St. Louis directory :
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Goal, Oil And Lamp Depot,
32 & 34 Olive Street,
Saint Louis.

Fox the Sale of the Products of the Breckenridge Company.

Refined, Illuminating, Lubricating, And Other Oils, in largo and small qoantitieii, A Urge variety ot
Coal Oil Lamps, embracing inany*new and improved Patterns for Families, Pubiic Buildings and Conveyance*, Chim -
Dies, Shades, Wicks, Ac, at Wholesale and Retail.

Cr. W.Curtiss, , 39 & 34 Olive et., bet.between 3d & 3d, St. Louis.

Only Depot Of The Breckenridge Co.Company In St, Louis,

E.A. Damon & Co.Company ,
Importers And Dealers In
Brandies, wines, liquors & cigars.
No. 58 Thied Street,
Between Olive and Pine, opp. the Post Office,
Saint Louis.

Agents for Molony & Tilton's Alcohol, Spirit, Gas,
And Camphenb.

John F.Darby, , WilliamPoulterer, .

Darby & Poulterer ,
Bankers ,
Southwest Cor.corner of Main Sir Jpine sts.,
St. Louis.

Keep Current Acconut With Depositors, Deal Iff Exchange, Make Collections!, &c, &c.

Interest Allowed On Time Deposits.

City Hotel.

Cor.corner Vine & Third Stb.,
Saint Louis.

jameslittle, . Proprietor .

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Jno.Dornself, ,
Boot & Shoe
No. 41 Pine Street,
2d Door above Third and Fourth,
Saint Louis.

A good assortment of home-made Boots and Shoes always
on hand.