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Fitzpatrick, Dennis, bricklayer , bds.boards 113n.north 13th
Fitzpatrirk, Dennis, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 8th and 9th near
Fitxpatrirk, Edward,drygouds . 258 Broadwny:r.residence same
Filzpatrick, Edward, lab.laborer . Cawav.avenue ne.northeast c.corner 8th
Fitzatriek, Hugh. boatman , al.alley b.between Wash and Frank-
lin av.avenue near 17th
Fitxpatrirk, James, mason , bds.boards Morgan
Fitzpatrirk, James, vegetables, ss.south side O'Fallon b.between 5th
and 6th:r.residence name
Fitzpatrkk, Jeremiah, brushmaker , 141n.north llth;r.residence
Fitapatriek, John, lab.laborer , bds.boards ws.west side Grand av.avenue near Park
Fimpatriik, John, lab.laborer , Provenchere near Chonteau
Fitxpatrirk, John, porter , 352n.north Main;r.residence al.alley b.between 12th
and 13th near Benton
Fitzpatrirk, John, sheetiron worker ,r.residence 112n.north 13th
Fitzpatriek, Marjraret. wid., 134 Morgan
Fitzpatrkk, Martin, blacksmith ,r.residence 42 Carr
Fitzputrick, Marv, wid., 211n.north 13th
Fitzpatrkk, Mary, wid.William, ,r.residence 113n.north 13th
Fitzpatriek, Muthuw, bds.boards 34s.south 10th
Fitzpatriek, Michael, baker , al.alley b.between High and 14th
near O'Fallon
Fitzpatric'K, Michael, bricklayer , bds.boards 113n.north
Fitzpatriek, Michael, lab.laborer , 22 Collins
Fitzpatriek, Patrick, ostler , bds.boards as. Marketc.corner 19th
Fitzpatriek, Patrick, stonemason , bds.boards 113 n, 13th
Fitzpatriek, Simon, shipcarpenter , ws. 10th b.between Wright
and Palm
Fitzpatriek, Thomas, bricklayer ,r.residence 113n.north 13th
Fitzpatrik, Thomas, gardener , al.alley near Biddle b.between 10th
and llth
Fitzsimmons, Bridget C., wid.Peter, , al.alley b.between 8th and
9th near O'Fallon
Fitzsimmons, J. H., carpenter , bds.boards 32 Wash
Fitzsimmons, Michael, O'Fallon b.between 2oth and 21st
FitMimmonH, Peter, lab.laborer , a. 7thop.opposite Elm
Fitzsirumons, Robert, engineer ,r.residence 133 Gay
Fitzsimmons, Robert, marblepolisher ,r.residence 108n.north Tth
Fitzsimmons, Thomas, lab.laborer , Randolph near lsth
Fitzsimmons, Thomas, moulder ,r.residence llMs.south Main
Fitzsimons, Elizabeth, wid.JanieH, , bds.boards as. Ran-
dolph near Ulrici
FitMjmons, John, baker , bds.boards 33 Biddle
Fitxwmons, Richard, rear 63 Florida
Fitzsimons, Robert, teamster ,r.residence ss.south side Lami b.between Congress
and Carondelet av
Fitzsimons, Thomas, grocer , ss.south side Randolph near Ulrici;
r. same
Fitzsomers, George, lab.laborer , 169n.north 7th
Fitzwilliam, Dennis, furbnyer , H. and R.B. Whitte-
more & Co.Company ,r.residence 121 Green
Fitzwilliam, John J., elk. , (Bacon, Hyde & Co.Company ,)
r. 121 Green
Fitzwilliams, John, ostler , 9 5th b.between Walnut and Elm
Fiallan, Prank, steamboat hand, ea. Buel near La-
Fiurbeeh, Caspar, hairdresser , 7n.north 3d
Flaeh, William, clerk , (F. M.Wotke, ,) bds.boards 325 a. 4th
Fhvher, Bernard, confectioner , r,3n.north llth
Flack, Thomas, baker , 54s.south 5th;r.residence same
Ftadung, Joseph, teamster , 203 Franklin av
Finer, Gottlieb, lab.laborer , 14th near Chambers
Flaherty, Edwaid, house agt.agent , bs. Chesnut b.between 2nd and
3d; r, 2ndnw.northwest c.corner Monroe
Flaherty, Patrick, lab.laborer , ns. Montgomery b.between Broadway
and 2nd
Flahurty, William, lab.laborer , 257 Chesnut
Flambeau, Henry, painter , bds.boards 8thnw.northwest c.corner Carr
Flamger, Frederick, bookbinder , bda. 7th b.between Hickory
and Park av
Flamraar, Christian, bookbinder , 318s.south 7th
Flanagan, Patrick, boardinghouse, 39s.south Levee
Flanagan, Richard, lab.laborer , ws. 2nd b.between Howard and east
Flanagan, Thomas, boatman , al,bet.between 10th and llth
near O'Fallon
Flanegan, John. lab.laborer , ss.south side b.between Congress and Car-
ondelet av
Flanegaii, Peter. horseshr.residence Biddle b.between 8th and 9th
Flanery, Bridget, widPatrick, ,r.residence rear 105n.north 2nd
Flanery, Willanm, shipenrpciiter . bda. 365 a. Main
Flanigan, John, saloon , 53s.south Levee;r.residence same
Flanis, Michael, lab.laborer rear 205 Green
Flauigan, P., bookkeper , Bran ham, Keiser & Co.Company r.residence
117n.north 5th
Flangan, Peter, blacksmith , 64 Biddle,r.residence al. near
Carr b.between 9th and 10th
Flanigan, Thomas, lab.laborer , al.alley near Biddle b.between 9th and 10th
Flannicau, William, lab.laborer , Gratiot b.between l5th and 16th
Flannegan, William, teamster ,r.residence us. Columbia bet.between
Main and 2nd
Flanmry, John, lab.laborer , 683 Broadway
Flannigan, Bryan, lab.laborer , al.alley near Park av.avenue bet.between 7th,
and 8th
Flanijran, Edward, carpenter ,r.residence 16thws.west side , b.between Howard
and Mullanphy
Flanniffan, Thomas, shoemaker ,r.residence 68 Morgan
Flapp, Frederick, brewer , bds.boards 45 Chambers
Flaahmsn, Frank. cabinetmaker ,r.residence al.alley bet.between s.south 3d tat
4th near Rutcers
Flatbath, William, clerk , 68 Biddle
Flatron, Louis, policeman , 197th b.between Wash and Cut
Flnvell, Thomas, butcher , 8O'Fallon
Fleak, Morris, shipcarpentcr . 218 Carr
Fleak, William F.. carpenter , bds.boards 539 Broadway
Fleeke, Francis, shoemaker . 244n.north 7th
Fleek, John, carpenter , hds. 44 Ashley
Fleer, Henry, lab.laborer , rear 236n.north 14th
Fleetwood, Firman, cooper ,r.residence 263 Morgan
Fleher, C., Belcher's sugarhouse
Fleher, Peter, Belcher's sugarhouse
Flehr, Gotlieb, teamster , 16thc.corner Mudison
Flehr, John H., brickmaker . 10thc.corner Madiann
Fleichman, Henry, shoemaker , 123 Biddle
Fletg, Matthias, barkeeper , 237s.south 3d
Fleik, Mary. wid.Matthias, ,r.residence ss.south side Dock bet.between Belief
taine mad and Broadway
Fieik, Matthias, butcher ,r.residence ss.south side Dock b.between Bellefontain
road and Broadway
Fleim, S., teamster . Belchers' sugarhouse
Fleir, John, fob., 12th ne.northeast c.corner O'Fallon
Fleisag, Joseph, fireman .r.residence us. Lafayette near Co-
Flcischben, John, hairdresser , 51 Carondelet av.avenue ; t
Fleischniann, Charles, tailor , 97 Wash
Fleischmanu, Francis, wagonmaker , s. 4th b.between Lomband
and Mulberry
Fleischmanii, Gerhard, lab.laborer , es. Decatur bet.between Sooliri
and Lafayette
Fleitz, John P., bookkeeper , FrancisSaler, , bds.boards ss
3dc.corner Rutgers
Fleming, Edward, birdcagemaker , bds.boards 276n.north 2nd
Fleming, Edward, painter , bds.boards 199n.north 7th
Fleming, George, drayman , 60n.north 16th
Fleming, John, heater , J.J. O'Fallou & Co
Fleming, John, lab.laborer , 177n.north llth
Fleming, Thomas, bds.boards ss.south side O'Fallon b.between 9th and 10th
Fleming, Thomas, lab.laborer , rear 110s.south Main
Fleming, William, clk. , Kinkle & Warner , bds.boards Ray's
dining saloon
Flemmen, John, lab.laborer , 1400 Broadway
Flemmin, Luke, shipcarpenUr .r.residence 673 Broadway
Flemmiug, Charles, lab.laborer , nw.c.corner 17th and Bremen as
Flemming, John, carpenter , Oth bet.between Biddle and
Flemming, Nicholas, coper , al.alley b.between 9th and 10th, near
Flemmings, James, lab.laborer , 128 O'Fallon
Flen, Peter, lab.laborer , 245 Carondelet av
Flcrke, Davis, blacksmith , bds.boards es. 8th, b.between Carr and
Fletcher, John, drayman ,r.residence Biddle. b.between 24th and 25th
Fletcher, Mark, lumterman . bds.boards 3d and Elm
Fletcher, Patrick, clerk , J. T.Chappelt, ; bds.boards 22d, b.between
Wash and Carr
Fletcher, Patrick, lab.laborer , wo. Buel, b.between Sidney and Lynch