St. Louis directory :
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Brandon, George, furniture , 99 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence same
Brandon, Thomas H., (Hening & Woodruff,;) r.residence St.
Charles, Lindeil's block
Brandon, Thomas H., shipcarpenter; r.residence ws. 12th bet.between
Sprace and Clark av
Brandon, Thomas W., clerk Hening & Woodruff; r.residence
88 Olive
Brandon, William C., s.b.between engineer ;r.residence 9 Orange
Brands, Jacob, machinest , 164 Wash
Brandstadter, Charles, baker , bds.boards 287s.south 4th
Brands, Charles, wagonmaker , bds.boards 162 Carondalet av
Brandt, Christian, lab.laborer bds.boards Clark av.avenue c.corner 9th
Brandt, Hellmer, shoemaker , bds.boards 261 Morgan
Brandt, Henry, cigarmaker; r.residence 13 Myrtle
Brandt, Henry, tinner ;r.residence ws. Linn, near Julia
Brandt, Herman, lab.laborer Dennis Marks'Mill
Brandt, Jacob, cabinetmaker , Wash, b.between 17th and 18th
Brandt, Jacob, lab.laborer Morton near Chouteau av
Brandt, John, steward , bds 107n.north 3d
Brandt, Matthias, plasterer , ws. Decatur near Lafay-
Brandt, Scholastics, wid.Christ, , seamstress , alley b.between
Carondalet av.avenue and 7th near Park av
Brangard, Andreas, barbershop , under Monroe House;
r. 51 Myrtle
Branham, Manlius, (Branham, Keiser & Co.Company ;) r, Bar-
num's Hotel
Branham, Keiser & Co.Company , (Barton, S.Grant,
Manlius, Branham and Chas., W.Keiser,) whole-
sale grocers , 32n.north Levee
Braniger, Frederick, lab.laborer alley near Rutgers, b.between 6th
and 7th
Branigham, Patrick, gassmaker , gass works
Brann, George, caudtemaker , Goodwin & Anderson
Branna, Amos, att'y at law , Chesnut, ;r.residence 100n.north 14th
Brannan, J. O., bds.boards Monroe House
Brannan, Joseph, engineer , es. 9th b.between Decatur and
Brannan, Martin, druggist , 353n.north Main, bds Mechan-
ics' Exchange
Brannen, John, ironworker; r.residence es. 7th b.between Allen av.avenue and
and Geyer av
Brannen, John, teamster , 250n.north 9th
Brannin, Abraham O., (Brannin, Craig & Co.Company ;) r.residence
Louisville, Ky
Brannin, John S., (Brannin, Craig & Co.Company ;) r.residence Louis-
ville, Ky
Brannin, Thomas, teamster; r.residence ns. Cozzens near
Piatt av
Brannin, Thomas, jr.junior , lab.laborer , bds.boards ss.south side Pratt av.avenue near
Brannin, Thomas, sr., lab.laborer , es. Pratt av.avenue near R.R
Brannin, William, ass't physician City Hospital, Linn
nw.c.corner Lafayette av
Brannin, William, finisher , bds.boards ss.south side Pratt av near Rr
Brannin, Craig & Co.Company , (Abraham, O.Brannin,
Horace, G.Craig and John, S.Brannin,) soap and
star candle manuf'rs , 102n.north 2d
Branaby, Theobald, cooper; r.residence 293 Market
Bransferd, James, carpenter , bds.boards 74 Franklin av
Bransford, George W., levee clerk; r.residence alley b.between Frank-
tin av and Wash near 15th
Branshaw, Albert, lathsawyer , bds.boards Broadway b.between
Spring and Wright
Branson, Charles E., bookkeeper (Nathan Coleman;)
r. Myrtle b.between 5th and 6th
Branson, Joseph, telegraph operator. Court House
Branson, Julia A., wid, Philip, H., sr., 69 Myrtle
Branson, Philip H., superintendent (W. Wade & Co.Company ;)
r.138n.north 14th
Branson, William W., clerk; r.residence 227n.north 2d
Brant, Dietrich, clerk , (D.Bestoso, ;)r.residence 143n.north 14th
Brant, Henry, stonecutter; r.residence ws. 12th near Mallinc-
Brant, Henry, lab.laborer , 206n.north Market
Brant, Jacob, moulder , Morton b.between Chouteau av.avenue and
Brant, Joshua B., Washington av, ne.northeast c.corner 4th
Brant, Louis, watchmaker , 130s.south 2d;r.residence same
Brant, Richard, clerk , 23 Olive;r.residence es. 14th b.between Wash
and Carr
Brant, Samuel, cigarmaker ;r.residence 194 Wash
Rrant, William, boatman , 225n.north 9th
Braut, William, gasfitter , 124n.north 8th
Brantaur, John, finisher , alky b.between 8th and 9th near
Brante, William, 62 Biddle
Branthurst, William, lab.; r.residence ws. 13th near Salisbury
Brantigam, Andrew, shoemaker , bds 359 Market
Brasher, Frederick, bookkeeper , J. Maillot & Co..
107n.north 16th
Brass, William, cabinetmaker , alley b.between Wash and
Franklin av.avenue near 17th;r.residence Wash b.between Isth and 17th
Brass, William, tannery and glue mannfy , ws. Belle-
fontaine road b.between Dock and Harrison
Bratower, Charles, coppersmith; r.residence 300s.south 4th
Bratt, Mary, wid.Bernard, , washerwoman; r.residence allay b.between
Washington av.avenue and Green near 8th
Bratton, Edward, local editor Daily Herald , 21
Market; r, 71s.south 2d ;
Brauckman, Louis, clerk , Wilson, Levering & Wa-
ters,) 7th,c.corner Biddle
Brauckman, William H., salesman , Wilson Bro. &.Co.Company ,
r.257n.north 7th
Brauchmann, George,grocer , Biddle sw.south west c.corner 7th;r.residence 257
n. 7th
Brauckmann, Henning, clerk P.O. r.residence ns. O'Fallon b.between
llth and 12th
Brauer, Jacob, millwright , Hickory near a. 5th
Brauer, Henry, sawyer , bds.boards O'Fallon se.southeast c.corner 13th
Brauraher, George, lab.laborer , 224n.north 8th
Braun, Adolphus G., (Meyer & Braun;) r.residence Olive b.between
20th and 21st
Braun, Aleos, tailor , bds.boards 16 Olive
Braun, Dietrich, lab.laborer , 191n.north 9th
Braun, F., Belcher's sugarhouse
Braun, Frank, boatman , 167 O'Fallon
Braun, Frank, carpenter , bds.boards 362n.north 2d
Braun, George H., bookkeeper , (F.A. Reuss & Co.Company ,)
bds.boards 6thc.corner Market
Braun, Henry, lab.laborer , Carrc.corner 15th
Braun, Louis, painter , wks. Betts, Conway & Co
Braun, Valentine, cooper , Columbus sw.south west c.corner Trudeau;
r. same
Brauner, Ernst,tailor , 190s.south 2d
Braunkond, Anglebat, watchman; r.residence nw.c Trudean
and Jackson
Bray, Henry, porkpacker , ns. Hickory near 7th
Braym, Elizabeth, wid.George, 150n.north 13th
Brazeah, Auguste G., city assessor , 7th and
8th wards; office, City Hall;r.residence 118n.north 12th
Brazeau, Nicholas, barroom , 41n.north Levee;r.residence
ns. Park av.avenue , h. 10th and llth
Brazeau, Joseph A., dept. register ,r.residence 11 Spruce
Brazeau, Louis, clk. assessor's office,r.residence 13 Spruce
Brazelton, Eli, wrecker ,r.residence 351n.north 9tk
Brazil, Thomas, lab.laborer , 284n.north 7th
BrazoJohn, B., (col'd,) lab.laborer ,r.residence ne.northeast c.corner Lafayette and
Brazo, Joseph, bartender , bds.boards 58 Mullanphy
Breading, James E., (Douglass, Gazzam & Co.Company ,) r.residence at
Pittsburgh, Pa
Brebaugh, Simeon, flour agent and commission mer-
chant , 387 and 389 Broadway;r.residence same.
Brecht, Edward, vinegarmaker , 623s.south 7th;r.residence same
Breck, Michael, woodsawyer , wa. Rosatti, near Sou-
Breckener, John, lab.laborer , ns. Jnlia, near Closey
Breckenkamp, William, lab.laborer ,al.alley b.between 13th and 14th,
near Cass av
Bbeckenridge Coal Oil And Lamp Depot ,
Geo. W.Curtiss, , agt.agent , 32 and 34 Olive
Breckenridge, George, elk., Boomer & Co.Company , 54s.south 4th
Breckinridge, Samuel M., (Breckinridge & Page,) r.residence
14n.north 9th
Breckinridge & Page , (Samuel, M.Breckin- and John, Y.Page, lawyers , 97 Chesnut
Breckling, George, lab.laborer , 260n.north 12th
Bredeck, Frank H., gardener ,r.residence as. Malinokrodt, bet.between
13th and 14th
Bredehaeft, John F., cutter , R. Streett & Co.Company ,es.
15th, b.between Wash and Carr