St. Louis directory :
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Dickman, Henry, clothing & drygoods, Biddlec.corner 9th;
r. 152n.north 9th
Dickson, Barnard, lab.laborer , al.alley b, 6th and 7th, near Wash
Dickson, Benjamin P., pilot , 379n.north llth
Dickson, Charles R., (Murdoch, and Dickson, ,)
and treas.treasurer Western R. and W,Co.Company ;r.residence Chouteau av
ab. 14th
Dickson, —, doorkeeper St. Louis Theater, bds.boards
106n.north 4th
Dickson, Orr & Co.Company , (AllansonDnkson, , William
C.Orr, , DabneyCarr, and William E.Storer, ,
wholesale boots and shoes, 73n.north Main
Didoming, Albert, hairdresser , bds.boards 13 Vine
Hebel, Charles, butcher , Biddle market;r.residence 17th, b.between
Warren and Benton
Diebeno, Frederick, lab.laborer ,r.residence ws. Columbus, b.between Lespe-
rance and Picotte
Deek, Herman, sugarrefiner ,r.residence 189n.north 13th
Diecke, Bernhard. tailor , rear 139n.north 10th
Dieckeman, Herman H., (H.H. Dieckeman fc Co.Company ,)
r.Augusta, Mo
Deckeman H.H. & Co.Company , (Herman H.Kreft, ,) gro-
cers , 236 Franklin av
Dieckman, Frederick W., clerk , Assessor's office;r.residence
6th, se.southeast c.corner Biddle
Dieckman, Henry, clerk , J. C.Tiemeycr, , 4th, b.between
Convent and Rutgers
Dieckman, Henry, lab.laborer , 216n.north 12th
Dieckman, Herman H., boatman , al.alley b.between Franklin av.avenue
and Wash, near 13th
Dieckmann, Frederick W., grocer , 187 Wash-
ington av.avenue ;r.residence same
Dieckmann, Henry, lab.laborer , O'Fallon,c.corner 16th
Dicckmann, Henry, woodsawyer , rear 216 High
Dieckmann, Henry W., 138 Wash
Dieckmann, John F., lab.laborer , 253n.north 9th
Dieckmann, Joseph, lab.laborer , ss.south side Lafayette, near 7fh
Dieckmann, Stephen H., drygoods,Biddle, nw,c.corner 9th;
r. same
Dieckmeier, Henry, lab.laborer , rear 150n.north Sth
Dieckmeyer, Henry, tailor , al.alley near Wash, b.between Sth and
Dieckriede, Charles B., (H. Gildehaus & Co.Company ,) r.residence nw.
c. 16th and Chouteau av
Dieckriede, Herman, clerk , H. Gildehaus & Co.Company , 164
n. 2d
Dieckriede, William, (Meyer & Dieckriede,) bds.boards ss.south side
Market, near 18th
Diedrich, George, carpenter , n. Market, near Green
Diederle, Frederick, brewer , bds.boards Market,c.corner 18th
Diederly, Frederick, blacksmith ,r.residence 366 Webster
Diefenbauk, Adam, clerk ,r.residence 63 Plum
Diefenbach, Adam, salesman , M, Diefenbach & Co.Company ;r.residence
Miller, b.between Jackson and Carondelet av
Diefenbach, Jacob, tailor , Menard, , near Park av
Diefenbach, Michael, (Michael Diefenbach & Co.Company ,) r.residence
93 Plum
Diefenbach Michael & Co.Company , (MichaelDiefenbach, and
CasparScbmaelter, ,) woodyard, Soulard market
Dieger, Erederiek, stoneyard, Prairie av.avenue , ss.south side Anna,
near Columbus
Dieger, Joseph, carpenter , bds, 225 Carondelet av
Diehel, Augustus, merchauttailor ,r.residence 18 St. Charles
Diehl, Henry, coffiumaker , es. Jackson, b.between Milter and
Barry;r.residence same
Diehl, Louis, harnessmaker ,r.residence 6 Sprnce
Diehmer, Christian, Bhoemaker ,r.residence rear 866 Broadway
Diejing, Jacob, butcher ,r.residence rear Main, near Lombard
Dieke, John, at Belcher's sugarhouse
Diekhouer, Herman H., shoemaker , 122n.north Sth
Dickinson, Peter, carpenter , 155 Wash
Diekmanu, Charles, cooper ,r.residence llth b.between Chambers and
Dickmann, Francis, watchmaker and jeweler , 87
Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence same
Dickmann, Frank, (Tibbe & Diekmann,) r.residence 71 Frank
lin av
Diekmann, Fred. W., cooper ,r.residence 11th b.between Webster and
Diekman, Louis, confectioner , 200 Market
Diskman, William F., cooper ,r.residence 357n.north llth
Diekmar, George, lab.laborer , al.alley near Biddle b.between 9th and 10th
Diekroger, Frederick, (F. Diekroger * Bro.,) bds.boards 9th
b. Carr and Biddle
Diekroger, Henry, (F. Diekroger & Bro.,) bds.boards 9th b.between
Carr and Biddle
Diekroger F. & Bro. , (Frederick, and HenryDiekro-, ,) tailors , 165 Franklin av
DieL, Anna M., wid.Conrad, , bds.boards 210 Biddle
Diel, Christian, hairdresser , 2S5 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence same
Diel, Daniel, sausagemaker , 171 b.between 2d;r.residence same
Diel, John, plasterer , 145n.north 14th
Diel, John H., hairdresser , 210 Biddle;r.residence same
Dielenberger, Philip, carpenter , bds.boards Washc.corner llth
Dieler, Michael, blacksmith , 1386 Broadway;r.residence same
Diemert, Joseph, boardinghouse, ss.south side Franklin av, near
22d;r.residence same
Diener, Jos.porter , al.alley b.between llth and 12th near Biddle
Diepenau, John F.,lab.laborer , 247 Wash
Diepenbrock, John, limeburner ;r.residence 255n.north 9th
Dier, Henry, lab.laborer , ss.south side Lafayette near 7th
Dierbaum, George, beerhouse, 218 High;r.residence same
Dierberger, Leo, saloon keeper, 80 Green ; res.
Dierfler, Caspar, woodsawyer , 121 Biddle
Diering, Gottleib, miller ,r.residence ns. Adolph b.between Market and
Diering, Peter H., brickmaker , 16th ab.above Howard
Dierker, John H., grocer , 90 Carr;r.residence same
Dierker, John M.,grocer , 140n.north 10th;r.residence same
Dierker, Henry, grocer , 102 Carrc.corner 9th ;r, 90 Carr
Dierkes, Charles, shoemaker , ws. Decatur near Lafay-
ette;r.residence same
Dierking, Frederick, clerk , C. Abel; bds.boards 203 Frank-
lin av
Diers, John F., clerk , c. Biddle and Sth; bds.boards 7th bet.between
O'Fallon and Morgan
Dierts, Diedrich, bartender ; bds.boards 47 Levee
Diese, Frederick, drayman ,r.residence ns. Soulard b.between Jackson,
and Columbcs
Diestelhorst, Henry, grocer , 270 Chesnut;r.residence same
Dieterioh, John, shoemaker , 126 Wash
Dieteiichs, John G., carpenter .es. Decatur near Gey-
er av
Dieteiichs, Louis A., clerk , 128 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence same
Dieterichs, William F., tobacco, 128 Franklin av.avenue ;. r
Dieterle, George, printer ,r.residence s. 4thop.opposite Gratiot
Dieterley, Joseph, cooper , ws. 7th b.between Marion and Park
Dieterlie, Frederick, blacksmith ;r.residence 9th near Webster
Dietrich, Charles, bartender ; bds.boards 39 Elm
Dietrich, Christian, tanner , ss.south side Victor b.between Columbus
and De Kalb
Dietrich, Ernst, tailor ,r.residence nw.c.corner Emmet and Jackson
Dietrich, George, shoemaker , 169n.north 13th
Dietrich, John, shoemaker , 189n.north 9th
Dietrick, Peter, tailor ,r.residence ns. Lafayette near Colum-
Dietwiller, John, brickmaker ,r.residence Benton b.between 19th and
Dietz, Caroline,r.residence Buena Vista rear Gravois rd
Dietz, Charles, boxmaker ,r.residence al.alley rear Park av.avenue near
Dletz, Edward P., bookbinder , Pine and 2d;r.residence 48
s. 10th
Dietz, George, Oniaher ,r.residence es. Columbus b.between Lafayette
and Soulard
Dietz, George, tanner , cs. Step near Douchouquette;
r. same
Dietz, Henry, cooper , ss.south side Ann av.,b. 7th and Decatur
Die z, Mary B-, wid.Conrad, ,r.residence 20s.south 7th b.between Russell av.avenue
and Ann av
Dietz, William, porter , E.F. Kraft & Co.Company ;r.residence Chesnut
b. Main and 2d
Dietzman, Gottleib, stonecutter ,r.residence es. 20th near Bre-
men av
Diewan, George, wooc'tjrner ,r.residence Broadwayc.corner Webster
Diffiini, Bernard, shoemaker ,al.alley rear Wash, b.between 6th and
Diffendaffer, Daniel, moulder , bds.boards 351 Broadway
Diffily, John, plasterer , bds.boards 31n.north 12th