St. Louis directory :
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Correction: LAV-LEB
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Lavell, Patrick, elerk , 151n.north 11th
Lavender, J. D., bds.boards Denison House
Laventure, Drayton, pilot ,r.residence 21 Howard
Lavezzi, Johu, saloon, 132n.north 7th
Lavinthrant, Peter, lab.laborer , rear 3d near Convent
Lavo, Michael, tailor , bds.boards Green-tree tavern
Law, Francis, plasterer , bds.boards 270 Franklin av
La Wall, Frederick, saloon, 43n.north 3d
Lawb.ea.-1, John, brickmaker , bds.boards Manchester road
nr. Market
Lawhead, John B., (Lawhead & Fisher,) bds.boards Wedge
Lawhead & Fisher , (John B.Lawhead, and William
F.Fisher, ,) brickmanfrs. , Clark av.avenue e.east Pratte
Lawis, James A.W., tobacconist , es. 11th b.between Brooklyn
and Weuster
Lawler, James, leatherdeakr , 63 Morgan
Lawler, James J., clerk sup'tind. aflairs, 153n.north 5th
Lnvlcr, Johu, carpenter , 286n.north 13th
Lawler, John, stonecutter , rear 73 Mulberry
Lawler, Joseph, lab.laborer , rear 12th bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av
Lawler, Michael, lab.laborer , 193n.north 11th
Lawler, Michael, shoemaker , 112n.north 6th
Lawler, Patrick J., clerk , c. 2d and Cherry;r.residence es. 2d
b. Cherry and Carr
Lawless, James, moulder , alley bet.between 5th and 6th near
Lawless, Patrick, foreman Edgar W.Warne, , Wash-
ington av.avenue b.between 4th and 5th
Lawless, Richard F., contractor , ss.south side Penrose av.avenue bet.between
12th and 14th
Lawless, Roger, lab.laborer , bds.boards ns.northside Dock bet.between Bellefontaine
road and Broadway
Lawless, Thomas, carpenter , al.alley b.between 6th & 7th nr. Wash
Lawless, Thomas, stairbuilder , 6thc.corner Wash
Lawlor, Margaret, wid.Edward, , washwoman , 141
Lawrence, Ann W., female physician , ws.n.north 7th nr.
Lawrence, H. S., carpenter , Giles F.Filley,
Lawrence, Henry, carpenter , bds.boards 1167 Broadway
Lawrence, James, foundryman , 113 O'Fallon
Lawrence, James, machinist , O'Fallon b.between 9th and 10th
Lawrence, James G., (J.G. Lawrence & Co.Company ) r.residence 149
s. 4th
Lawrence, Solomon, houseagent , 280 u. 5th;r.residence 344
n. 6th
Lawrence, Solomon K., (S.K. Lawrence & Co.Company ) r,282
n. 6th
Lawrence, Thomas, bds.boards 58s.south 2d
Lawrence, William A., stovestore, 357 Fianklin av.;
r. Carrc.corner 18th
Lawrence, William B., wines and liquors, 42s.south Main;
bds.boards City Hotel
Lawrence James G. & Co.Company , (James G.Lawrence, and
RobertMcDonald, ,) iron foundry , 320 and 322s.south 2d
Lawrence S.K. & L. , (Solomon K, and Lcander, ,)
druggists , 280n.north 5th
Lawrenson, Levering, pres't St. Louis bagging and
rope manuf.comp'y ,r.residence 8th b, Chouteau av.avenue and
Lawreuzi, Angel, figureraaker , bds.boards 447s.south 2d
Lawson, Alexander, wuodturner , 145n.north 8th
Lawson, Charles H., pilot , 4 Gay
Lawson, John S., woodturner , bds.boards 11n.north Collins
Lawson, Louisa, wid.Charles, , 552 Broadway
Lawson, Robert, plumber , 112 Morgan
Lawson, William, plumber , 112 Morgan
Lawson, William, plumber , alley near Biddle bet.between 9th
and 10th
Lawton, Edward, physician , ss.south side n.north Market bet, 10th
and 11th
Lay, John, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Franklin av.avenue and Wash nr. 22d
Lay, Louis, hairdresser , ss.south side Franklin av.avenue nr. 22d; bds.boards
al.alley b.between Wash and Franklin av.avenue nr. 22d
Layden, Luke, carpenter , O'Fallon b.between 5th and 6th
Layer, David, butcher , 15 Lucas market;r.residence nr. Camp
Lea, John, clerk , E.A. & S.R. Filley ,r.residence 183 Frank-
lin av
Leabamtaon, Safran, brewer , 1147 Broadway
Leach, George, cooper , bds.boards Spruce b.between 2d and 3d
Leach, Henry C,boatBtores , 34n.north Levee;r.residence 105
Washington av
Leacb, James, miller , wks. Empire mills , Broadway
ni. Labeaume
Leach, Samuel, clerk , bds.boards 5thc.corner Washington av
Leach, Sarah, wid.George, , 44 Carr
Leach, Thomas, batcher , 10n.north Market;r.residence ne.northeast c Clark
and Pratte avs
Le&chman, Samnel, sawyer , 235 a. 11th
Lead beater, Frank C,(Simmons & Leadbeater,) 199
Leader, Christian, clerk , Rutgers nr. 5th
Leader, George, cooper , bds.boards ss.south side Lafayette b.between Colum-
bus and Jackson
Leader, Herman, carpenter , 258s.south 5th
Leader, John, cooper , ss.south side Lafayette b.between Columbus and
Leager, Charles P., shoemaker , Wash nr. 10th
League, Edward W., painter , bds.boards 5th nr. Biddle
League, Olivia, wid.Albert, , ss.south side Walnut nr. 9th
Leaney, John, carpenter , bds.boards 74 Franklin av
Leahy, Morgan, stonemason , bds.boards 199n.north 7th
Leahy, Patrick, bds.boards 15 Benton
Leak, John, stonecutter , Thomas b.Elliott, and Clay,
Leak, Sarah, wid., bds.boards Thomas b.between Elliott and Clay
Leake, John H., cooper , bds.boards Mound bet.between Broadway
and 9th
Leaker, William, policeman , 14thnw.northwest c.corner Biddle
Leaploug, Nicholas, plasterer , al.alley nr. 7th b.between Rutgers
and Park av
Lear, Henry W., saddler , 5th b, Morgan and Green
Learmonth, Alexander, millwright , ws. Columbia b.between
Lesperance and Picotte
Learned, Grant, sashmaker , bds.boards 138n.north 14th
Leary, Daniel, lab.laborer , 20thc.corner North andn.north Market
Leary, James, shipcarpenter , bds.boards sw.south west c.corner 2d and Carr
Leary, John, drayman , 12 Spruce
Leary, John, lab.laborer . 480n.north Main
Leary, John, lab, , ws. Jackson b.between Carroll and Marion
Leary, John, teamster , City hospital,nw.northwest c.corner Lafay-
ette av.avenue and Linn
Leary, Michael, musician , rear 337 Broadway
Leary, Patrick, foundiyman , bds.boards 46n.north 10th
Leary, Patrick, lab.laborer , bds.boards 93s.south 2d
Leary, Patrick, lab.laborer , bds.boards ws.west side Jackson b.between Marion and
Leary, Patrick, stonecutter , 390 Franklin av
Leary, Vernon, carpenter , Filley's foundry
Leathe, Henry, (Buggs & Leathe,) r.residence 155 Pine
Leathe, Samuel H., (Boggs & Leathe,) r.residence 7 Targee
Leavenworth, Amos W., millwright ,r.residence 6w.west Brooklyn
Leavenworth, Hester, wid.Seth, , 209 Chesnut
Leavenworth, John M., clerk , W.L. Ewing & Co.Company ,r.residence
209 Chesnut
Leavenworth, Mark, steamboatcaptain , 209 Chesnut
Leavenworth, Zebulon, pilot , 209 Chesnut
Leaver, Benjamin W.. lab.laborer , Chambers nr. 15th
Leavett, Daniel, elk. , Chase & Bro. , bds.boards 287 Broadway
Leavett, Thaddeus, bricklayer , 149n.north 11th
Leavett, Edward, teller . State Savings Institution ,
r.Chouteau av.avenue c.corner 7th
Leavy, John A., physician , Chouteau av.avenue nr. 7th
Leavy, Thomas, carpenter , 9n.north 9th;r.residence 141 Christy
LeBarte, Joseph, 188s.south Main
Lebau, Andrew, bds.boards es. Rosatti b.between Arrow and Ohio
Lebaume, Anthony, (col'd,) lab.laborer , bds.boards Adolphc.corner
Clark av
Lebaume, Henry, schoolteacher , 109n.north 16th
Lebaume, Lewis A., pres. St. Louis Gas Co.Company ,r.residence 14
Lucas Place
lebaume, Theodore, 18thc.corner Davis
LeBeau, Chauvin V., realestate agt.agent , 18 Washington
av.avenue ;r.residence 16th b.between Market and Walnut
LeBeau, John B., es. Rosatti b.between Arrow and Ohio
LeBeau, John B.Jr.junior , bookkeeper , RenoBeauvais, ,r.residence
Ohioc.corner Rosatti
Leber, Enoa, carpenter , bds.boards Levee b.between . Barry and