St. Louis directory :
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Correction: KNE-KOC
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Kneiper, Adolph, architect ,r.residence 12th b.between Randolph and
KnenstleHenry, jr.junior , plasterer ,r.residence ns. Bellefontaine
road b.between Buchanan and Angelrodt
Knepkamp, Frederick, cigarmaker , bds 952 Broad-
Knepper, Edward, lab.laborer , bds.boards 137n.north 17th
Knepper, John H., teamster , 135n.north 17th
Kner, Jpbn, musician , 285s.south 7th
Kneren, John, flourpacker , al.alley nr. Rutgers bet.between 7th
and 8th
Knerholf, Henry W., wagonmaker , 193s.south 4th
Knetzel, Antoine, gunstore , 97 Carondelet av
Kneves, W. H., (M.C. Teasdale & Co.Company ,) r.residence 11 Wash
Enibb, James, bricklayer , bds.boards ns.northside Sprnce bet.between 12th
and 13th
Knickerbocker, John H., boilermaker ,r.residence 57 Collins
Knickerbocker, William H., teacher , Missouri Insti-
tute for Blind;r.residence 465 Morgan
Knickmeier, Ernst, gardener ,r.residence Spring b.between 13th
and l4th
Knidischeck, Thomas, jeweler , Clark av.avenue bet.between 8th
and 9th
Knieriem, John, flourpacker , 334s.south 7th
Knight, Albert, wagonmaker ,r.residence c. Labeaume and
Knight, Augustus, (Fiske, Knight & Co.Company ,) bds.boards Bar-
num's Hotel
Knight, Celis, wid.Abraham, , al.alley b.between 5th and 6th nr.
Knight, Charles, (Jenkins & Knight,) bds.boards 448 Mor-
Knight, Edward, miller , bds.boards Racine House
Knight, George A., cutter , 21n.north 3d
Knight, Henrv. stonecutter , bds.boards Commercial Hotel
Knight, James K., lawyer , 2 Post Office Bldg.;
r. 123 Chesnut
Knight, Thomas, paperhanger , 256n.north 8th
Knight, William, lab.laborer , rear 82 Morgan
Knight, William G., painter ,r.residence ne.northeast c.corner 9th andw.west
Knipe, Johu. pressman , al,b.between 9th and 10th nr. Biddle
Knipp, Theodore, shoemaker , ws. 7th nr. Biddle
Knippcl, Hemy, cooper , Belcher & Bro
Knipper, Adolphus, superintendent , Schulenberg &
Broeckler ,r.residence 12thc.corner Randolph
Knise, H., Belchsr's sugarhouse
Knittel, Albert, lab.laborer , 19th nr. Jefferson
Knoabel, Anton, lab.laborer , bds.boards 54 Madison
KnobelZa, charias, cooper , bds.boards Lucas b.between 16th and 17th
Knobelauch, Charles, blacksmith , bds.boards Convent bet.between
2d and 3d
Knobeloch, John, tailor ,r.residence 438 Morgan
Knoblauch, Charles, blacksmith ,r.residence 68 Plum
Knoblauch, Charles F., hempdealer , ss.south side Ann av.avenue bet.between
Jackson and Columbus
Knoblauch, Charles, elk. , bds.boards 126s.south 2d
Knoblauch, Julius, elk. , bds.boards 74s.south 2d
Knoche, August, shoemaker , 129 Biddle
Knodcrar, Charles, wagonmaker , bds.boards Broadway nr.
Knoeper, Henry, cooper , al.alley bet.between 7th and 8th nr.
Knoeper, Henry, lab.laborer , rear 131n.north 18th
Knoepp, Adam, es. DeKalbc.corner Victor
Knoepp, Jacob, carpenter , ns. Picotte, b.between Kosciusko
and DeKalb
Knoess, Anna M., midwife , 120 Carondelet av
Knoess, John, cooper , 120 Carondelet av
Knolt, Conrad, cooper , 260n.north 12th
Knoll, Johu, lab.laborer , 173 O'Fallon
Kuolleuberg, Ernst, clerk , bds.boards Benton, b.between 13th and
Knollenberg, Rudolph, tailor , al.alley b.between Benton and War-
ren, nr. 13th
Knolle, Francis, lab.laborer , ss.south side Bellefontaine road,s.south of An-
Knolle, Frederick, wheelwright , bds.boards 449s.south 2d
KnollhoS, John F., wagonmaker , 378s.south 2d ; bds.boards as.
4th b.between Rutgers and Park av
Knollman, H., lab.laborer , Belcher's sugarhouse
Knollman, John H., lab.laborer , 9th b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
Knoop, Lombart B., lab.laborer , 563a. 7th
Know, William, tobacconist , 97 Biddle
Knope, Bernard, finisher , Washington foundry
Knopp, Lorentz, painter , Menard, nr. Marion
Knopp, William, butcher , bds.boards e.east Mound, sw.south west c 2d
Knost, Frederick, lab.laborer , bds.boards 362n.north 2d
Knotneraua, John, grocer , 3dc.corner Market;r.residence 125
n. 7th
Knott, Zephariah L, carpenter , 6thc.corner Spruce ; r.
ns. 16th, b.between Market and Walnut
Knott nerua, John G., porter , 7th b.between Green and Mor-
Knower, Charles, dentist , 85 Olive
Knowles, David E., omnibusdriver , bds.boards 5thc.corner
Knowles, Henry, (A. Armfield & Co.Company ,) and Knowles
& Bro.,) bds.boards ns.northside Brooklyn nr. Broadway
Knowles, Leroy, (Knowles & Bro.,) and A. Arm-
field & Co.Company ,) r.residence 7thc.corner Olive
Knowles & Brother , (Leroy, and Henry, ,)
druggists , Moundc.corner Broadway
Knowto, John, lab.laborer , Julia nr. Closey
Knox, B. C., bds.boards Monroe House
Knox, David C., salesman , Crow, McCreery & Co.Company ,
bds.boards Monroe House
Knox, James, confectioner , 185 Morgan
Knox, Robert, 120 Walnut
Knox, Samuel, (Knox & Kellogg,) bds.boards Barnum's
Knox, Thomas, drayman , al.alley b.between 10th and llth, near
Knox, Timothy H., (W.H. Pitt & Co.Company ,) r.residence 66n.north 18th
Knox, Walter, lab.laborer , 02n.north 8th
Knox, William, pastrycook , 9th sw.south west c.corner O'Fallon
Knox & Kellogg , (SamuelKnox, and Sanford
B.Kellogg, ,) lawyers , 38n.north Main
Knufinke, William, lab.laborer , Carr b.between 17th and 18th
Knupfer, Clemens, lab.laborer , 7th nr. Carroll
Knupt, Nicholas, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Columbus and Jackson,
near Marion
Knust, Bertha, wid., 13s.south 5th
Koarner, William, cooper , ws. 3d b.between Convent and
Kobeck, Anthony, surgical instrument maker , at A.
M. Leslie's
Kobet, Adam, foundrjman , 162n.north 9th
Kobusch, Caspar H., teamster , es. Beliefontaine road
b. Destrenan and Mallinckrodt
Kobusch, Frederick W., shoestore , 182 Biddle
Kobush, Henry,teamster , es. 9thn.north of Bremen av
Koch, —, blacksmith , bds.boards 303 Carondelet av
Koch, Albert, Dr.. 68s.south 6th
Koch, Arnold, elerk , T.Koch, ; bds.boards 357 Franklin av
Koch, August, (J.A. Geschwend & Co.Company ,) 53 Market
Koch, Charles, carpenter , bds.boards Carondelet av.avenue sw.south west c.corner
Koch, Charles, porter , Greeley & Gale
Koch, Charles F., porter , rear 268 Market
Koch, Christopher, Wash, b.between 16th and 17th
Koch, Conrad, tailor , al.alley b.between Wash and Carr, nr. 17th
Koch, Frederick, baker , 137n.north llth
Kuch, Frederick, poller , 156n.north 8th
Koch, Frederick, teacher , 229 Carr
Koch, Garrett H., lab.laborer , rear 297 Franklin av
Koch, George, lab.laborer , 144n.north 13th
Koch, Hartman, blacksmith , al.alley b.between Franklin av.avenue and
Wash nr. 16th
Koch, Henrietta, midwife , Franklin av.avenue c.corner 13th
Koch, Henry, batcher , 1 St. George market;r.residence Miami
near Jefferson av
Koch, Henry, lab.laborer , 245n. 12th
Koch, Henry, lab.laborer , es. Beliefontainerd.road b.between Dock and
Koch, Henry, plasterer , 22nd b.between Wash and Carr
Koch, Henry, sawmiller ,r.residence Buchanan near Broadway
Koch, Henry, tailor , al.alley b.between llth and 12th nr. O'Fallon
Koch, Henry, tailor , ss.south side Marion b.between 7th and Fulton
Koch, Henry W , al.alley nr. Franklin av.avenue b.between 8th and 9th
Koch, Jacob, butcher , St. George market;r.residence ss.south side Victor
b. Columbus and DeKalb