b.between 6th and 7th
Curran, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence es. 10th, b.between Benton and Warren
Curran, Michael, grocer , 75 Carr;r.residence same
Curran, Patrick, lab.laborer , al.alley near Market, b.between 8th and 9th
Curran, Peter, grocer , 342 Broadway;r.residence same
Curran, Thomas, gardener ,r.residence ss.south side Grand av.avenue , b.between 12th
and 14th
Curran, William, boardinghonse, 325 Broadway
Curran, William, (McLaughlin A Corran,) bds.boards 264
Cnrran, William, quarry man ,r.residence se.southeast c.corner 13th and
Curratto, Antonio, saloon , 4th, se.southeast c.corner Myrtle;r.residence same
Currie, George E., Farmer's Hotel, 311 Broadway
Curric, John, stonecutter , bds.boards 46 Locust
Currie, Jobn J., 47 Spruce
Currier, John, railroad agt.agent ,r.residence 76 8. 4th
Currier, Warren, lawyer , 33 Chesnut; bds.boards 41
u. 6th
Curry, A. B., clerk , bds.boards Bth,c.corner Mullanphy
Curry, Andrew, hackman ,r.residence rearns.northside Cedar, b.between 3d
aud 4th
Carry, Francis, clerk , freight depot P.R.R.;r.residence al.alley b.between
Spruce and Clark av.avenue , near 20th
Curry, John B., salesman , 243 Broadway
Curry, Bobert, machinist ,r.residence 480n.north Main
Curry, Samuel, carpenter , bds.boards Green and 3d
Curte, Gustave E., baker , 734 Broadway
Curten, John, riverman , 409n.north Main
Curten, Patrick, lab.laborer , bds.boards 409n.north Main
Curtfy, Michael, drayman , bds.boards 370 Franklin av
Curtis, Amanda, wid.LewisF., , 8n.north 8th
Curtis, Charles, miUinerygoods , 46 Market;r.residence
73s.south 14th
Curtis, David, bds.boards Denison House
Cnrtis, Edward P., 82 Olive
Curtis, Franklin, lampdealer, and agt. for Peters'
patent gas lamp, 130n.north 3d
Curtis, George W., lampdealer and agt. for
Breckenridge coal oil Co.Company , 32 and 34 Olive;r.residence
53 St. Charles. (See advt., p. 120J)
Curtis, Henry, carman ,r.residence 19th, b.between Davis and Cass av
Curtis, Henry H.. Scarritt ft Mason ,r.residence 133n.north 6th
Curtis, Hugh, ostler ,r.residence Franklin av.b. 24th and 25th
Curtis, J. H., clerk , 130n.north 3d
Curtis, Maria, wid.William H., bds.boards rear 215 Carr
Curtis, Matthew B.,ushdealer , North market; bds.boards 70
Cnrtis, Philip, (col'd,) drayman ,r.residence Olive, near Garri-
son av
Curtis, Samuel C, pilot , Magazine, near Fillmore
Curtis, Tberon, carpenter , bds.boards 43n.north 12th
Curtis, Thomas, horseshocr , 90 Green
Curtis, William H.. engineer , 172 Carr
Curtis, William P., librarian Mercantile Library,
r. in Library hall
Cortis, Zedikiah "B., (Cnrtis A Biles.) r.residence 82 Olive
Curtis A H1Les , (Zedikiah B-Curtis, and Charles
H.Hiles, , cast steel caw manfrs.manufacturers , 74 to 80n.north
Main; office, 29 ri. Main, ttee advt., p. 114)
Cnrviage, Edward, at UbsdeU, Peiiaon A Co.Company ,r.residence es.
llth, b.between Market and Clark av
Cnaack, Panel, tailor ,r.residence 140n.north 10th
Cusher, Julius, cooper , bda. 381 Franklin av
Cnahing, Michael.cooper r.residence rear 872 Broadway
CrjShmak, Asa.stagemanager Wood'* Theatre,r.residence
63n.north 4th
CuBhwa, David N.,danguerrean ,41n.4tli; bds.boards Re-
v;re House
Cusiafc, John, grocer , 116 Biddle;r.residence 118 Blddk
Casio, Catherine, wid.Andrew, ,r.residence ne.northeast Bentoa, b.between 15th
and 16th
Cusick, Hiram, carpenter , bda. 95 Green
Cusick, Jeremiah, quarryman ,r.residence aa. Chambers, b.between 2d
and Broadway
Cnsick, Patrick, coppersmith ,r.residence ns. Benton, b.between 15th
and 16th
Ousick, Patrick, lab.laborer ,r.residence 106n.north 7th
Cusick, Terry, ostler , bds.boards ss.south side Park av. near 2d Car-
ondelet av
Costs rd, Lewis, sawyer ,r.residence 7 Labaume
Custom House , se.southeast c Olive and 3d
Cnthbertson, John, lab.laborer , 104n.north 10th
Cuthberthson, Joseph, lab.laborer , Ladd. Patrick ft Co
Cnthbertson, Simpson, moulder , Giles F. Filley
Cutler, Alonza, agt.agent Home Mutual Insurance
Co. .r.226 Olive
Cutler, James M., teadealer , 148 Market;r.residence 226 Olive
Cutler, Orson J., carpenter , Sth, b.between O'Fallon and
Cass av
Cutshaw, Albert M., stairbuUdcr , bds.boards St. Loois
Cutter, Amos, (Cutter A Tirrill,) r.residence 162 Pine
Cutter, Barnard, lab.laborer , ws. 9th, near Angelica
Cutter & Tirrill, (AmosCutter, and JacobP.,
and HenryTirrill, ,) wholesale grocers , 39n.north
Cutting, Alfred, shipcarpenter , Levee, b.between Carr and
Biddle;r.residence es. llth, b.between Brooklin and Webster
Cutting, Diedrich, lab.laborer , bds.boards ne.northeast c.corner Rosatti and
Cuttle, John, ropemaker , bds.boards ps. Park av.avenue near 18th
Cwierdzinski, Victor M.. physician , al.alley c.corner Park av.,b.
Rutgers and Carondelet av
Daab, Elizabeth, wid.Leonard, , rear 80s.south 2nd
Dacie, James, salesman , bds.boards 175n.north Sth
Dacky, Oliver, foundry man , bds.boards 233n.north Main
Dacres, James, starcandle factory, 98n.north 5th
Dacy, John, boatman , rear Carr near 22nd
Dacy, John, lab.laborer , 17th b.between Cass av.avenue and Mullanphy
Dacy, Martin, lab.laborer ,r.residence Biddle near 25th
Daehl, Philip, carpenter ,r.residence ss.south side Russell av.avenue b.between 7th and
Daelar, Anthony, chaiimaker ,r.residence es. 2nd Betbetween Cherry
and Carr
Daenzer, Charles, (C. Daenzer & F. Weasel,)
r.39 Elm
Daenzek C & F. Wenzel , publishers , Westlicbe
Post, 31 Market
Daerbaun, John F., shipping elk. , W. M.Harlow,
Daerr, Frederick, carpenter , bds.boards 84 Franklin ar
Daesner, William, pastrycook ,r.residence ws. Columbus bet.between
Soulard and Carroll
Daeumer, John C, (M. Cook & Co.Company ) 331 a. 3d
Daffar, Lewis, drayman ,r.residence sw.south west c.corner Ann and Menard
Dafleroer, John F., bartender , bds.boards 2Bs.south Main
Dagan, James, tttker ,r.residence 98 Christy ar
Dagan, John, lab.laborer , 98 Christy ar
Dagenhart, —, cabinetmaker , P. W.Roberta,
Daggett, John D., (Sectional Dock Co.Company ,) r.residence 114
s. Sth
Daggett, William C, elk. , Bennett & Thompson ,r.residence
114 a. 5th
Dagnon, William, bds.boards T2 Morgan
Dahan, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence ns. Salisbury b.between llth and 12th
Dahaney, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence 187s.south 4th
Dahlberg, Alfred F., tobacconist , 217 Biddle
Dahlberg, Eustace E., tobacconist , 217 Biadls
Dahlberg, Francis J., tobeooonist . 217 Bi4dle
Dahlberg, Gustus W.tobacconist , 21T Biddle
Dahlem, Nicholas, saloon , 79 Carendeiet ar.;r.residence same
Dahlman, Adolph, cook ,r.residence J a. 2nd
Dahra, I^eonard, teamster ,r.residence aL near Emmet, b.between Car-
ondelet bt. and Jackton