St. Louis directory :
Lew 293 Lig
Correction: LEV-LIG
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Levy, Charles 0., bartender ,r.residence es.n.north 6th b.between Biddle
and O'Fallon
Levy, Christopher, mason , Stoddard av.avenue nr. Chontean
Levy, John, drayman , bds.boards Arbeiter Hall
Levy, Leopold, (Levy AHarrick, ,)r.residence 224 Broadway
Levy, Nicholas, fanner , bds.boards 26 Walnut
Levy, William S., drygoodsdealer , 125n.north 3d
Levy & Harrick , (Leopold, Levy, Charles, Harrick,)
mercht. tailors , 150n.north 5th
Lewellan, John, boardinghouse, 245 Broadway;r.residence 500
Lewellen, Elizabeth, wid.Green B., 84w.west Brooklyn
Lewellin, Alfred, lagerbeersaloon, 486n.north Main
Lewellin, James, boardinghouse, 292 Broadway;r.residence 57
w. Brooklyn
Leweti, Andrew, riverman , bds.boards 201n.north 2d
Lewenstein, Leopold, (Lewenstein ABro., )r.residence al.alley bet.between
5th and 6th nr. Rutgers
ewenstein, Morris, (Lewenstein & Bro.) r.residence al.alley b.between 5th
and 6th nr. Rutgers
Lewenstein & Bro. , (Morris, and Leopold, ,) hats and
caps, 333s.south 4th
Lewes, Charles, (col'd,) porter , ws. 7th nr. Wash
Lewinsky, Jacob L., peddler ,r.residence 81 Franklin av
Lewis, Albert, boardinghouse, 58s.south 2d
Lewis, Alexander, 418n.north 9th
Lewis, Ambrose, (col'd,) lab.laborer , 97 Almond
Lewis, Amiron, (col'd,) lab.laborer , 197 Morgan
Lewis, Augustus W., lawyer , 31 Pine;r.residence Targee
c. Market
Lewis, Benjamin W., (Lewis, Perry & Co.Company ) r.residence Glas-
gow, Mo
Lewis, Bernhard, boatcarpenter , 471 Carondelet av
Lewis, Charles N., collector , 146 Christy av
Lewis, Conrad H., drygoods, Broadway bet.between Bremen
av.avenue and Augusta
Lewis, Daniel C,tobacconist , bds.boards es. 11th b.between Brook-
lyn and Webster
Lewis, Edward, cooper ,r.residence ne.northeast c.corner Wright and Broad-
Lewis, Elisha B., salesman . Derby & Day ,r.residence 11s.south 8th
Lewis, Evan, puddler , Laclede ironworks
Lewis, Ezekiel, cigarmaker . bds.boards 237 Morgan
Lewis, Francis, engineer , bds.boards sw.south west c.corner Pratte av.avenue and
Lewis, Frank, engineer , P.R.R. machineshop
Lewis, George F., Venetian blindmaker , 17 St.
Lewis, Henry, teamster , al.alley bet.between 9th and 10th near
Lewis, Herman, bartender , Biddlec.corner 5th
Lewis, J. H., bds.boards 245 Broadway
Lewis, James A.W., foreman , Liggett & Dausman
Lewis, James H., steamboat captain ,r.residence 88 Orange
Lewis, Jane, seminary , 58 Walnut
Lewis, Jane E., wid.Charles, ,r.residence Locustw.west of Garri-
son av
Lewis, John, boiler , c. 2nd and Ferry
Lewis, John, dept.elk. court common pleas,r.residence 371
Lewte, John L., (Lewis & Groshon,) bds.boards Planters'
Lewis, John L., (col'd,) porter , bds.boards al.alley nr. Franklin
av.avenue b.between 6th aud 7th
Lewis, John M., salesman , Woods, Christy & Co.Company ,r.residence
12thnw.northwest c.corner Madison
Lewis, Julius, waiter , Wolf's boardinghopse, 3s.south 2nd
Lewis, Martrom D., notary public, 31 Pine;r.residence Targee
c. Market
Lewis, Richard R., dep. collector 8th ward,r.residence 99n.north
Lewis, William, carpenter ,r.residence ns. Pacific near Pratte
Lewis, William, riverman , bds.boards 213 Broadway
Lewis, William A., puddler ,r.residence ns. Bremen av.avenue bet.between
Broadway and 9th
Lewis, William G., Laclede ironworks ,r.residence ns. Angelica
b. Broadway and 9th
Lewis, William J., (Lewis Perry & Co.Company ) r.residence Manchester
rd.w.west of tollgate
Lewis, Perry & Co.Company , (William J.Lewie, , John
D.Perry, , and Benjamin W.Lewis, ,) tobacco
manfrs.manufacturers , 158n.north 2nd. (See advt.)
Lewis & Groshon , (John L.Lewis, , William
Groshon, ,) hats, caps and fare, 58n.north 10th
Lewney, Thomas, steamboat mate ,r.residence 322 Franklin ar
Lexon, Christian, lab.laborer ,r.residence Mullanphy se.southeast C Main
Leyh, George E., bootmaker , bds.boards 171n.north 8th
Leyser, George, cutlerymaker , rear 338 Broadway
Leyser, Philip, finisher , Washington foundry
Lezen, Mary, grocer , 1s.south 9th
Liba, Francis W., wheelwright , 1400 Broadway
Libben, John, carpenter , bds.boards Wm. Obermeyer
Libbering, Frederick, grocer , c. 5th and Wash:r.residence as.
Salisbury b.between 13th and 14th
Libbey, Alphonso, bds.boards 3d b.between Pine and Olive
Libby, John, Odd Fellows' Hall, r. 136n.north 11th
Libby, Joseph C,salesman , McClelland, Scruggs &
Co.Company ,r.residence 132n.north 11th
Libby, Mellville C., with H. B.Graham, ,r.residence 43 Orange
Libenich, Francis, blacksmith , Gravois road near
McNair av
Lich, George, blacksmith . Franklinc.corner 15th
Lichson, Mena, wid.William, ,r.residence Beliefontainerd.road b.between
Dock and Harrison
Lichtenberg, Samuel, tailor , 118 Wash
Lichtenstein, Joseph B., shoemaker , 32 Morgan
Lichter, Peter H., lab.laborer , ss.south side Angelrodt nr. 12th
Liuker, Jacob, shoemaker , bds.boards 487 Carondelet av
Lieb, Frank, cooper , Belcher & Bro
Lieb, Joseph, cooper , 13 Ashley
Liebach, Henry, baker , 213n.north 12th
Liebach, Martha E., wid.Eustace, , rear 2174n.north 13th
Liebaum, Henry, painter ,r.residence ss.south side Salisbury bet.between 11th
and 12th
Lebe, Charles, tailor , 116 O'Fallon
Liebel, George, quarryman ,r.residence es. Carondelet av.avenue bet.between
Barton and Victor
Lieber, Engelhart, 53 Spruce
Liebig, George P., bootmaker , 23 e.east 6th
Liebig, George P., Jr.junior , clerk , bds.boards 23s.south 6th
Liebig, Henry, saddler , bds.boards 23n.north 6th
Liebig, John P., bootmaker , 51s.south 3d
Liebig, Lorenz, coffinmaker , 14th b.between Carr & Biddle
Liebke, Christina, milliner , 31 Carondelet av
Liebke, Christian, (Letzig, Schrage & Liebke,) r.residence es.
Carondelet av.avenue b.between Barry and Miller
Liebke, Gotleib,r.residence 21 Carondelet av
Lieblen, Frederick, saloon, 135s.south Main
Liebman, Gregory, sec'dhand furniture, 214s.south 2d
Liebriecht, Emil, salesman , 332 Broadway
Liecht, John, stonecutter , ws. Columbus b.between Miller and
Lied, John, shoemaker , 21s.south 6th
Liedemann, Ferdinand, lab.laborer , bds.boards 37 O'Fallon
Lieder, Michael, teamster ,r.residence Adolph near Estelle
Liederinaun, Francis, lab.laborer , bds.boards 191s.south 4th
Lieley, Henry, steward , bds.boards 109n.north 3d
Liena, Adolph, shoemaker , es. Beliefontaine road bet.between
Destrehan and Mallinckridt
Liendhorst, George H., shoemaker , es. Chontean av.avenue
near Missouri av
Lienen, John, (Lienen & Gadol,) r.residence 239 Carondelet av
Liepeau, Charles G., wagonmaker , bds.boards Manchester
road near Market
Liepel, George P., stonecutter , 405 Carondelet av
Liepping, Frederick, prop. Bremen Exchange ,
1142 Broadway
Leiese, Maria, wid.Herman, , boardinghouse,62n.north 7th
Liethner, Matlhew, marbleworker , r,Morgan bet.between 2d
and 3d
Lietner, Joseph, cooper ,r.residence ws. Jackson b.between Lafayette
and Emmet
Lieverman, Xavier, maltmaker , 1147 Broadway
Lifler, Frank, collarmaker ,r.residence ws. Columbus bet.between Les-
perance and Emmet
Liggen, Henry,r.residence Gravois roadc.corner McNair av
Ligget, Louisa, (col'dcolored ) wid.Louis, , bds.boards 323n.north 6th
Liggett, Bethiah P., prof, of penmanship , ns. Pine nr.
Beaumont av
Liggett, John E., (Liggett & Dausman,) r.residence 64 Myrtle