St. Louis directory :
Bro 75 Bru
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Brown, John M., waiter , Everett House; bds.boards same
Brown, John P., lumber dealer , bds.boards 102 Morgan
Brown, John T., organ builder , 168n.north 14th
Brown, Jonas, collector , Thayer, Hart & Co.Company , 161
Brown, Jonas C., butcher , bds.boards Adams, near Emily
Brown, Joseph, cooper , bds, 259s.south 2d
Brown, Joseph, lab.laborer ,r.residence ns. llth, b.between Salisbury and
Brown, Joseph A., lawyer , 84 Chesnut;r.residence 173 Olive
Brown, Joseph M., (Brown, Thatch & Co.Company ;) r.residence 36
Brown, Joseph P., bookkeeper , Capers & Purris , 13
n. 10th
Brown, Joseph T.,s.south b.between barkeeper ; r, es, llth near
Brown, Lewis, (col'd,) porter ,r.residence 97 Almond
Brown, Margaret, wid.John, ,r.residence ss.south side Randolph, near
Brown, Maria, wid.Denis, , (col'd,) alley near 4th, b.between
Market and Walnut
Brown, Mary, wid.,r.residence 26n.north 15th
Brown, Mary.wid..seamstress ,r.residence 30 Spruce
Brown, Maurice, (Brown & Bro.;) r.residence 155 Franklin av
Brown, Michael, lab.laborer , bds.boards :10 Collins
Brown, N. B., bds.boards 58s.south 2d
Brown, Nicholas, ambrotypist , 43n.north 4th;r.residence 1S4 Green
Brown, Peter, painter , alley bet.between 7th and 8th, near
Brown, Rachel, wid.Barnett, , (col'd,) laundress , al.alley
near Carr, b.between 6th and Tth
Brown, Kichard, contractor ,r.residence 13th, b.between Carr and
Brown, Robert, cooper , bds, 5th near Green
Brown, Robert, lab.laborer , 246n.north 14th
Brown, Ruth, wid.Warren, , bds.boards 36 Howard
Brown, Samuel, H. & R.B. Whittemore & Co.Company ; r.residence
9th, ne.northeast c.corner Chesnut
Brown, Samuel C.,r.residence Gravoisrd.road , b.between Cherokee and
Brown, Sarah, wid.James, , boardinghonse, 59s.south 8th
Brown, Squire, (col'd,) drayman , es. Pratte av.avenue ,c.corner
Brown, Theodore, teacher music , 36 Howard, bds.boards
Brown, Theodore A., cabinetmaker , 71n.north 3d;r.residence same
Brown, Thomas,r.residence Franklin av.avenue ,c.corner Garrison
Brown, Thomas, bartender , 155 Morgan
Brown, Thomas, boatman ,r.residence al.alley b.between Washington av.avenue
and Green, near 7th
Brown, Thomas, coachman , Frederick Berthoid, ne.northeast
c. 6th and Olive
Brown, Thomas, coachman , Henry Chouteau, bds.boards 34
s. 10th
Brown, Thomas, lab.laborer ,r.residence s. 3d b.between Lombard and Hazel
Brown, Thomas.(Page & Bacon,) aud treasurer O. &
M.R.R.Co.Company ; r.residence 224 Locust
Brown, Thomas, tailor , ws. sth, b.between O'Fallon and Cass
Brown, Walter, clerk , Brown ACo.Company ; bds.boards American
Brown, Walter A., carpenter , 138n.north 13th
Brown, William, architect , at Kent's;r.residence 27n.north
Brown, William, clerk ,r.residence 50s.south 10th
Brown, William, daguerrean artist , 70n.north 4th;r.residence Park
av.avenue ,c.corner nth
Brown, William, furniture dealer , 141n.north 7th;r.residence same
Brown, William, lab.laborer ,r.residence ws. 12th, near Angelrodt
Brown, William, machinist , bds.boards 39n.north Levee
Brown, William H., physician , 3d sw.south west c.corner Vine;r.residence 299
Brown, William H., (A.J. McCreery & Co.Company ,) Virginia
Brown, William H., machinist ,r.residence 254n.north 2d
Brown, William M., clerk , 168n.north 2d
Brown, William P., clerk , Hunt & Wiseman's , bds.boards
109n.north 3d
Brown, William P., planemaker , 101n.north 3d
Brown, Wray, station ag'tO. & M.R. , bds.boards 224 Locust
Brown & Miller , (August, Brown & John, Miller,) sec-
ondhand furniture, 329 a. 2d
Brown, Thatch & Co.Company , (Joseph, M.Brown,Thom-, H.Thatch, and Louis, M.Laucfc,) wholesale
clothing , 171!n.north Main
Brown & Brother , (Maurice, and Alexander,
Blown.) clothing , 155 Franklin avenue
Brown & Co.. (Isaac, V.Brown, James, G.Brown,)
fancy drygoods , 7nn.north Main
Browne, James A.(Browne & Co.Company ,) r.residence , as. Adams b.between
Pratte av.avenue and Emily
Browne & Co.Company , (James, aUvowne, William, J.Rey-, and James, C.Martin.) wliiteners , 47n.north 3d
Brownfield, Charles, moulder , 1110 Broadway
Browning, John C., pantryman. Berkley House
Browning, Mary E., wid. of Fulton, B., bds.boards 220 Frank-
lin avenue
Browulee, David, (P.rownlce, Homer & Co.Company ,) prest.
Merchants' bank, and Millers" & Manufacturers'
Ins.Co.Company ,r.residence 8th sw.south west c.corner Pine
Brownlke, Homer & Co.Company , (John, A.Brownlee,
Thomas, J.Homer, David, Brownlee.John, Rex,
and James, Riordan,) wholesale drygoods , 75n.north
Main: (See advt.. p. 68)
Brownley, George, teamster , bds.boards 138n.north 7th
Brownsell, Isaac, boots and shoes , 167 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence
229n.north Pith
Brownsun, William J., lawyer , 19 Chesnut,bds.boards
Barnum's Hotel
Brua, George B., saloon , 77 Chesnut:r.residence 96 Pine
Bruau, Michael, lab.laborer , alley near Biddle b.between 9th and 10th
Bruce, Edith, boarding ho use, Main near Angelica;r.residence
Brace, Susannah, confectioner , 180 Market;r.residence same
Brurh, Adam, cabinetmaker ,r.residence Franklin av.avenue sw.south west c.corner
Bruch, Frederick, saloon , 20s.south Main;r.residence same
Bruch, John, saloon , Mainc.corner Mulberry;r.residence same
Brucham, Albert, beersaloon , ws. Decatur near Sou-
Bruchman, Herman, huckster ,r.residence ss.south side Farrar near llth
Brucker, Edward, eigarmaker , O'Fallon, ne.northeast c.corner Sth
Brack, Joseph, blacksmith ,r.residence alley near Lafayette
b. Columbus and Kosciusko
Bruck, Michael, porkpacker , Steitz. bds.boards 314s.south 2d
Biuckeiikamp, Henry, helper at Belcher's sugarhouse
Brucker, Adam, (Muhlfeld & Brucker,) r.residence 344 Broad-
Brucker, Charles, bartender , bds.boards 8n.north 3d
Brucker, Josephr.residence 60 Poplar
Brucker, Joseph A., salesman , McClelland, Scruggs &
Co. ,r.residence 152s.south 2d
Bruckner, Adam, lab.laborer , 17th b.between Piddle and O'Fallon
Bruckner, Louis, tanner , bds.boards ss.south side Mallinckrodt b.between llth
and 12th
Bruder, Henry, harnessmaker , bds.boards 127 Franklin av.avenue
Bruder, John, porter, Manny, Drake kCo.Company ,r.residence Ben-
ton b.between 13th and 14th
Brudner, Frank, shoemaker ,r.residence ns. Soulard b.between Jackson
and Carondelet avs.
Braeckerholf, Rudolph, bds.boards 186n.north 4th
Brueckmaun, Philip, shoemaker , 227 Carondelet av.avenue ;
r. same
Brueggemann, August, cigars , 163 Franklin av.avenue ;r.residence
Brueggemann, Bernard, (Brueggemann & Bro..) r.residence 338
s. 3d
Brueggemann, Henry, (Brueggemann & Bro.,) r.residence ss.south side
Marion b.between 7th and sth
Brueggeman, Henry, lab.laborer , bds.boards 484n.north Main
Brueggemann & Bro. , (Bernard, Brueggemann and
Henry, Brueggemann.) tailors , 33ss.south 3d
Brucmmer, William, cardriver , es. Fnlton b.between Lafayette
and Soulard
Brum, John, riverman ,r.residence 22 Franklin avenue
Urnen, Joseph, agt.agent O. & M.R.R.; r.residence 35 Orange
Bruenner, Henrysaddler , nw.c.corner Fulton and Barry
Bruens, Margaret, wid., r, 319 s 3d
Bruens, Peter, painter , H52 n, Oth
Bruer, Charles, carriagedriver , bds.boards ns.northside Morgan b.between 4th
and 5th
Bruff, B.Frank, bookkeeper , United States Express
Co. , bds.boards King's Hotel