St. Louis directory :
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Correction: BUD-BUN
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Budhoff, August, lab.laborer ,12th b.between O'Fallon and Cass av
Budhoff, Pater, stonecutter , 211n.north 14th
Budke, Oeorge, tialor ,r.residence ws. 17th near Parrar
Buechel, Fidel, boards 285 a. 2d
Buechel, Frederick, cooper ,r.residence 24th near Morgan
Buechner, Caspar, musician , 158n.north 12th
Bueck, John, butcher , 24s.south Market; bds.boards Frenchtown
Baecker, Stephen, baker , 429 Carondelet av,r.residence same
Bueggazzi, John, carpenter , Washington av.avenue bet.between 4th
and 5th
Bueher, John, lab.laborer , es. alley near 22d b.between Franklin av.avenue
and Morgan
Buehler, Arnold, shoestore , Franklin av.avenue near 24th;
r. same
Buehler, Edward,bookstore .es. 4th bet.between Market
and Walnut; bds.boards Palmer's Hotel
Buehler, Ferdinand, carpenter ,r.residence es. Fulton bet.between Rus-
sell av.avenue and Ann av
Buehler, Henry, cooper , wh. Step bet.between Trudeau and
Picotte;r.residence same
Buehler, Thomas H., teamster , ws. Kosciusko b.between Les-
perance and Picotte
Buell, Don Carlos, major U.S. army ,r.residence 199 Locust
Buell, Paul, quarry man , Jefferson av.avenue ;r.residence Lynch near
Jefferson av
BuellPaul, Jr.junior , teamster , Lynch near Jefferson av
Buenemann, Hermann H., lab.laborer * sw.south west c.corner Lafayette and
Buenger, John F., Rev.,r.residence 346 Franklin av
Buenger, William H., druggist , Franklin av.avenue c.corner 22d;
r. same
BuAinger, Martin, lab.laborer , ss.south side Victor near Columbus
Buer, John,lab.laborer ,r.residence es. Jackson b.between a. 2d and Miller
Buerraann, John, shoemaker , 23 Washington av
Buerger, Henry, lab.laborer , Herbert near 21st
Buerger, Henry, iagerbeer saloon, ns. Soulard near
Buerger, John, porter , Meyer & Braun ;r.residence 21n.north Main
Buermer, Herman, coachmkr ,r.residence ws. Farrar near 12th
Bueter, Rinehart, carpenter and builder , ss.south side Salisbury
b. Bellefontaine road and 9th;r.residence same
Buettner, Ferdinand, physician , 220n.north 6th;r.residence same
Buettner, George, tailor ,r.residence al.alley b.between Jackson and Colum-
bus near Miller
Bufe, Francis W., sawmaker , rtrear 854 Broadway
Bumngton, Andrew H., patternmaker , 85n.north 2d
Buford, Lewis, boards 363 Morgan
Bugbee, James H., bookkeeper , A. W.Fagin, ;r.residence 108
Buger, Frank, carriagedriver , bds.boards 277 Franklin av
Buger, Henry, dairyman , es. Rosatti bet, Ohio and
Victor;r.residence same
Bugge, Frederick, muddler ,r.residence rear 191s.south 4th
Buggle, Anton, cabinetmaker ,r.residence s. 2d bet.between Mulberry
and Lombard
Buggle, Leopold, finisher ,r.residence 199s.south 3d
Buher, Joseph, laborer , at 16n.north 3d
Buhlea, Adolph, bricklayer ,r.residence es. Columbus bet.between Sou-
lard and Carroll
Buhler, Alexander, blacksmith , bds.boards Menard near La-
Buhne, Joseph, cooper , s. 6thc.corner Gratiot
Buhne, Charles, bricklayer ,r.residence ss.south side Monroe, bet.between 14th
and 15th
Buhn, Willi., m, lab.laborer , ns. Trudeau bet.between DeKalb and
Buhngardt, Antoine, lab.laborer , 355 Carondelet av
Buholz, Henry, lab.laborer es. Bellefontaine road,s.south of An-
Buhr, Frederick, ws. Buel near Geyer av
Buhr, Frederick, cigarmaker ;r.residence 128 s 2d
Buhr, George, saloonkeeper , 80 Morgan;r.residence same
Buhr, Jacob, scouring and mending , 26 Vine;r.residence Bame
Buhr, John F., clerk 210 Broadway
Buhres, Augustus, blacksmith ;r.residence 256 Franklin av
Buhrfnerst, Caroline, wid.Frederick, washing, Park
av.avenue b.between Buel and Menard
Buhrmann, John, coppersmith , bds 346n.north 2d
Biue, Benjamin F., printer , 200 Market
Buie, Donald, engineer ;r.residence 35 Plum
Builmeier, Frank, lab.laborer 103n.north 17th
Buisemeier, Henry, steamboat ;r.residence alley,s.south Carondelet
av.avenue b.between Barry and Marion
Baker, Henry, lab.laborer 464n.north 9th
BulHn, Charles, bartender , City Hotel;r.residence 3d b.between Wash-
ington ar. and Green
Bulfln, William, bds, Frederick Home
Bulge, James, stonemason ; r. Wash b.between 21st and 22d
Bulge, John, lab.laborer rear 79 Main
Bulger, Martin, stonemason , rear 18th b.between Biddle and
Bulger, Fearce, stonemason , rear 18th b.between Biddle and
Bulger, Thomas, drayman;r.residence Franklin ar.b.between 22d and
Bulger, William, drayman , rear 200 High
Bulker, Joseph, lab.laborer r.residence 'S. Soulard near Fulton
Bulkley, George, bds.boards 20n.north Sth
Bull, James R., (J.R. Bull & Co.Company ) r. Carondelet
Bull, John C., com.mer.merchants 16 Pine;r.residence country
Bull, John P., clerk St. Louis Floating Dock and In-
surance Co,Company r.residence Hazel Dell near Carondelet
Bull James R. & Co.Company , (G. W.McGee, ,) ford, and
com.mer.merchants , 6n.north Commercial
Bullan, John, lab.laborer alley near Carroll, b.between Hamtrameok
ar- and Rosatti
Bullar, Frederick, brickmaker , Biddle b.between 23d and 24th
Bullar, Rudolph,lab.laborer bds.boards 137n.north 17th
Bullard, Caroline, wid.Joel, , (Bullard & Welling ,)r.residence
186 Washington av
Bollard, John C. salesman Edward K.Woodward, ,
bds.boards 94n.north 4th
Ballard & Wellington , (CarolineBullard, and Ruth
Wellington, ,) carpetfitters , 186 Washington ar
Bullarbieck, Henry, lab.laborer 18 b.between Carr and Biddle
Bullardeack, Henry, lab.laborer Stoddard ar. near Chouteau
Bullengcr, Philip, acrrier ;r.residence 155n.north 13th
Bullerdieck, George H., porter ;r.residence 18th bet.between Carr and
Bullman, Frederick, stovemounter ;r.residence Jackson b.between 2d
and Columbus
Bullman, Joseph, stovemouldcr ;r.residence alley near Sonlard
b. Columbus and Kosciusko
Bullo, Giocondo, saloon Locustc.corner Levee;r.residence 33 Poplar
Bullo, Joseph, coffeehouse , 17n.north Levee;r.residence es. Rosatti
near Park av
Bullock, John W., clerk , G.W. Thatcher & Co.Company ;r.residence
120 Collins .
Bullock, Lewis E., (Bullock & Co.Company ) es. High near
Scott av;r.residence ns.northside P.R.R. near High
Bullock, S. B., (Durkee Jt Bullock ,) bds.boards Barnum's
Bullock, , bookkeeper J.G. Green & Co.Company , ref used infor-
Bullock, Thomas O., bookkeeper , A. W.Lillman, , 290
Bullock & Co.Company , (Lewis E.Bullock, ,) rope manfrs.manufacturers
es. High near Scott av
Bulon, Carl, hairdresser , bds 952 Broadway
Bulshue, Henry, clerk , bds.boards 334s.south 3d
Bulte, Bernhard, (Bulte & Weber ;)r.residence 442s.south 7th
Bulte, Henry, (Mauntel, Bulte & Co.Company )r.residence ws. Rosatti
near Park av
Bulte & Weber ,( BernhardBulte, and Hermann H.We-, ,) grocers , 440s.south 7th
Bumb, Martin, clothing . 68s.south Main;r.residence same
Burner, Henry H., carriage mkr; r.residence 139n.north 9th
Burner, Lawrence P., millinery store , 63 Franklin av
Bumeyer, George W.,clerk 11 P.O. building
Bumgardner, Catherine, wid.William, ;r.residence Manchester
roadc.corner Market
Bumgardner, Leonard, s.b.between mate;r.residence alley b.between 3d and
4th near Rutgers
Bunnion, Michael, teamster ;r.residence 54 Collins
Bumliam, John L., (C.E. Howard & Co.Company ) bds.boards Wash-
ington av.avenue c.corner 3d
Bunch, Virginia, wid.Henry, , rear 257s.south 2d
Buncombe, Edward, lab.laborer r.residence ss.south side Columbia b.between Main and
Bund, Michael, batcher , 48 city market;r.residence Buchanan
c. Broadway
Bonding, Joba, (Bunding & Voigt ,) in Europe