St. Louis directory :
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D. A.Januray, JosephStettinius, .

D.A. January & Co.Company ,
Wholesale Grocers ,
Nos. 144 and 145
Second Street,
Saint Louis.

R. H.Ober, . E. R.Norris, L. E.Taylor, . J. W.Norris, .

Ober, Norms & Co.Company ,
Wholesale Grocers,
Forwarding & Commission Merchants ,
No. 62 Second Street,
St. Louis.

John C.Cole, 's
Umbrella, Parasol,
Southeast Cor.corner of Fifth & Washington Avenue,
Saint Louis.

Wood And Coal Yard.
Cor.corner Jefferson & Tenth Sts.Streets ,
Saint Louis.

L.Jones, ,
Has established a Wood and Coal Yard at the above
named place, to supply the citizens of St. Louis
with the best qualities of
Hickory, Oak, and all other kinds of Wood;
Illionis Coal, Charcoal &c
Which he intends to sell, delivered to order, at the
lowest Cash prices.

Wood and Coal can be had of him in any quantities.
Samples always on hand to suit purchasers.