St. Louis directory :
Arn 31 Ash
Correction: ARM-ASI
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Armfield, Amanda, (A. Armfield & Co.Company ;) r.residence Marine
Armfield, Thomas, express messenger ;r.residence 235 Morgan
Armfield & Co.Company , (AmandaArmfiold, and Henry
Knowles, ,) druggists 94 Olive
Armgart, Henry, tailor ;r.residence rear 208 Franklin av
Armistead, Robert W., house and sign painter ,
50 Pine;r.residence 230 Pine
Armitage, George W., clerk , bds.boards 104n.north 16th
Armitage, John T.plumber , bds.boards 104n.north 16th
Armknecht, Charles, blacksmith , es. Buel b.between Lafay-
ette and Emmet
Armond, George, lab.laborer , bds.boards 363 Carondelet av
Armor, Robert, shoestore , 309 Broadway;r.residence l6th
Armory Hall , sw.south west c.corner 3d and Pine
Armour, Louisa, 307n.north 7th
Armour, Robert H., typefounder ;r.residence 274 Chesnut
Armstrong, Charles (col'dcolored ) hairdresser , ns. Orchard
near Harlow
Armstromg, David H., (late postmaster;) r.residence Choteau
av.avenue near St. Ange av
Armstrong, Elizabeth, wid.Joseph, , Beckwith near
Choteau av
Armstrong, George W., (Rich & Co.Company ,) bds 190Locust
Armstrong, Henry, st.street bt. mate, 5n.north 10th
Armstrong, James, painter ;r.residence 13th bet.between Webster and
Armstrong, John, blacksmith ;r.residence 305n.north 2d
Armstrong, John, fireman , (Molony & Tilton)
Armstrong, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence 198s.south Main
Armstrong, John W.fisherman : 52s.south Levee
Armstrong, Kate, dressmaker. 105n.north 5th;r.residence same
Armstrong, Matilda, wid.Joseph(, ns. Orchard
near Barlow
Armstrong, Matthew, shoemaker , bds.boards 72n.north 17th
Armstrong, Robert S., (Armstrong & Casey,) r.residence 330
Armstrong, Samuel, bds.boards 201n.north 2nd
Armstrong, William, laborer ,r.residence 3.36s.south 3rd
Aimstrong, William, leatherdealer , Commercial,r.residence
164n.north 11th
Armstrong, William, riverman , bds.boards 201n.north 2nd
Armstrong, William W., agt.agent (J.Y. McLaughlin &
Co.Company ,) r.residence 164n.north 11th
Armstrong A Casf.Y , (Robert S.Armstrong, ,
Charles, Casey A.ThomasForrester, ,) millinery
silk and straw goods , 30n.north Main; see advt. p. 32
Arndt, Joseph M., clerk , Samuel S.Brainerd, , bds
American House
Arndt, Leopold, cabinetmaker , bds.boards es. Broadway b.between
Webster and Lehaume
Arndt, William, drayman ,r.residence ne.northeast c.corner Jackson & Carroll
Arnhold, Frederick, carpenter , al.alley b.between Carondelet av
and 7th, near Marion
Arnhold, Michael,stonecutter , ws. Jackson,b. Victor
and Sidney
Arnken, Harmon, dairyman , ns. Gravois road, near
Arsenal;r.residence same
Arnod, George L., stovemoulder , bds.boards 4S7 Broadway
Arnold, Charles.(F. Arnold & Co.Company ,) 170 Franklin av
Arnold, Ferdinand, (F. Arnold A Co.Company ,) r.residence 170 Frank-
lin av
Arnold, George, baker ,r.residence 276 Pine
Arnold, George, bookkeeper WilliamWightman., r.
10th, near Benton
Arnold, George, cigarniaker , al.alley b.between 8th and 9th, near
Arnold, Jacob, blacksmith. 2s.south 15th
Arnold, John, foreman , Glasgow's stable, Hicks b.between
Olive und Locust
Arnold, John A.bellhanger , 3d. b.between Olive and Lo-
cust ;r.residence ws.west side Menard, near Park av
Arnold, Philip, tailor , rear 493s.south 7th
Arnold, Sophia, wid.Peter, ,r.residence 203 Carondelet av
Arnold, Theodore, eook. ws. Marion,c.corner Menard
Arnold, Thomas, prod, dealer ,233 Bioadway ;r.residence 251 1/2
Arnold, Thomas J., ropemaker ,r.residence 18th, near Market
Arnold, Willard B., actor , bds.boards 319n.north 6th
Arnold. & Co.Company , (Ferdinand, and CharlesArnold, ,)
boots and shoes, 170 and 172 Franklin av
Arnolt, Jacob, laborer , Olive, near Grand av
Arnot, Anderson, (J. & A. Arnot,) ws. 6th,b, Ches-
nut and Pine
Arnot, Jesse, (J. & A. Arnot.) 194 Pine
Arnot J & A., (Jesse & Anderson,) livery stables
63 and 46, Chesnut
Arnoux, Edmund, foreman , George W.West, , 284
s. 2nd
Arnst, George, woodsawyer , Riddle, b.between 21st and 22nd
Arust, Nicholas, cigar manufactory , Anna, , ne.northeast c.corner Co-
Arnstein, Rudolph, contractor , 29s.south 6th
Arnzen, John, laborer ,r.residence ss.south side Angelrodt, near 12th
Arrison, Henry, carpenter , on 11th ;r.residence rear 36s.south 14th
Arrison, Henry, porter , bds.boards 470 Main
Arth, John, boardinghouse, 233n.north Main
Arthurs, Henry, drayman , 104n.north 8th
Artmann, Michael, laborer ,r.residence es. Columbus, b.between Sou-
lard and Can-oil
Artzt, Theodore, porter , Toomer & Kimbrough ;r.residence
10thc.corner Salisbury
Arzberger, Madelaine, washing,ws.west side Jackson, near
Aschcntross, Frederick, laborer , 245n.north 12th
Aschner, Henry, salesman ,r.residence Park av.avenue c.corner 7th
Aschner, Nathan, fruitstore , 7th, b.between Lafayette and
Soulard ;r.residence same
Aschoff, John A.F., clerk H. S.Platt, ,r.residence Wash, b.between
14th and 15th
Ash, Primus, (col'dcolored ,) porter , bds.boards 11th, b.between O'Fallon
and Cass av
Ashbrook, Henry; Jr.junior , (H. Ashbrook & Co.Company ,) Spring
c. Broadway
Ashbrook, Henry, Sr., bookkeeper H. Ashbrook &
Co. ,r.581n.north 9th,c.corner Wright
Ashbrook, Levi L., (Levi Ashbrook & Co.Company .) r.residence 826
Ashbrook, Obediah, (Levi L. Ashbrook & Co.Company ,) r.residence 838
Ashbrook, William, tailor , bds.boards 51 Franklin av
Ashbrook Henry & Co.Company , (HenryAshbrook, Jr.junior
Benjamin F.Harrison, and VanierMaratta, , meat
market, 4 Commercial, near Vine
Ashbrook Levi & Co.Company , (LeviAshbrook, , L. L.
Ashbrook, and O.Ashbrook., ) porkpackers , 929
Ashburn, Andrew J., omnibus driver , bds,ss.south side Salis-
bury, b.between Broadway and 9th
Ashburn, Charles, laborer , St. Louis Place, near
Grand av
Ashburn, Paul, stonecutter , 245 Wash
Ashburton, L., bricklayer ,r.residence 13thc.corner Olive
Ashby, Edwin T., salesman , (R.H. Mills & Co.Company ,) r.residence
sw.south west c.corner 5th and Spruce
Ashdown, Mathew, gasfitter , 80s.south 7th
Ashdown, Wm. G., (W.G. Ashdown & Co.Company ,) r.residence at
Peoria, Iii
Ashdown W.G. & Co.Company , (William G.Ashdown, ,
EbenezerMawdslry, & HampdenMepham, ,) gas
and steampipe fitters , 40n.north 3d
Ashner, Adolph, fruitstore , sw.south west Cor.corner Lafayette and
Ashoo, John, teadealer. 342 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence same
Ashton, —, blacksmith , bds.boards 280n. 5th
Ashton, James, carriagedriver , Wash bet.between 22nd and
Ashton, James, wireworks , 19 b.between 3d ;r.residence same.
(See advt.p. 22)
Ashton, Maurice, blacksmith ,r.residence n. 7th, bet.between Morgan
and Green
Ashton, Samuel, tailor , v.ns.northside Randolph, b.between 12th and
Ashworth, Bridge, machinist , 2nd, bet.between Cherry and
Ashworth, James, machinist ,r.residence 227n.north 2nd
Asinger, Emanuel, cigarmaker , bds.boards 245s.south 4th
Asinger, John, hairdresser , bds.boards Franklin av.avenue c.corner 12th
Asinger, Nicholas, hairdresser , 217 Franklin av.avenue ; bds.boards