St. Louis directory :
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McConoby, Peter, drayman, r.residence 103 Orange
McCord, James,s.south b.between agt.agent ,r.residence 300 Morgan
McCord, James H., (McSherry & McCord,) and boiler
inspector ,r.residence 61w.west Brooklyn
McCords, Charles W., (McCords & Co.Company ) r.residence 27 Brooklyn
McCords, ReubenC, (McCords & Co.Company ) r.residence Papin av.avenue
nr. Franklin av
McCords & Co.Company , (Reaben C. and Chas. W. McCords
and George H. Garrett,) foundry, s. Leveec.corner
McCorkell, William, bookkeeper , L.A. Benoist & Co.Company ,
r.69n.north Main
McCormac, Daniel, policeman ,r.residence 2d se.southeast c.corner Cedar
McCormack, -, tanner ,r.residence vs. 21st b.between Morgan and
Franklin av
McCormack, Bryan, shoemaker, 233n.north 2d
McCormack, Christopher, carpenter ,r.residence 65 Gay
McCormack, Edward, lab.laborer , rear 233 n, 9th
McCormack, James, boatman , Carr b.between 21st and 22d
McCormack, James, lab.laborer , 16th near Spring
McCormack, Michael, blacksmith , bds.boards 9th b.between Frank-
lin av.avenue and Wash
McCormack, Michael, drayman , 266n.north 8th
McCormack, Michael, lab.laborer , 193 Wash
McCormack, Patriok, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. 21st b.between Morgan and
Franklin av
McCormack, William, grocer , Washc.corner llth
McCormack, William, stonecutter ,r.residence 53 Gay
McCormic, Thomas, lab.laborer , alley bet.between 8th and 9th near
McCormick, Benjamin,r.residence ns. Eugenie b.between Adolph and
McCormick, Bryan, saloon, b.between 3d se.southeast c.corner Spruce
McCormick, Charleslab.laborer , 4th near Labadie
McCormick, Daniel, watchman ,r.residence 2d se.southeast c.corner Cedar
McCormick, David, bds.boards 54n.north 4th
McCormick, Edward, shoemaker , bds 225 Broadway
McCormick, Francis, lab.laborer , 4n.north 10ta
McCormick, James, lab.laborer , ns. Spring b.between 15th and 16th
McCormick, James W., salesman , A.M. &F.J. Sew-
ell, bds.boards c.corner Biddle and 2d
McCormick, John, silversmith , bds.boards 106n.north 4th
McCormick, John B., (McCormick & Baker,) boards
Barnum's Hotel
McCormick, Katie, bds 233 Chesnut
McCormick, Lawrence, lab.laborer , al.alley bet.between 6th and 7th near
McCormick, Michael, ThomasMoylan, , 93 Chesnut;
r. 56 Wash
McCormick, Michael, lab.laborer , Hardesty, , Carter & Ran-
McCormick, Nancy, wid.. James, , Barlow near Gratiot
McCormick, 0., clerk , Adams Express Co.Company
McCormick, Robert R., (Rogers A McCormick,) r.residence 138
s. 4th ,
McCormick, Samuel, carpenter ,r.residence ws. 10th b.between Mont-
gomery and Warren
McCormick, Samuel C, (McCormick & Smith,) r.residence ws.
10th b.between Warren and Montgomery
McCormick, Sarah O., dressmaker ,r.residence 60 Chambers
McCormick, Thomas, carpenter , ws. Congress b.between Dou-
chouquette and Lami
McCormick, Thomas, drayman, 26s.south 5th
McCormick, William, blacksmith , 21 Muilanphy
McCormick, William, stonecutter ,r.residence 53 Gay
McCormick, & Baker, (John B. McCormick and
William R. Baker,) agricultural implements, 15
McCormick, & Smith,(Samuel C. McCormick and
Charles Smith,) carpenters and builders, 33
McCorristen, William G., clerk , C.C. Bailey, bds.boards 6th
c. Washington av
McCoallough, John, plasterer ,r.residence rear 270 Chesnut
McCourt, John J., tinner ,r.residence es. Jackson b.between Lami and
McCourt, Lawrence, works in Arsenal ,r.residence es. Jackson
b. Lami and Douchonquette
McCourt, Rose F.,r.residence al.alley b.between 6th and 7th nr. Wash
McOowan, John, grocerytderk , bds.boards Morgan b.between 6th
and 7th
McCown, John W., salesman , A.W. Sproule & Co.Company ,
bds.boards Planters' House
McCoy, Francis, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between 10th and llth near Biddle
McCoy, Helen, wid. of DanielF., ,r.residence 163n.north 6tb
McCoy, J. H., bds.boards 311 Broadway
McCoy, ,r.residence 338 Broadway
McCoy, Owen, lab.laborer, , ws. Broadwayn.north of Angelica
McCoy, Thomas, boatman , rear 172n.north 10th
McCoy, William, stonecutter , bds.boards Commercial Hotel
McCrabe, James, lab.laborer , wks. St. Louis carwheel works
McCracken, Joseph Rev., bds.boards sw.south west c.corner Gamble
av.avenue and Naomi
McCraban, Eugene, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between High and Uth near
McCrath, John, lab.laborer ,r.residence 424n.north Main
McCrath, John, teamster , bds.boards 249 Franklin av
McCre, James, lab.laborer , ns. Angelica near 14th
McCvea, James, blacksmith , bds.boards 177n.north 4th
McCrea, William, lab.laborer , wks. Laclede Ironworks
McCready, Deborah A., wid.Raymond, ,r.residence St. Charles
Lindell's Block
McCready, Mary, teacher Benton schoolr.residence St. Charles
b. 7th and Sth
McCreary, Anna W., wid.Charles,r.residence 137 Locust
McCreery, Atreus J.,'(A.J. McCreery & Co.Company ,) r.residence 17n.north
McCreery, Charles, tailor , ss.south side Sts.Streets Joseph nr. 6th
McCreery, Phocian R., (Crow, McCreery & Co.,) r.residence
148 Olive
McCreery A.J. & Co.Company , (Atreus J. McCreery,
William H. Brown & Roland DePittman,) hats ,
caps and drygoods, 90n.north Main
McCreevy, William, lab.laborer ,r.residence Pratte av
McCreigbt, John A., (H.W. Leflhigwell & Co.Company ,) r.residence
138s.south 4th
McCreight, William, elk. , 145 Green
McCrury, Hugh, tailor, bds.boards 60 Morgan
McCuddy, Patrick, lab.laborer , 115 O'Fallon
McCue, Bridget, wid. of Patrick, , al.alley b.between Davis and
Cass av.avenue nr. 18th
McCue, Edward, shoemaker , es. Broadway b.between Carr
and Biddle
McCue, Hugh, cook, bds.boards 45 Locust
McCue, Philip, clerk, 219 and 221 Broadway
McCue, William, milk depot , Commercial al.alley ;r.residence 21st
b. Biddle and Carr
McCuiag, Malcom, awnings , 60n.north Levee;r.residence 98n.north
McCulim, J. M., bds.boards Virginia Hotel
McCulIagh, Joseph, printer , St. Louis Advocate,r.residence c.corner
Barry and Fulton
McCuIlen, Samuel, bds.boards 245 Broadway
McCulloch, Daniel, salesman , Mepham & Brother , ss.south side
Plum b.between Main and 2nd
McCulloch, Heslop,r.residence 101 Locust
McCulloch, James H., (Webb, Brison & Co.) side
Pine near 16th
McCulloch, John, clerk , D. & J. McCaw , r. 112w.west
McCulloch, Joseph, druggist , nw.c.corner 15th and Olive
McCulloch, Joseph, bds.boards 257 Olive
McCultoh, Thomas J., sign writer , 63 Rutgers
McCullough, Alexander, moulder , bds.boards Bundle House
McCullough, D. T., ns. Clark av.avenue b.between Center and 14th
McCullough, James, stovemoulder , bds.boards Ill Collins
McCullough, John, grocer , Warren near Clayav
McCullough, John H., steward ,r.residence 165 u. 7th
McCullough, John J., lab.laborer , 20 O'Fallon
McCullough, Patrick, lab.laborer , rear 343 Broadway
McCullough, Patrick, Btonemason, r.residence 82 Gay
McCullough, Samuel, brasshnisher , bds.boards es. 3d bet.between
Locust and Vine
McCune, Edward, city night police ,r.residence 379 Broadway
McCnne, Edward, lab.laborer , 36n.north 7th
McCune, Hugh, plasterer , side Gratiot nr. ltith
McCune, James E., elk. , bds.boards 193n.north 4th
McCune, John, lab.laborer , wa. 8th b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
McCune, John, plasterer , ws. Decatur bet.between Lafayette
and Soulard
MoCune, John S., (Gaty, McCnne & Co.Company , also prest.
Keokuk, Packet Ca)r.residence Rock Spring addition