St. Louis directory :
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ThomasMoies, . W. B.Fenner, .

Moies & Co.Company ,
No. 16 Main Sts.Streets , St. Louis.

Manufacturing and Commission
Merchants ,

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For The Sale Of All Kinds Of
Railroad Matrials,

Stationary And Portable Engines,
Of Every Size And Description,
Circular Saw Mills, Portable Flour & Corn Mills,
Thrashers, Corn Shellers, Wood Planers of
every kind and size, Tenoning & Mortising
Machines, Sash & Blind Machines,
Engine and Hand Lathes, Bolt Cutters, Drills, Iron Planers, Nuts and Washers, Nails,
Iron, Castings, Forgings of every description, Saws of every kind and size,
Hoop Machines, &c, &c.

Daniels, Woodworth'S. Norgross' & Farrier'S Planers.

Leather &. Rubber Belting, Pumps, Hose.&.C.