St. Louis directory :
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McQuillen, Charles, plasterer , bds.boards 45n.north 12th
McQuillen, Robert, plasterer , 33n.north 12th
McQuillen, Owen, lab.laborer , bds.boards , bds.boards 38 S. 10th
McQuinney, John, finisher , Washington foundry
McQuister, S.. Belcher's sugarhouse
McQuord, Hugh,s.b.between mate ,r.residence 161 Biddle
McRae, Duncan, physician , 27n.north 5th;r.residence 99 Pine
McRae, John, s.b.between mate ; Biddle b.between 24th and 25th
McReidy, Michael, horseshoer , 8 S. 10th
McBory, Robert, saddletreemaker , bds.boards 45n.north 12th
McSehuster, Maurice, clerk ,r.285 Pine
ifcShane, Bridget, wid.James, , laundress , rear 71n.north
McShea, John, roofer , bds.boards ss.south side w.west Brooklyn b.between llth and
McSheahari, Thomas, saloon, 201n.north Main
McSherry, Hugh, baggagemaster , 0. & M.R.R. ,r.residence
Washc.corner 13th
McSherry, Patrick T., (McSherry & McCord ,)r.residence Ben-
ton b.between 16th and 17th
McSherry & McCord , (Patrick T.McSherry, , Jas,
McGord, .) tin and coppersmiths , 203n.north Main
McSorley, Bernard, salesman , J. D.McAuliff, ,r.residence 22d
b. Franklin av.avenue and Wash
McSorley, William, (Charleson & McSorley ,) bds.boards
City Hall Hotel
MoSorley, William, saloon, 314 Broadway
McSweney, Dennis, lab.laborer , ws. 12th b.between Montgomery
aud Warren
McSweuey, Edward, carpenter , rear Biddlec.corner 19th
McSweney, Eugene, heater , 1406 Broadway
McTagaitagart, Robert, blacksmith , bds.boards Shoutznear
Pratte av
McTigh, John, lab.laborer , 37n.north 10th
McTigh, Thomas, teamster , al.alley nr. Morgan b 8th
and 9th
McTighe, JohnTeamster , hds. 250n.north 2d
McVicker, Thomas H., constable , 3d and 4th
wards 14 Walnut;r.residence Beckwith opp. Orchard
McWade, Patrick, riverman , bds.boards 20 Morgan
McWeeney, Charles, haekman , ns. Hickoryc.corner Paul
McWeeney, James, haekman , bds.boards 203 Green
McWeeney, John, finisher ,bds.boards 115n.north llth
McWeeney, Patrick, drayman , Hickoryc.corner Paul
McWhartley, William, gilder , n. 6th b.between Locust and
McWicken, John, shipcarpenter , bds.boards 37 O'Fallon
McWilliams, John, whitener , 45n.north 7th
McWilliams, William, carpenter , 278 n, 8th
McWright, James, carpenter ,r.residence ws. Linn near Geyer
Maag, Henry, printer , ss Walnut b.between 3d and 4th
Maahan, Patrick, boilerma'r ,r.residence 9thc.corner Webster
Maak, Frederick, woodsawyer , es. Hamtramck av.avenue nr.
Maas, Adam, moulder ,r.residence al.alley bet.between 10th and llth nr.
Maas, Charles, lab.laborer , Cass av.avenue b.between Sth and 9th
Maass, Lawrence, cooper , bds.boards 9th bet.between Madison and
Maas, Martin, lab.laborer , 36 Myrtle
Maas, William, cabinetmaker , es. Beliefontaine road
s. of Angelica
Maas, Zacharias, clothing, 193 Broadway
Maass, August, jeweler , 295s.south 4th
Maass, Mary, milliner , 295s.south 4th
Mabie, Edward M., (Mabie & Champlin ,) llth
b. Madison and Jefferson
Mabie & Champlin , (Edward M.Mabie, and Thomas
A.P.Champlin, .) producedealers, 63 Olive
Mabis, Charles, saddlemaker , bds.boards 43 Chambers
Mabius, Charles, elk. , RobertMcClure, , bds.boards Manches-
ter road nr. Market
Mabus, William, grocer , 80s.south 14th
Macarthy, Harry, bds.boards 274 Franklin av
Macartney, John R., teacher ,r.residence es. llth b.between Chambers
and Madison
Macauhff, James, ostler , Laflins, Smith & Boies , bds.boards
powder magazine
Macauiiffe, Richard B., physician , 10s.south 6th
Macdonald, Alexander W., printer , 67 Collins
Macdonald, Emmet, J. W.Hacdonald, , 79n.north 4th; bds.boards
Monroe House
Macdokald, James W., agt.agent Wheeler & Wilson
Bewing Machine Co.Company , 79n.north 4th;r.residence Grey Abbey
nr. Cheltenham. (See advt)
Macdonald, Robert B., lawyer , 64 Chesnut;r.residence
in the country
Mace, Alexander, fruit and candy, 23 Myrtle
Machaels, Albert, harnessmaker ,r.residence Carr bet.between 16th
and 17th
Machett, J. V.,r.residence 145n.north 5th
Machiels, Albert, harnessmaker , 253 Carr
Machland, George, teamster , sw.south west c.corner Lafayette and
Mactunise, K., 3d nr. Pine
Machon, Thomas, engineer ,r.residence se.southeast o, 2d and Ferry
Macintosh, William, carpenter , Wood's Theater;r.residence
16s.south 4th
Mack, Abraham, butcher , 19 North market;r.residence
ss.south side Franklin av.avenue c.corner 23d
Mack, Charles B., salesman , J.F. Comstock & Co.Company ,
bds.boards Yirginia Hotel
Mack, Elizabeth, milliner , bds.boards 122n.north 5th
Mack, Frederick, cutler , Jackson, c.s.south 2d
Mack, Frederick, hairdresser , bds.boards 80n.north 3d
Mack, Frederick, tailor , al.alley nr. Biddle b.between 9th and 10th
Mack, James, carriagemaker , 166n.north 7th
Mack, James, lab.laborer , 85 Elm
Mack, John,lab.laborer , 16 Florida
Mack, John, lab.laborer , 388n.north Main
Mack, John, lab.laborer , 207n.north 2d
Mack, John G., matchmaker , se.southeast c.corner Arsenal and Gra-
vois road
Mack, John P., druggist , 179 and 181 Caronde-
let av
Mack, Michael, lab.laborer , ss.south side Howard b.between Main and 2d
Mack, Michael, lab.laborer , ws. Lewis b.between Bidcle and Ashley
Mack, Norman B., printer , 4th se.southeast c.corner Elm
Mack, Patrick, lab.laborer , 94 Biddle
Mack, Patrick, lab.laborer , ws. Lewis b.between Biddle and Ashley
Mack, Patrick, lab.laborer , es. 9th nr. Mallinckrodt
Mack, Teter, boatman , Biddle b.between 8th and 9th
Mack, Peter, patternmaker , 252s.south Sth
Mack, Peter, riverman , ws. Lewis bet.between Biddle and
Mackay, Alfred, agt.agent B. Douglass & Co.Company ,r.residence 157
Mackay, Marie, wid.Zens, ,r.residence 263 Pine
Macke, Hermann, harnessmaker ,r.residence 3d e.east Olive
Mackel, Charles, blacksmith ,r.residence Carr b.between 12th and 13th
Mackenzie, Colin, elk. , Pomeroy A Benton ,r.residence 3dc.corner
Washington av
Mackenzie, Kenneth, importer of foreign li-
quors , 52n.north 3d, and direetor and agt.agent Missouri
wine ;r.residence 187 Olive
Mackey, Edward, carpenter , rear Biddlec.corner 19th
Mackey, John, porter , S.C. Davis A Co.Company ,r.residence 7n.north Main
Mackey, John W., carriagemaker , 5thc.corner Wash
Mackey, Micbael, machinist , 90s.south 2d
Mackey, Patrick, camagetrimmer , bds.boards 16th c Bre-
men av
Mackey, Richard, watchman , 205 Morgan
Mackfassel, Frank, hatmaker , llthc.corner Franklin av
Mackin, Patrick, lab.laborer , 187s.south 2d
Macklin, Patrich M,, grocer , 118 Christy av
Mackoy, James, (Mackoy, Miller & Lytle ,)r.residence 446
Mackoy, Miller A Lytle , (JamesMackoy, ,
David W.Miller, and John K.Lytle, ,) forwd.forwarding and
com.mers. , 77n.north Levee
Mackwitz, Rudolph, bookkeeper , HenryThayer, ,r.residence
5n.north 9th
Mackwitz, William, woodengraver , Market sw.c. 2d
Maciachlan, Dagald, bookkeeper ,r.residence ss.south side Gamble av.avenue b.between
Mercer and Naomi
Maciachlan, Laura,r.residence 10n.north 8th
Maclander, Conrad, butcher , French market,r.residence ss.south side
Gratiot nr. 21st
Maclay, John G., elk. , Wall & Widen , bds.boards 41n.north 6th
Maglean, John, Rev.,r.residence 198 Christy av