St. Louis directory :
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Connor & Hussey ,
And Copper-Plate Printers,
No.41 Fourth Street,(Opposite Planter's House, 3d door from Pine, up stairs,)

Special Attention Paid To Engraving Machinery, Buildings, Views, Portraits, Maps, Newspa-
Peu Heads, &C.,
On Wood.

Wedding, Visiting, Business and Professional Cards,
Boor Plates, Notary, Court and other Seals, executed in the most approved styles.

Manufacturers Of Splendid Velvet Show Cards.

We Also Keep On Hand A Fine Assortment Of Wedding, Envelope And Fancy Note Paper

W.Heinrichshofen, ,
Commission & Fotwarding
Dealer In
Hops, Barley, Malt, Etc., Etc.No. 10 South Second Street,
Between Market and Walnut, St. Lqtjis.

J.Hyman, Wm. T.Hollisteb.,

Hyman & Hollister ,
Commission & Fonwarding Merchants
Importers Of, And Wholesale Dealers In
Foreign And Domestic Toes, Liquors, Cigars, &C.

Eeccirers of lumber, Shingles, Lime, Plaster of Paris, Cement and Southern Produce.

No. 6 South Commercial Street,
[Three Doors Below Walnut.] Saint X.Ox7Is.

☞ particular attention paid to the purchase of all dercriptions of Western Produce.