St. Louis directory :
Eat 144 Eck
Correction: EAC-ECK
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Eaches, Charles B., (Eaches, Baumgartner & Co.Company )
r.31s.south 14th
Eaches, Daniel A., (Eaches, Baumgartner & Co.Company ,) r.residence
31s.south 14th
Eaches, William S.,r.31 a. 14th
Eaches, Baumgartner & Co.Company , (Charles B.Eaches, , Daniel A.Eaches, . James A.Baumgart-, , Jesse D.Barrett & Edward Underhill, ,) city
weighers, 36n.north Commercial
Eadan, Margaret, wid.Herman, , 148 Wash
Eades, Benjamin, lab.laborer , ws. Broadway b, Bremen av.avenue
and Angelca
Eades, Henry, riverman , bds.boards 245 Broadway
Eads, James B., prest. Western River Imp. and
Wrecking Co.Company , 47n.north Main;r.residence Compton Hill
Eads, John RobertRev., Hickory near Pro-
Eads, William, steamboat captain , 313 Franklin av
Eagan, Daniel, lab.laborer , rear Carr b.between 20th aud 21st
Eagan, Mary, wid.Thomas, , washerwoman , 11th,c.corner
Eagan, Michael, teamster , rear 244n.north 14th
Eagan, Patrick, drayman ,r.residence ss.south side Spring near Naomi
Eagan, Thomas, lab.laborer , 18th b.between Davis and Cass av
Eagen, Andrew, plumber ,r.residence rear 262 Chesnut
Eagen, Costenay, bricklayer ,r.residence rear 262 Chesnut
Eagen, Edward, grocer . 83 Green;r.residence same
Eagen, John, policeman ,r.residence 386 Morgan
Eagen, Martin,r.residence 79 Market
Eager, Samuel W.Jr.junior , jury commissioner ,court
house;r.residence 232 Chesnut
Eagle, Robert. bookkeeper , Merchant's Bank,r.residence 17th
c, Hickory
Eagleson, Catharine, wid.,r.residence 62s.south 15th
Eagleson, William H., (Low & Eagleson,) r.residence es. 15th
b. Market and Walnat
Ealer, Catharine, wid.John, ,r.residence Poplar
Ealer, George G., pilot ,r.residence 111 Poplar
Ealer, William P., druggist ,r.residence 111 Poplar
Ealing, J. E., surgeon chiropodist , 50s.south 4th;r.residence same
Earhardt, Edward, shoemaker , r,22 Collins
Earhart, Hyrcanus, plasterer , bds.boards 63s.south 7th
Earhart, Lycurgus, plasterer , bds.boards 63s.south 7th
Early, Bryan, huxter , 253 Market;r.residence same
Earley, James, foundry man , Biddle b.between 8th and 9th
EarleyJordan, (col'd,)carman ,ws. 7th bet, O'Fallon
and Cass av
Earman, Frederick, shoemaker ,r.residence ws. 10th b.between Cham-
bers and Madison
Earnw.t, George, dyer , es. 13th b.between Wash and Carr
Earnshaw, Malik, (Julius Heinze& Co.Company .) r.residence rear
Dennisou House, 6th b.between Market and Chesnut
East, William, painter ,r.residence 62 Franklin av
Easter, Owen, lab.laborer , bds.boards 131 Carr
Easterly, Ezra, family mcd.depot , Chesnut, se.southeast C 3d;
r. 224 Chesnut
Easterly, Thomas M., daguerrean , 71n.north 4th.
and dealer in reaping and mowing machines, 79
Locust;r.residence 61 Jefferson
Easternman, M. G., bds.boards Virginia Hotel
Eastman, Harvey G-, commercial college, 4th
b. Vine and St. Charles;r.residence same
Easton, Alton R.. agt.agent Tyler estate, 58 Jeffer-
son;r.residence St. Charles roadc.corner Alby
Easton, John, lab.laborer , 18 Mullanpby
Easton, Seymour, sailor , bds.boards 98n.north Levee
Easton, W. W., Pacific R.R. ticket office
Easton, Warren M., printer , bds.boards 9th b.between Biddle and
Eastwood, Thomas, carpenter , 280n.north 8th
Easward, Joseph, watchman , ss.south side Marion b.between Buel and
Eater, David, carpenter , bds.boards 134 Market
Eaton, Francis, silvei plater , bds.boards 53 Washington av
Eaton, Israel G., printer , Republican office
Eaton, James, silverplater , 53 Washington av
Eaton, Lucien, lawyer , 35 Pine: bds.boards 16th b.between Market
and Clark av
Eaton, Nathaniel J., agt.agent Board of Under-
writers, 249 Pine
Eaton, Richard P., bartender , bds.boards 5 Washington av
Ebberman, Henry D., baker , 456n.north Main;r.residence same
Ebbert, Charlescarriagetrimmcr ,r.residence Franklin av.avenue b.between
22nd and 23d ,
Ebbert, E. B., elk. , Fiskc, Knight & Co.Company , bds.boards Bar-
nnm's Hotel
Ebehart, Einil, machinist ,r.residence ss.south side Montgomery bet.between 9th
and 10th
Ebeland, Michael, saddietreemaker ,r.residence 283n.north 6th
Ebelliart, Caroline, wid.,r.residence sw.south west c.corner Convent and 2nd/
Ebeling, Henry, bricklayer , al.alley bet.between Monroe andn.north
Market, near 16th
Ebeling, Henry, shoemaker , 244n.north 7th
Ebeling, John, carpenter ,r.residence Franklin av.avenue c.corner 11th
Eben, August, cooper ,r.residence ws. Columbus b.between Lafayette
and Soulard
Ebenezerchapel, M. E., ch., 114 Washington av
Ebeubrinck, Frederick W., Lab.,r.residence es. 18th near Far-
Ebenreck, Francis, brickmaker ,r.residence n. Market ab.above 16th
Ebenreck, Garrett, lab.laborer ,r.residence ns. Salisbury near 15th
Ebercht, Henry, blacksmith , Clark, Richardson & Co
Eberg, Rudolph, lab.laborer , al,b.between llth and 12th near Biddle
Eberbard, Juhn G., shoemaker , es. Decatur near Gey-
er av
Ebevhardt, Charles, beersaloon , 145 Market;r.residence 143
Eberhart, Andrew S., stonecutter ,r.residence ne.northeast c.corner 18th and
Eberle, Charles, undertaker , 289s.south 2d;r.residence 2d b.between Mul-
berry and Cedar
Eberle, George, markctmaster , Soulard market;r.residence rear
Julian near 7th
Eberle, John, hutcher , 13s.south Market; r,ns.northside Chouteau
av.avenue near Pratte av
Eberle, John G., butcher ,r.residence ns. Sarah near Toney
Eberle, Joseph, shoemaker , 8n.north 3d
Eberlie, Andrew, lab.laborer , ns. Douchouqnctte, b.between Step and
Carondelet av
Eberlie, Charles, lab.laborer , ns. Picotte, b.between Columbus and
Eberlie, Theodore, drayman ,r.residence ns. Douchouqnette
near Carondelet av
Eberling, Fritz, lab.laborer ,r.residence Davis near 17th
Ebers, Jobn, tanner , bds.boards 337 Carondelet av
Ebers, Louis P., bartender , bds.boards 5 Olive
Ebert, Catharine, wid.Ferdinand, , al,b.between 11th and 12th
near Biddle
Ebert, Christian, saddler ,r.residence 544 Morgan
Ebeit, Ernst, shoemaker , bds 51 Morgan
Ebert, John, cigarmaker , 12th b.between BuldSe and O'Falton
Ebert, Joseph, cigarmaker ,r.residence es. 12th b.between Biddle and
Eberts, Conrad, butcher , Rosattic.corner Soulard
Eberts, Jacob, sausagemaker , 182 Carondelet av
Ebinger, Frederick, lab.laborer , ws. Kosciusko,b. Lesperance
and Picotte
Ebinger, Frederick, shoemaker ,r.residence 58 Plum
Eble, John, saloon , 109 Carondelet av;r.residence same
Ebler, Ernst, butcher , bds.boards Pratte av.,b. Davis and
Cass av
Ebler, Henry, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 12th and 13th, near O'Fallon
Ebling, Louis, clerk , Carrc.corner 8th
Ebling, Louis, shoemaker , bds.boards 104 Biddle
Ebstein, Newman, painter , rear 218 High
Eby, Marion M.,bookkeeper , JohnLudewig, ,r.residence 98Elm
Echart, Joseph, suddletreemaker , bds.boards es. Jackson b.between
Marion and Carroll
Eclierley, Ignatz, 22d b.between Franklin av.avenue and
Echhols, Stephen, lagerbecrealoon ,r.residence 592 Morgan
Echhorn, Adam, cigarmaker , 11th b.between Carr and Wash
Echle, Joseph, lab.laborer , 102n.north 15th
Echterhoff, Joseph, woodsawer , al.alley near Carr, b.between 8th
and 9th
Eck, Ellen, wid.Joseph, , 122s.south 5th
Eck, James, printer , bds.boards Frederick House
Eckerdt, Jacob, bootmaker ,r.residence 41s.south Main
Eckardt, Otto, grocer , Hickory near Paul;r.residence same
Eckaidt, William, shoemaker ;r.residence 170 Green
Eckart, Francis, saloon , 159s.south Main;r.residence same
Eckart, Jacob, moulder , 163n.north 11th