St. Louis directory :
How 243 Hub
Correction: HOV-HUB
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Hoving, Gerard, teamster , ws. Jackson b.between Barry and
Hovious, Thomas H.Tcarpenter ,r.residence 36 Gay
How, —. bricklayer and maker, se.southeast c Hamtramck
and Geyer avs;r.residence Emmet b.between Carondelet av.avenue and
How, Henry, teamster , 3d b.between Haren and Clemens
How, John, leather and saddlery , 170n.north Main,
and tannery as. Barton b.between Carondelet av.avenue and
Jackson, ; (pres. Phoenix ins.Co.Company :pres.president State
Savings Inst.;pres.president O'Fallon Polytechnic Inst.,
andpres.president House of Refuge;) r.residence Lucas place b.between
15th and" 10th. (See advt.)
How, Prudence, wid.. rear 223 Biddle
Hoivatdt, Frederick, machinist , sw.south west c.corner Jackson and
Howard, Aubrey C., clk. , Geo. B.Michael, ,r.212s. 3d
Howard, Cyrus E., carpenter , bds.boards Market ne.northeast c.corner 9th
Howard, Catharine, wid, Alexander, , 212s.south 3d
Haward, Catharine, wid. Thomas, ,r.residence 430 Morgan
Howard, Charles, bds.boards 122n.north 5th
Howard, Charles E., (C.E. Howard & Co.Company ,) r.residence at W.
Bridgewater. Mass
Howard, Delia, wid.William, , es. Beliefontaine road
b. Mallinckrodt and Salisbury
Howard, E,, blacksmith , Belcher's scgarhouse
Howard, F. A., elk. , John J.Anderson, ,r.residence 110 Pine
Howard, George, (col'd,) hairdresser , bds.boards 114s.south 4th
Howard, James, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between High and 14th. nr. Biddle
Howard, James M., cooper , (Miller AHoward, ,) al.alley b.between
Vine and Locust;r.residence es. 10th nr. Howard
Howard, John, plasterer , al.alley b.between High and 14th nr.
Howard, John W., bartender , Hambrigut, and John-, ,r.residence 2S0n.north 13th
Howard, Joseph, Belcher's sugarhouse
Howard, Joseph, painter ,r.residence 340 Broadway
Howard, L,Norman, , daguerrean , 71n.north 4th;r.residence Gra-
vois road nr. Arsenal
Howard, Luke, (col'd,) waiter ,r.residence 139 n, 7th
Howard, Michael, lab.laborer ,88 Almond
Howard, Mrs., wid., 227 Biddle
Howard, Nathaniel, clk., H. H,Simmons, ,r.residence 19th b.between
Christy av.avenue and Morgan
Howard, Norman, ambrotypist ,r.residence 655 Morgan
Howard, Orilla, teacher , Clay school, es. Bellefon-
tain road b.between Mallinckrodt and Salisbury
Howard, Richard J., (Evaus, aud Howard, ,)r.residence 18
Howard, Robert, lab ,, se.southeast c 2d and Benton
Howard, Sylvester, lab.laborer , Webster ab.above 9th
Howard, Stephen, drayman , rear 670 Morgan
Howard, Thomas, sawmakei , bds.boards 20 Benton
Howard, Thomas R., bartender , Hambright & John-
son ,r.residence 270n.north 13th
Howard, William, lab.laborer , bds.boards 8n.north 6th
Howard, William, omnibusdriver , bds.boards ss.south side Marketc.corner
Howard, William C., printer , rear 18th b.between Biddle and
Howard, William M., porter , 112 Green
Howard, Wihiam P., (Howard & Hiuchman,) ws.
St. Angc av.avenue ,s.south of Chouteau av
Howard C.E. & Co.Company ; (Charles E.Howard, and
John L.Burnham, ,) wholesale boots and shoes ,
4n.north Main
Howard James & Co.Company , composition roofers , 98
Market;r.residence Pittsburgh
Howard & Hinchman , (Williamson P.Howard,
and William N.Hinchman, ,) com.mers. , 74n.north
Howarth, Henry,r.residence 57n.north 8th
Howarth, Henry, blacksmith , rear Cass av.avenue b.between 8th
and 9th
Howe, A, W,, steamboat elk. , bds.boards 110 Pine
Howe, Amos, (Gaty, McCune & Co.Company ,) r.residence 44 Brooklyn
Howe, Amos, patternmaker ,r.residence 44w.west Brooklyn
Howe, Frederick, pianofortes , 107 4th; r, 99n.north 14th
Howe, Frederick, teamster , ws. Rosatti, nr. Emmet
Howe, Frederick B,, elk. , EdwardMorgan, ,r.residence 14th nr.
Howe, George W., paperhanger , Fillmore b.between Cass av.avenue
and Maguire
Howe, John, bds.boards Everett House
Howe, Richard, moulder , 12th nr. Austin
Howe, Thomas, lab.laborer , ws. LewiB b.between Biddle and Ashley
Howe, William, stonecutter , bds.boards c.corner 12th and Morgan
Howeles, Thomas, cooper , bds.boards Ctark av.avenue c 9th
Howell, Alfred B., wilier , M2 Washington av.avenue ;r.residence
173 Morgan
Howell, Eugene Y., carpenter , Ladd, Patrick & Co
Howell, William, machinist ,r.residence 1 Gay
Howes, E., clk. , G. H.Rea, , bds.boards Virginia Hotel
Howiand Mrs., 8s.south 6th
Howlett, MaryJane, , dressmaker , 334 Franklin av
Howlett, William,r.residence 334 Franklin av
Howley, Lawrence, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Franklin av.avenue and Wash
nr. 14tb
Howortb, James, marbleworker , 319s.south 3d
Howse, Philip M., cashier , Christy, Woods It, Co.Company ,r.residence
Sth b.between Olive and Locust
Hoyle, George,r.residence ss.south side Lafayette av.avenue nr. Grand av
Hoyle, Hannah,wid.Lawrence , Carr b.between 14th and 15th
Hoyt, Cyrus G., (Ncrrd ValliS A Co,Company ,) St. Ange av.avenue
b. Park and Chouteau avs
Hoyt, Joseph G., chancellor Washington Univer-
sity ;r.residence Washington av.avenue nw.northwest c.corner 17th
Hoyt, L.Starr, , office 100 Market
Hoyt, Stephen, (Stephen Hoyt 4 Co.Company , and city
comptroller,) Citv Hall; bds.boards Barnum's Hotel.
(See advt)
Hoyt, Theodore, engineer , Gthc.corner Poplar
Hoyt Stephen & Co.Company ; (Colton, Greene,) whole-
sale grocers , 51n.north 2d
Hrabac, Joseph, shoemaker , bds.boards Park av.avenue c.corner Buel
Hranitzky, Augustus, dragelk. , bds.boards 9thc.corner Salisbury
Hris, James, engineer ,r.residence Austin nr. 12th
Huatt, Thomas, cooper , 114 Christy av.avenue ;r.residence 116
Christy av
Hubbard, Alvin C, salesman . 237 Broadway
Hubbard, George T., (Fife, Hubbard* Vogel,) r.residence 241
Hubbard, Jacob, carpenter , bds.boards 213 Broadway
Hubbard, John, currier , bds.boards National Hotel
Hubbard, John, tailor , 2d near Plum;r.residence 352s.south 3d
Hubbard, Joseph A., painter , bds.boards 16thc.corner Franklin av
Hubbard, Leonard, tiuner , Washc.corner 15th
Hubbard, Nathan P., steamboatman , bds.boards 74n.north 15th
Hubbard, Robert M., teller St. Louis buildg. and suvg.
association,r.residence 7n.north 11th
Hubbard, William, (Hubbard & Payne,) r.residence 76 Olive
Hubbard & Payne , (WilliamHubbard, aud Blbridge
G.Payne, ,) drygoods and grocers , 260 Broadway
Hubbell, Augustus, bookkeeper ThomasCampbell, ,r.residence
299 Pine
HubbellCharles B., jr.junior , (C.B. Hubbell, jr.junior , & Co.Company ,)
r.90 Washington av
Hubbell, William, painter , bds.boards 14s.south 4th
Hubbell C.B., jr.junior ,&Co.Company , (Charles B.Hubbell,
jr.junior , aud Benjamin L.Hardon, ,) drygoods , 102n.north
Hube, Peter, cooper ,r.residence al.alley nr. Emmet b.between Jackson and
Hubenschmidt, Felix, cabinetmaker , 11thc.corner Park av
Hubensig, Ernst, tailor , 12th b.between Biddle aud O'Fallou
Huber, Anton, brickmaker ,r.residence Cherokee bet.between Missouri
av.avenue and Illinois
Huber, Anton, porter G. Hoeber & Longuemare , 14th
b. Elm and Myrtle
Huber, Charles, printer , bds.boards Sprucec.corner Main
Huber, Charles, tinner , bds.boards 3 and 5 Carondelet av
Huber, Felix, machinist ,r.residence Park av.avenue nr. 9th
Huber, Franz, brewer. 497s.south 7th
Huber, Frederick, blacksmith ,r.residence es.s.south 2d nr. Wood
Huber, George, saloon , ns. Marion bet.between Jackson and
Columbus;r.residence same
Huber, Ignatz, shoemaker ,r.residence 281 Carondelet av
Huber, John, teamster , Jackson nr. Marion;r.residence same
Huber, John B., bootmaker , 6 Green
Huber, Michael, blacksmith , 532 Broadway
Huber, Thomas, brewer , bds.boards 153s.south 2d
Huber, Wendel, candlemaker Goodwin & Anderson