St. Louis directory :
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Graff, Charles, painter , Biddle,c.corner 16th
Graff, Charles, shoemaker , 337s.south 4th;r.residence same
Graff, Edward D., bookkeeper , American Express
Co. ; bds.boards Virginia Hotel
Graff, Francis F., srocer , 171 Franklin av
Graff, Rudostler, wks. Wilgus, Noble & Co
Graff, Henry.batcher , 10 Biddle market;r.residence St.
Charles road, near 3 wile house
Graffermann, Bernard, lab.laborer , ea. Fulton, near Car-
Gnifflin, Cornell is, blacksmith , al.alley b.between Decatur and
Fulton, near Geyer av
Graftt, Emil, hardwire , ss.south side Chniiteaa av.avenue near Grat-
Graffa, Theodore.lab , rear 870 Hroadway
Gruit, Geurjfe, ciij.umuker , bds.boards ss.south side Geyer av.avenue b.between Ca-
rondeiet av.avenue and 7th
Grageit, Joseph, lab.laborer , ns. Adolph, b.between Market and
Gragory, George, candlemakcr , Goodwin and Ander-
Grasin , Nicholas, lab.laborer , 61 Carr
Graham, Harriet, dressmaker , 116n.north 11th;r.residence same
Graham, Henry B., papertlealer , 33 Vine; bds.boards
71 Center. (See advt.)
Graham, James, (Graham & Newman,) ns. Chontean
av.avenue near 14th
Graham, James, machinist , bds.boards 212n.north 7th
Graham, James, with H. B.Graham, ;r.residence 71 Center
Graham, James, (salesman , C.B. Hubbell, Jr.junior , & Co.Company ;
bds.boards 49 n, 8th
Graham, John, engineer , ws. 13th, b.between Madison and
Graham, John S., machinist , 213 Canrr
Graham, Matthew, plasterer , 170n.north 7th
Graham, Peter, bout and shoestore , 803 Broadway
r. same
Graham, William, plumber , 207 Franklin av
Graham, William, shoestore , 41n.north 12th;r.residence same
Giuham & Nuwman , (JamesGraham, , Socrates
Newman, ,) St. Louis pipeworka, Papin b.between 12th
and 13th
Grahl, William, bookkeeper , (Anderson and Laraoiir-
eux.) r.residence 127n.north 3d
Graifreti, Frederick A., printer ,r.residence Gth, b.between Rutgers &
Park av
Grainer, John, millwright , bda. 140n.north 7th
Grainier, William, elk. Southern Hank. 47n.north 15th
Grainger, William, salesman , it. H. Miller & Sons ,r.residence
97n.north 14th
Graketter, Christian, blacksmith ,r.residence ws. 7th b.between Rus-
sell av, and Ann av
Gram, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence Mallinkrodt, b.between 10th And 11th
Grame, George, marblepolisher , bds.boards Washington av.
b. 5th and 6th
Grame, John, lab.laborer , rear 419 Market
Grammauu, John C., lab.laborer , ss.south side Mallinkrodt, b.between Belie-
fontaine road and 11th
Grammer, Charles, bartender , 129s.south 2d
Grammer, Gottlieb C., lawyer , 15n.north 2d.;r.residence same
Grammer, James, (eul'd)r.residence 178s.south 2d
Grammer, Segraund, brewer , bds.boards 153s.south 2d
Grammer, William, cooper , bds.boards 268 Franklin av
Grammer, William T., cooper , bis. Main ne,c.corner Mul-
Grampp, George, welldigger , ws. Columbns, b.between Dou-
chouuette and Lami
Grand wald, Joseph, blacksmith ,r.residence 263n.north Main; Llew-
ellyn House
Grandel, Levy, nailer , bds.boards 261 Carondelet av
Grander, Michael, saddler , bds.boards Franklin av.avenue b.between 20th
and 21st
Gnindereon, Thomas, carpenter at Giles F.Filley's,
Grandy, John F., secoud hand furniture , 162n.north 6th,
Gravunl, Gottleip, brewer , bds.boards 381 Franklin av
Graueman, Heury, at Belcher's sugarhouse
Granger, John, physician , 4 n, 5th;r.residence same
and Columbus
Granger, William, millwright ,r.residence Jackson c.Carroll,
Granger, Odis, iron pavement maker , 48 Spruce
Granger, William, carpenter ,r.residence ss.south side Marion,b. Jatkaon
Gnning, draymanl49n.north 9th
Grairlson, Angustaa, batcher , bds.boards 222 s 2d
Granneman, Lewis, tobacconist , O'Fallon,nw.northwest C. 8th
Grannis, John H., plasterer ,r.residence 20 Orange
Grant, Barton S., (Branham, Keiser A Co.Company ,) 186 Lo-
Grant, Caroline, (col'dcolored )r.residence al.alley b.between 6th and 7th
Grant, Edwin H., printer , bds, 22 Olive
Grant, E. K.(Grant, Walker A Co.Company ,) bds Barnum's
Grant, James A.Capt, cotton seed oil mnfr.manufacturer ,
Galveston, Texas, and Memphis, Tennessee; bds.boards
Virginia Hotel
Grant, James, pudtder. ns. Bates b.between Lewis &n.north Main
Grant, James, 118 Biddle
Grant, Martin, cartman , Biddle, b.between 17th and 18th
Grant, Robert, salesman , A. &. H.T. Simon
Grant, Thomas, lab.laborer , b. 9th and 10th
Grant, William L., butcher ,r.residence 2 Lucas market;r.residence near
3-mile boose
Grant, William S.,r.residence 937 Broadway
Grant Walker & Co.Company , (Ezekiel K.Grant, , Mar-Walker., ) boots and shoes wholesale and re-
tal , 66 Marke and 74n.north 4th (See ode. outtidt
Graperhaus, Joseph, machinist , bds.boards 353n.north Main
Grapevine, Frederick,s.b.between engineer ,r.residence 40w.west Brooklyn
Grapevine, Peter, daguerrean rooms, 39 a. 4'th
Grapevine, William Ii., pilot , bds 601 Broadway
Grapse, Frederick, carpenter , bds.boards ns.northside Coaens, near
Pratte av
Grarve, Louis, safemaker ,r.residence c. 14thn.north market
Graser, Adolph, barber ; 198n.north 7th;r.residence same
Grashe, George, candlemaker , Goodwin and Ander-
Grasi, Ernest, teamster , rear 177s.south 2d
Grasman, Andrew, shoemaker ,r.residence ws. 16th, nr. Poplar
Grassmuck, Henry, elk. at Empire Mills, Broadway
near Labaume
Grassmuck, Peter, late flour inspector , 383 Broadway
Grasshoff, Ernst, porter , 157n.north 9th
Grasshoff, Henry, flourpacker at Dennis Marks' mill
Gratesh, John, cooper ,r.residence ns. Spruce, b.between 12th and 13th
Grather, George, (Wm.H. Card A Co.Company ) r.residence ns. 2dc.corner
Gratz, Gary, (Cary, Gratz & Co.Company ,) 82n.north 5th.
Grat5S Cary A Co.Company (CaryGratz, and Andrew J.
Alexander, ,) com.merch. 47n.north Levee
Grau, Adolph, confectioner ,r.residence 29 Spruce
Grau, John G., iron finisher ,r.residence 237 Carondelet av.avenue
Grau cher, George, shoemaker ,r.residence rear 376s.south 2d
Graupner, Henry, grocer , se.southeast c.corner Lafayette and Decatur
Graus, Adam, omnibus driver ,r.residence ss.south side Salisbury bet.between
Broadway and 9th
Graus, Gotfried, grinder , bds.boards 82s.south 2d
Graus, John, stonemason , rearns.northside Mulberry, bet.between 2d
and 3d
Graver, Charles, 169s.south 5th
Graves, George, boatman , Carr b.between 22d and 23d
Graver, Georger.residence ss.south side Gamble lav.b.between Mercer and Naomi
Graves, Joseph, (col'dcolored ) barber , 124 Morgan
Gravey, John F., teamster , es. Menard, near Geyer av
Gravey, Louis, pilot , ws. Rosatti, near Lafayette
Grawe, Henry J., saloon wa. 14th near Randolph;r.residence
Gray, Albert G., 10n.north 5th
Gray, Alexander, trunkmaker , Oth, b.between Pine andChes-
Gray, Carroll E., office with Bright and Tucker, 65
Chesnutr.residence 98n.north 10th.
Gray, Charles, furniturestore , 88 Morgan;r.residence same
Gray, Dewitt C, (W.L. Patchin and Co.Company ,) r.residence Wash
c. 5th
Gray, Edward, county engineer , courthouse; 2 High
c. Clark av
Gray, E. L, bds.boards Monroe House
Gray, Elijah L. (Hardaway AGray, ,) bds.boards 216n.north 6th
Gray, Edward P., books A periodicals, 54n.north 4thr.residence
20n.north 6th (Sec adv.)
Gray, G eorge, lab.laborer , wks. James D. Gage & Co
Gray, UeofgeW.,r.3s.south 15th