St. Louis directory :
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CharlesHolmes, '
Steam Cracker Bakery.

Factory, Nos. 67, 69, 86 And 88 Green Street,
(Between Fourth And Fifth.)

Pilot Bread,
Boston, Soda Butter, Witer, Mine & Sugar Drachers,
Constantly On Hand, Made Of The Best Materials, And Warranted a Superior Article.

R. P.Obkr., A. G.Ober, , Late with Lewis. Perry & Co.Company C. D.Rearick, , Late with D.A. Jmuirj & Co

R.P. Ober & Co.Company ,
Wholesale Groceks,
Commission & Forwarding Merchants ,
117 Second Sts.Streets , bet.between Washington Avenue and Tine St.,
Saini Louis.

ThomasJackson, ,
Distiller Of
Pure Alcohol,
Neutral Spirits And Domestic Liquors,
Also, Oamphene Sc Spirit Gas,
Office, No. 44 South Main St.,
St. Louis.

Always on hand, Alcohol and Pure 8Tirits, any desired proof ; Deodorized Alcohol, American
Brandy, Gin and Fine Whiskies.

Orme, Burgesser & Co.Company ,
Wholesale Dealers in
Staple &. Fancy
Wines and Liquors,
No. 170 North Second Street,
St. Louis.

R.Hewitt, ,
Whitener And Colorer,
Plain And Ornamental Ceilings,
Suited To Any Shade.

Paper Hanging, &C.,
Done With Neatness And Despatch
64 Walnut, Cor.corner Fourth,
orders Respectfully Solicited.