St. Louis directory :
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Misnere, Charles, paper store, es. Bellefontaine road
nr. Bremen av
Misper, Charles, bartender , 190n.north 4th
Mississippi, Blatter. 31 Market
Mississippi, Foundry, (Gaty. McCune & Co.Company )
b. Main and 2d nr. Cherry. (See advt.)
Mississippi Handels Zeiung , Pine sw.south west
c. 3rd
Mississippi House , JamesFinigan, , prop' r., 138
n. 7th
Missouri, Democrat, 41 and 43 Locust
Missouri Glass Co.Company , Lempc.corner Utah
Missouri Hotel , (Ferree & Massey ,) Main sw.south west c.corner
Morgan. (Ste advt.)
Missouri Institution For The Educa-
Tion Of The Blind , 465 Morgan
Missouri Medical College , 8thnw.northwest C. Gra-
Missouri Mutual Saving Fund And
Loan Association , 19 Market
Missouri Republican , office 11 Chesnut
Missouri State Mutual Insurance Co.Company ,
68n.north Main. (See advt.)
Missouri Wine Co.Company , office 58n.north 3d
Missouri Wood And Coal Yard , Edward
Ferguson, ,136n.north 7th
Mistler, Nicholas, lab.laborer , es. Bellefontaine roadn.north of
Mitchell, Abrahams.,(C.G. Ramsey & Co.Company )r.residence
at Kirkwood
Mitchell, Alexander, salesman , Mudd, Hughes &, Co.Company ,
r.ns. Olive b.between llth and 12th
Mitchell, Andrew, clerk , J.R. Finlay & Co.Company ,r.residence Sts.Streets
Ange av.avenue c.corner Park av
Mitchell, Andrew, steamboatjoiner , 45w.west Monnd
Mitchell, Antoine J., dep. sheriff , 301s.south 3d
Mitchell, D. D., 97 Chesnut; bds.boards Planters' House
Mitchell, Edward, 136 Locust
Mitchell, Edward, clerk , bds.boards 170 Olive
Mitchell, Eve, wid.Nicholas, , ss.south side Wood b.between Columbus
and river
Mitchell, G. T., brakerman , I.M.R.R., bus. 276n.north 2d
Mitchell, George, clerk , 184 Morgan
Mitchell, GeorgeRev.,ws.west side 10th b.between Jefferson
and Monroe
Mitchell, George A., wireworker , bds.boards 89 Franklin av
Mitchell, George M., architect , Pine se.southeast Cor.corner 3d;r.residence
Olive b.between 3d and 4th
Mitchell, Isaac, basketstmaker , 19s.south 9th
Mitchell, Isaac W., office Pine, se.southeast c.corner 2d;r.residence 177 Olive
Mitchell, Jacob, wagonmaker , 1st Carondelet near
Mitchell, James, bookkeeper , Livermore & Allen , bds.boards
39n.north 6th
Mithell, James, propertymnn , Wood's theater,r.residence 69
n. 4th
Mitchell, John, bds.boards 363 Market
Mitchell, John, bds.boards with William Ure
Mitchell, John, cigars , n. 5th nr. Biddle
Mitchell, John, stonecutter , Gamble av.avenue nr. Naomi
Mitchell, John, wagonmaker , ss.south side Hazel nr. 4th
Mitchell, John F., sup't , Robert S.Mitchell, ,r.residence Kirk-
Mitchell, Leonard F., (Mitchell & Coules ,) bds.boards nr.c.corner
Cherry and Levee
Mitchell, Leonidas W., (Mitchell & Bro. ) ws.9th b.between
Mallinckrodt and Salisbury
Mitchell, Mrs., wid., washwoman , 85 Elm
Mitchell, Robert, (Mitchell, Rammelsberg &
Co.Company )r.residence at Cineinuati
Mitchell, Robert C., (L.W. Mitchell & Co.Company ) ws.
Bellefontaine roadn.north of Angelica
itchell, Roberts., architect , 66 Chesnut;r.residence Kirk-
Mitchell, Samuel D., bookkeeper , Alexander, New-
comb & Co.Company ,r.residence 14th b.between Franklin av.avenue and Wash
Mitchell, Samuel J., lightning rod manuf. , 2lst bet.between
Franklin av.avenue and Wash;r.residence Washc.corner 21st
Mitchell, Thomas, hairdresser , bds.boards 13 Vine
Mitchell, Thomas, lab.laborer , ss.south side Florida nr.n.north Main
Mitchell, Thomas, lab.laborer , 159n.north 11th
Mitchell, Thomas, lab.laborer , 331s.south 7th
Mitchell, Valentine, saddler , bds.boards es. Wood b.between Colum-
bus and river
Mitchell, William, Carrc.corner 18th
Mitchell, William, gilder , 54n.north 5th
Mitcbell, W. K., dept'ycol. state nnd county tax.
bds.boards 7thc.corner Gratiot
Mitchell, William. (Mitchell, Rammelsberg &
Co.Company )r.residence 19th b.between Davis and Cass av
Mitchell, William J., bricklayer , 13th b.between O'Fallon and
Cass av
Mitchell, Rammelsberg & Co.. (Willum
Mitchell, , FrederickBammelsberg, and Robert
Mitchell, ,) furniture warerooms , 134 and 136n.north
4th. (See adv't.)
Mitchell & Coules , (Leonard F.Mitchell, and William
H.Coules, ,) bricklayers , c. Cherry and Leavee
Mitchern, Frank, printer , bds.boards al.alley b.between s.south 3d and 4th
Mitchern, Philip, butcher , bds.boards al.alley bet.between s.south 3d and 4th
nr. Rutgers
Mittelman, John, teacher , German Evang. Lutheran
School, Lafayettec.corner Geyer av
Mittendorf, Heinrich, bds.boards 363 Market
Mittendorf, Henry, lab.laborer , bds.boards sw.south west c.corner Bellefontaine
road and Mallinckrodt
Mittelstaedt, Charles, finisher , bds.boards Clark av.avenue bet.between 7th
and 8th
Mittkamper, Lewis, tanner , ws. Carondelet av.avenue bet.between
Ann and Russell avs
Mittmann, Herr, upholsterer , 96n.north 9th
Metton, Anna, wid.WilliamM., . rear 32w.west Brooklyn
Moacklar, James, teamster , Biddle b.between 18th and 19th
Moachliog, George, carpenter , ns. Miller b.between Jackson
and Columbus
Mock, Levi, stmbt. engineer , 48w.west Brooklyn
Mockenhonpt, Peter, tailor , 312s.south 5th
Mockler, Michael, bds.boards 436 Morgan
Mockler, Timothy, grocer , 318 Morgan:r.residence 436 Morgan
Mocksell, Philip, flourpacker , 10 Florida
Modar, Bernard, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Carondelet av.avenue and 7th
nr. Allen av
Modar, Francis A., cabinetmaker , ss.south side Russell av.avenue bet.between
7th and Decatur
Moder, Antoine, (Mahler & Moder ,) bds.boards ws.west side Caron-
delet av.avenue nr. Geyer av
Moder, Charles, stairbuilder , bds.boards George Haslinger
Moeckel, Louis, musician , rear 172n.north 10th
Moeh!, Charles P., bartender , bds.boards 155 Carondelet av
Moehlmann, Henry, porter , J. Weil &, Bros. ,r.residence ns.n.north
Market b.between 13th and 14th
Moeleng, George, carpenter , al.alley bet.between Jackson and Co-
lumbus nr. Miller
Moeller, C., at Belcher's sugarhouse
Moellcr, C.Hugh, (CH. Moeller & Co.Company ) 7s.south 4th`
Moeller, Charles, (C.H. Moeller & Co.Company ) 7s.south 4th
Moeller, Ernst, coffinmaker , 271 Franklin av
Moeller, Frederick, lab.laborer , ws. 13th bet.between Jefferson and
Moeller, George, carpenter , ws. Menard nr. Emmet
Moeller, George J., clerk , bds.boards 285s.south 4th
Moeller, Hartman, beerealoon , nw.Cor.corner new
Moeller, John, lab.laborer , Monroe b.between 13th and llth
Moeller, William F., salesman , Brown & Co.Company ,r.residence 23
n. 12th
Moeller C.H. & Co.Company , (Charles, and C.Hugh
Moeller, ,) varietystore , 7s.south 4th
Moepps, John, cigars and tobacco , 663 Broadway
Moer, James, clerk , 618 Broadway
Moergel, Rudolph, porter , Fallenstein & Gauss
Moerhen, Patrick, drayman , 172n.north 12th
Moermann, Urban, tailor , 60 Poplar
Moerschel, Jacob, cigarstore , 279 Broadway
Moerschel, Charles, cigarmaker , bds.boards 279 Broadway
MoerschelJabob, Jr.junior , cigarmaker , bds.boards 279 Broad-
Moeser, Christoph, tilor , ss.south side Victorc.corner DeKalb
Moeser, Philip, tailor , Buena Vista b.between Marquette and
Moffit, Edwin G., clerk , Sts.Streets L. & T.H.R.R. , 50 Myrtle