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Bartlett'S Patent
Novelty $6
Sewing Machines,

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The Hand Machie
Can be carrid from room to room,
and attached to any work-table or
stand, with equal facility as the
Sewing Bird.
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Machine with Treadle Combined.

The Greatest Mechanical Invention Of The Age!
This Practical Family Sewing Machine at $6,
Performing work folly equal to any Single Thread Machine in the Market, without missing or ripping stitcher, or
without making the slightest jar or nobe to grate upon the ear ; constructed upon an entirely novel principle, so per-
fectly simple, that any person giving a little attention, and noting the arrangement of its parts, will, in a few mo-
ments, learn to use it and always keep it in good working order, without assistance-an immense advantage, and pos
sensed by no Other machine of the kind.

The Machines may be obtained at any of the Offices or the authorized Agents, at the following rates, to-wit:—The
Hand or Jewel Machine, at each. The Machine with Treadle combined. $15 each.

A Liberal Discount will be made to Agents and purchaisere at wholesale.

All Letters, to secure attention, must contain return postage.

In order to most effectually place this philanthropic and wonderful invention at once in the hands of every family,
Local Agencies will be established in all the principal Cities and Towns.

The public are hereby cautioned against purchasing machines which have, since the introduction of this, been thrown
in the market, infringing the several Patents secured in this Machine, as all such will be dealt with to the full extent
of the law.

HowardHuggins, , General Agent ,
No. 92 N. Fourth Sts.Streets , St. Louis.