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Diffley, James, plastere , al.alley b.between Waith and Carr, near
Digby, James H., clerk , Bowman ACo.Company ; bds.boards 256n.north
Diggs, Christian, dshipearpenter ,r.residence 12w.west Brooklyn
Digman, James, waiter , Everett House; bds.boards same
Digneider, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence Spring b.between 13th and 14th
Dihhleamer, Petercigarmaker , 91,n.north 8th
Dihl, Conrad, carpenter , Carrc.corner 13th
Dikeman, Georgiana, wid.Burr, ,r.residence Moore b.between Clark av.avenue
and Market
Dilinhein, Philip, carpenter ,r.residence es.Epia. Cemetery, b.between
Chouteau av and Park av
Dilka, William, laborer ,r.residence n. Market near 14th
Dilker, Frederick, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 12th and 13th near Cass
Dilkeskamp, Frederick, lab.laborer ,bds.boards sb. Spring b.between Broad-
way and 2d
Dill, Eliza, wid.John, W.,98 Elm
Dill, Ezra E-, K.It. agent ,r.residence 117 Wash
Dill, John G., clcik , Recorder's court;r.residence 130n.north 6th,
b. Morgan and Green
Dill Margaret, , wid.Edward, , dressmaker , 184n.north 7th
Dillaby, James, foreman Ohio and Mississippi engine
shop ; 131 Collins
Dillenberger, Philip, cabinetmaker ; bda. 34s.south 3d
Diller, Isaac J.. salesman , Charleson & McSorley ;
bds.boards Washington av.b.between 12th and 13th
Dillger, August, clockmoker , bds.boards 245s.south 4th
Dillnberger, F., at Belcher's sugarbouse
Dlinborger, Henry, cooper , at Belcher ABro
Dillingar, Daniel, moulder ,r.residence ns. Adolph near Mar-
Dliou, James, bds.boards 365 Market
Dillon, David, butcher , bds.boards ns.northside Christy av.avenue , b.between 22d and
Dillon, David, lab.laborer , ss.south side Columbia b.between Main and 2d
Dillon, Ellen, wid. of Patrick, ; bds.boards Wash b.between 21st and
Dillon, Eliza J., wid.Patrick, , ns. Gratiot near 9th
Dillon, Hannah, wid.James, , 220 Market
Dillon, James, butcher ,r.residence Christy av.avenue c.corner 23d
Dillon, Jumes, draymen ,r.residence ns. Wash b.between 2lst and 22d
Dillon, John, butcher , 17th near Grand av
Dillon, John, drayman ,r.residence es. Uth near Rmdoljm
Dillou, Julio, lull., lis. Chouteau av.avenue near Missouri av
Dillon, John, saloon, 45 Poplar,r.residence 23. Poplar
Dillon, John S., butcher , 30 and 32 Lucas market;r.residence
Locust near Garrison av
Dillon, Joseph J., painter , bds.boards 178 Green
Mllon, Margaret, wid.Michael, ,r.residence ns. Christy av.avenue bet.between
22d and 23d
Dillon, Michael, metertender ,r.residence 08 Centre
Dillon, Richard, blacksmith ,r.residence 699 Broadway
Dillon, Richard, lab.laborer ,r.residence ss.south side Grand av.avenue near 16th
Dillon, Patrick, boardinghoose, 11 Centre;r.residence same
Dillon, Patrick, lab.laborer ,r.residence al.alley b.between 6th and 7th near Wash
Dillon, Patrick, quarryman ,r.residence al.alley b.between 6th and 7th near
Dillon, Philip, carpenter , Giles F.Filley,
Dillon, Stephen, lab.laborer , bds.boards , Locustw.west Garrison av
Dillmann, Henry, carpenter , bds.boards 241s.south 4th
Dillworth, John, peddler , bds.boards Randle House
Dillmar, Catharine, wid.John, ,r.residence 679 Morgan
Dilchneider, Adam, boot and shoemaker , ws. 7th b.between
Geyer av.avenue and Allen av.avenue :r.residence same
Dimick, Horace E., (H.E. Dimick & Co.Company ,) r.residence 69h. 4th
Dimick Horace E., (& Co.Company , (HenryFolsom, ,)
gunmaker . 38n.north Main; (Ste advt., oppotiit)
Dimmium, William, batter ,r.residence ws. Columbus b.between Miller
and Barry
Dinaan, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards 226n.north 7th
Dinan, James, lab.laborer .r.residence 28n.north 8th
Dinan, John W., (Dinan kDorrell, .)r.residence n. 4th
Dinan & Dorrell , (John W.Dinan, and Benjamin
Dorrell, ,) saloon, 5n.north 4th
Dinegaa, Andrew, boatman , 261n.north 12th
Dings, Frederick, (F. Dings & Co.Company ,) r.residence 12n.north 8th
Dings F., & Co.Company , (FrederickDings, and Wrsiam
Stein, ,) fancy and variety goods, 39n.north Main, up
Dindelder, Henry, steward , steamboat,r.residence 197 Ceron-
delet av
Dinius, Michael, beersalonn, 82s.south 14th;r.residence same
Dinius, Nicholas, cooper , bd. 82s.south 14h
Dinkelman, John H. k, grocer , Biddle, se.southeast c 9th;r.residence
Dinker, Barbara, wid.John, , al.alley b.between 11th and 12th near
Dinkleman, Francis H,,(F.H. Dinkleman & Brother,)
r.166 Franklin av
Dinkleman, Herman, (F.H. Dinkleman & Co.Company ,)
Franklin av
Dinkleman F.H.. & Brother , (Francia . H.
and HermanDinkleman, ,) grocers , 100 Franklin
av.avenue c.corner 10th
Dinnerman, Frederick, blacksmith , bds.boards aa. Market
near 18th
Dinsmore, Mary J., physician ,r.residence wi. Jackson b.between Barry
and Miller
Dionys1Us, Henry W., bookkeeper , Market
b. llth and 12th
Dippe, F., Beicher's sngarhonse
Dippold, Wolfgang, lab.laborer , rearns.northside Mallinckrodt. b.between
13th and 14th
Dirks, Casper, farmer , bds.boards 29 Cherry
Dirk, Charles, salesman , Pacific mills , bds.boards 2d b.between Cedar
and Mulberry
Dirker, Anton, bookkeeper , Spaunhorst kCo.Company ,r.residence ns.
Biddle b.between 10 th and llth
Dirker, John M., grocer , Carr c 10th;r.residence same
Dirkes, Clemens, mason , Geyer av.avenue c.corner Decatur
Dirkes, John, cabinetmaker , ns. Lesperance b.between Garcn-
delet ar. and Jackson;r.residence same
Dirkes, Peter, brickmaker , bds.boards ns.northside Lesperance b.between
Carondelet av.avenue and Jackson
Dirkes, Valentine, brickmaker , Dds.ns.northside Lesperance b
Carondelet av.avenue and Jackson
Dirlam, Henry, stovedealer , 232 and 234 s, 4th and
223s.south 5th;r.residence same
Dirr, Patrick, lab.laborer , bds.boards sa. Warren b.between 15th and 16th
Discher, Henry, lab.laborer , bds.boards Sonlard c, Rosatti
Discher, Henry W., machinist , bds.boards 36 a. 10th
Disharoon, Thomas L., 64 Chesnut
Disler, August, blacks'h , ws. Menard nr. Emmet
Disler, Philip, blacksmith ,r.residence ws. Columbus b.between La-
layette and Emmet
Diane, Henry, physician , 105n.north 9th;r.residence same
Disser, Charles, wagonmaker ,r.residence as. Market rear 20th
Diterle, Peter, foundry man , 189n.north llth
Ditikcer, Samuel, carpenter , bds.boards ns.northside Lafayette b.between
Jackson and Columbus
DitrickFrederick , Mrs., Cass av.avenue b, Webster and
Ditrick, J. W., rooter , bda. 366n.north 2d
Dittritch, John F., gunsmith , 96s.south 2d;r.residence 27 Sprauce
Dittrick, James A., (J.A, Dittrick k Co.Company ,) bda. Vir-
ginia Hotel
Dittrick J.A.ACo.Company , (James A.Dittrick, and An- B.Hopkins, ,) drygoods, 206 Broadway
Dittman, Edward, sr., bds.boards 43.5 Main
DittmannEdward,Jr.junior , bds.boards 43s.south Main
Dittman, William, wheelright, ss.south side Soulard b.between Caron-
delet av.avenue 7th
Dittmann, George F., boot and shoes, 24 Market;r.residence
Dittmar, Henry, blacksmith , ws. Carondelet av.avenue b.between
Allen and Russell av.avenue ;r.residence same
Dittmar, George, at Belcher's sagarhoose
Dittmer, Louisa, widwifc, Carondelet av.avenue aw.c.corner Carroll
Dittmer, William, wagonmaker , Carondelet av.avenue near
Allen av;r.residence Ceroodelet av.avenue sw.south west c.corner Carroll
Dittmer, William, butcher , Sonlard market,r.residence Ann
c. Jackson
Dittmere, Henry, tailor , 192n.north 11th
Ditzler, George, tailor , 49 Almond
Diven, Alexander S., (Diven, Stancliff Co.Company ,) r.residence El-
mira, N.Y
Diven Stancliff & Co.Company , (Alexander B.Diven, ,
Lewis J.Suncliff, , William W.Morris, , Edward
Elridge, and Samuel G.Hathaway, .) R.R. eootrac.
tors , aa. Chesnut b.between 3d and tth Kennetfi baiidagg.