St. Louis directory :
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Wholesale Dry Goods
Bell, Tildeist & Co.Company ,
14 South Maw Stbeett.

Keep constantly in store a full and desirable stock of
Forengn and Domestic Dry Goods
Consisting Of
Brown And Bleached Sheettngr And Shirtings, Brown, Bleached And Blue Drills, Osnaburgs
Prints Cottonades. Denims. Tickings, Hickory Stripes, Flannels, Sattinetts,
Cloths. Cahsimeres, Tweeds, Jeans, And Many Other Choice
Kinds Of Woolen And Cotton Goods Also,
Ladies' Dress Goods, Fancy Goods, & Notions Of Every Description
Missouri Buyers Cas Always Select From One Of The Largest Lines Of "3 Wo Goods" Tobe Found In The City
An Examination of the Trade is Solicited.

Bell, Tildeist & Co.Company ,
Opposite The Merchants' Exchange.

P.S. Particular Attention given to Orders.

B.T. & Co.Company

TheodoreBetts, , John D.Mellenen, , IsaacWyman, .

Betts, Mellen & Wyman ,
Commission and Forwarding
Merchants ,
No. 12 South Main Street,
Saint Louis.

Mis, A.Brooks,
New Millinery And Yariety Store,
58 market Sts.Streets , bet.between Second and Third, St. Louis.

Has received and has constantly on hand a splendid assortment of Velvet, Satin, Plash,
and Straw Bonnets. A beautiful assortment of Ladies Fathionable
Lace Caps, Lace Collars, Silk Gloves, Shell Tuck,
Round, Dressing, Puff, Neck and Pocket Combs; Hair, Nail and Tooth Brushes;
Cologne, Extracts, Pomades and Soaps. Also, a great variety of other goods too nu-
merous to mention. All of which will be sold at a reasonable percent, above cost.

Orders for Millinery promptly executed to suit the peculiar taste of customers, or in
accordance with the prevailing fashions.