St. Louis directory :
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Iron Works & Foundry.

Corner Of Eighth Street And Clark Avenue,
St. Louis.

Manufacturers Of All Descriptions Of
Plain & Ornamental Cast & Wrought Iron Work,
For Public And Private Buildings,
Rogue-moof Bank & Store Vaults,
Patent Fire-Proof Rolling Shutters,
Iron Pavements, Chairs, Settees, Bedsteads, &C. ; Also, A Great Variety Of
New And Elegant Styles Of Railings,
Verandahs and Balconies, at Reduced Prices.

J. G.M'Pheeters, , Proprietor .

M.Patjly, , Superintendent .

John D.McMcrray, . LewisWinkelmaler, , JamesSmith, .

St. Louis fnuiii Jron Railing Manufactorn,
Architectural Foundry.

M'Murbay, Winkelmaier & Co.Company ,
Ornamental Iron Works,
Chesnut Sts.Streets , bet.between Ninth and Tenth,
Saint Louis.

Manufacture All Kinds Of Plain And Ornamental
Railing, Bank, Jail And Store Doors, Book Safes,
Fire & Rogue-proof Vaults, Window Shutters, Stairs,
Awning Irons, Lightning Rods, Wrought Iron Window Sash Bedsteads,
Grating, Wrought and Cast.

All kinds of Plain and Ornamental Castings required in the erection of buildings.