St. Louis directory :
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Saint Louis
Tupe Foundry and Paper Warehouse

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197 North Main St, Corner Of Morgan.

Established 1840.

A. P.Ladew, . V. J.Peers, , Wm.Bright, .

Ladew, Peers & Co.Company ,
Tope, Sterotage and Electrotnge
Manufacture And Furnish
Printing Materials Of Every Variety.

Machine And Hand
Printing Presses,
Plain And Ornamental Metal & Wood Type,
Borders, Rules, Cases, Chases, Stichs, Galleys,
And in fact everything that is necessary in a complete Printing Office.

Printing Papers,
Nesw and Book, all sizes, of superior quality, constantly on hand. Wo have a full stock of Note, Letter. Cap'
Fut Cap, Commercial, Packet, Folio And Check Folio Post Papers, plain and ruled.

Colored Papers,
All Sizes, Colors And Qualities.

Manilla Papers-18x24,20x30, 22x32 and 24x38,of various qualities.

Cards And Card Boards.

Our assortment is the best in the West We have a full stock of Ivoiy, Satin Enameled and Colored Cot Cards and
sheets : also. sheets of China, white and colored; Railroad Blanks, Double Enameled and Bristol Boards.

Fancy Show Cards,
All sizes and qualities-a complete and excellent assortment.

Printine Inks
Black and Colored, all qualities. Also, Bronzes, Flock, Crystal &c.

Om Type neehed in exchange for New at nine cents per pound.