St. Louis directory :
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Ferrurbach & Birkle , (ChristianFerrurbach, and Ste-Birkle, ,) shoemakers , 109 Morgan
Ferry, Charles, (Bender & Ferry ,)r.residence se.southeast c.corner Columbus
and Carroll
Ferry, Joseph, wagonmaker ,r.residence se.southeast c.corner Columbus and
Ferster, Julius, lab.laborer , Clark av.avenue c, Adolph
Fertig, Paul, physician , 130n.north 5th;r.residence same
Fesal, Adam, lab.laborer , ws. 6th near Rutgers
Fesler, Frank B., physician , 79 Pine,r.residence 221 Market
Feslier, Benedict, cooper , bds.boards 1027 Broadway
Fessen, Adam. lab.laborer ,r.residence s. 2dc.corner Rutgers
Festal, Julias, carpenter , Pacific R.R. machineshop
Fester, Michael, horsecollarmaker , Columbus se.southeast c.corner
Lesperance;r.residence same
Festering, John, lab.laborer , ss.south side Geyer av.avenue b.between Menard and
Fetch, John, lab.laborer , ws. 2d b.between Harrison and Buchanan
Feter, Jacob, butcher , es. Wood b.between Columbus and river
Fetherston'H, James B., com. and fowd'g
mer.merchants , 1nw.northwest c.corner Olive and Commercial,r.residence Dillon
Place near Chouteau av
Fetisch, Harmon, shoemaker , ws. 7th near Biddle
Fett, John, blacksmith . 157s.south 5th;r.residence same
Fette, August, grocer , Main b.between Spruce and Almond;r.residence
145s.south 3d
Fette, Charles, clerk , Henry A.Fette, , bds.boards es. 3d
near Plum
Fette, Henry A., grocer , 105 and 107s.south Main;r.residence
145 s 3d; (See advt.)
Fetter, Charles, shoemaker , 134s.south Main
Fetter, John, brewer ,r.residence es. 7th b.between Arrow and Ann
Fetter, William J., sec'y of St. Louis Floating
Dock and Insurance Co.Company ,r.residence 44 e.east Mound
Fetterly, John, engineer , Pacific R.R. machineshop
Fettig, Joseph, clerk , Wachtel's,s.south 9th near Marion
Fettig, Valentine, clerk , bds.boards 307½s.south 4th
Feuerbach, Henry, cigarmaker , bds.boards 233 Franklin av
Feuerbach, John, saddler , bds.boards 84 Franklin av
Feuerbach, Joseph, cigarstoie , 233 Franklin av;r.residence
Feuerbacher, Max, (Joseph Schnaider & Co.Company ,)r.residence 135
s. 2d
Feuerborn, F.William, bookkeeper , E.A. & S.R.
Filley ,r.residence 208n.north 8th
Feurst, Catherine, wid.Alexander, ss.south side Franklin av.avenue ,
near 22d
Fenssner, Stephen, grocer , es. 7th, b.between , Geyer and
Allen avs;r.residence same
Feustel, Benjamin, brushmaker . bds.boards 147 Wash
Feustel, Henry J., brushmaker , 147 Wash;r.residence same
Feustel, Louis, brushmaker , bds.boards 147 Wash
Feustel, Robert, beersaloon , Franklin av.avenue ,c.corner 12th ;r.residence
Few, William, steamboatengineer , 179 Carr
Fey, Anton, iceman , ns. Sidney, near Jackson
Fey, George, gardener , ns. Victor, b.between Columbus and
DeKalb;r.residence same
Fey, Michael, teamster , ws. DeKalb, near Barton
Fey, Philip, shoemaker , 425s.south 2d
Feye, Michaellab.laborer , 293s.south 7th
Feyer, Christian, at Belcher's sugarhonse
Fiala, John T., topographical engineer , Menard,
b. Marion and Park av
Fichner, Adam, grocer , 1096 Broadway;r.residence same
Fichner, William, bds.boards 1096 Broadway
Fichrik, Edward, harnessmaker , bds.boards 78 a. 2d
Fichtenkam, George M., bookkeeper , E. Schneider &
Co.Company ;r.residence Marion,w.west of 7th
Fichtenmeyer, Valentine, lab.laborer ,es. Columbus, b.between Vic-
tor and Barton
Fick, Michael, cooper , rear 866 Broadway
Fick, William, tailor , ws. Rosatti, b.between Geyer and
Allen avs
Fickel, Charles, shoemaker , bds.boards Soulard,nw.northwest c.corner Co-
Fickin, John, lab.laborer , es. Bellefontaine road,n.north of An-
Fickholts, John, lab.laborer , Franklin av.avenue , b.between Cardinal and
Alby av
Ficktuman, Frederick W., tailor , ws. 14th, b.between north
Market and Benton
Fidler, Anthony, shoestore , 385 Market;r.residence 2
n. 14th
Fied, John, carpenter , ns. Soulard, b.between Decatur and
Fiedeldey, George, (Fiedeldey & Niemann ,)r.residence
234n.north 7th
Fiedeldey, John H., porter , George M.Grover, ,r.residence
Carr, b.between 7th and 8th
Fiedeldey & Niemann , (GeorgeFiedeldey, and
Frederick A.Niemann, ,) drygoods , 64 Franklin
Fiedlar, Gustav, cabinetmaker , bds.boards ns.northside Lafayette, b.between ,lb/>Jackson and Columbus
Fieg, Louis, (Louis Fieg & Co,Company ,)r.residence Iron Mountain
Fieg Louis & Co.Company , (AndrewRuff, ,) Iron Mountain
Hotel, Main, se.southeast c.corner Plum
Fiegc, Christopher, finisher , Columbus, b.between Lafayette
and Soulard
Field, Edward, painter , bds.boards 1 Christy av
Field, Isaac N., (Field Brothers, )r.residence New York
Field, James E,, conductor T.H.R.R., bds.boards Everett
Field, John K., (Field Brothers ,) 48s.south 14th
Field, John T., salesman , Field Brothers , 156 Pine
Field, Malcolm, gasfitter , 505 9th
Field, R. M., lawyer , 58½s.south 4th;r.residence same
Field, Richard R., (Field Brothers ,)r.residence New York
Field, Stephen, harnessmaker , Locust, b.between 3d and 4th
Field, Thomas J.Jr.junior , (J,W. Tooly & Co.Company ,)r.residence 294
Field, William B., (Field Brothers, ) bds.boards Virginia
Field, Brothers, (RichardR., , IsaacN., , JonnK., ,
and WilliamB., ,) goods for mens' wear, 158n.north
Fields, Franklin, railroad contractor , 367n.north 2d
Fien, John, blacksmith , wks. James L. Gage & Co
Fiene, Catherine, wid.Frank, , 140 Carr
Fiene, . Henry, cooper , at Belcher & Brother
Fienes, Henry, bootmaker , 5s.south 5th;r.residence same
Fieney, George, (coi'd,) saloon, 173n.north 7th
Fierbaum, John, porter , al.alley bet.between llth' and Pith, near
Fierbaum, John F., lab.laborer , 208n.north llth
Fierraeder, Frederick, carriagesmith , Carroll b.between 7th
and Fulton
Fierstone, George, lab.laborer , St. Louis earwbeel workt
Fierstone, Jacob, lab.laborer , St. Louis carwheel worka
Fiet, Conrad, stovemonlder , bds.boards al.alley ss.south side Carondelet av.avenue
near Marion
Fiet, Sebastian, lab.laborer , es. Columbus bet.between Emmet and
Fiey, Lavina, wid.Joseph, ,r.residence es. 4th b.between Franklin av.avenue
and Morgan
Fife, John D., (Major & Fife ,)r.residence Bellefontaine road
Fife, Matthew S., (Fife, Hubbard & Yogel ,)r.residence ws.
Chesnut near 14th
Fife, William G., (Fife & Michael ,)r.residence ns. Chambers
b. llth and 12th
Fife, Hubbard A; Vogel , (Matthew S.Fife, ,
George T.Hubbard, & Henry T.Vogel, ,) wholesale
boots and shoes , 24n.north Main
Fife & Michael , (William G.Fife, & Daniel C.-
Michael, ,) com. and foiwd.mers. , 54n.north Levee
Fifield, Benjamin F., gen'l passenger agt.agent , T.
H.R.R., bds.boards Planters' House
Figaro, John, bartender , bds.boards 20s.south Levee
Figge, William, tailor , bds.boards 54 Franklin av
Figgen, Lawrence, foreman , Goodwin & An-
derson ,r.residence Buel b.between Marion and Carroll
Filbei, John, cooper ,r.residence ss.south side Lafayette b.between Jackson and
Carondelet av
Filbet, Philip, stonecutter ,r.residence Rosatti b.between Geyer av.avenue and
Fillbell, Peter, lab.laborer , es. Rosatti near Emmet
Filbcll, Philip, stonecutter , es. Rosatti near Emmet
Filbert, William F., lawyer , 157 Carondelet av
bda.sw.south west c.corner 4th and Gratiot