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Portable Saw Mills .

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Whitley's Patent Double Circular Saw Mill, Patented March 4, 1856; Manufactured only by Voorhies & Totten .

All the Westeren Foundry And Machine Shop, (Late People's Iron Works,) North Main st.street , between Florida and Mullanphy sts., St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

The above Mill, in its construction, combines novelty and simplicity; either portable or stationary, as may be required, and of several different sizes; it is equally adapted to Steam, Water or
Horse power, and its simplicity, cheapness, durability, strength and easy management, cannot fail to convince every person, after a glance at its combined improvements, that it is the best Mill
now in use for making lumber. The frame is of oak; it has two saws. one above the other, and in a line with each other. so as to assist in cutting off the swell, batts, slab and knots. and in
splitting large logs. The upper saw can be moved on the arches so as to cut two planks with one run of the carriage; and for feneing from two to eight boards may be cut at once. The after
ends of the saw shafts are eonnected by by an arm, which serves as a guide to both bafes, so that complete control may be had over the saws while ruhuing; it also serves for their adjustment,
and keeps them true with each other while cutting. They are capable of sawing 1,000 to 1,500 feet per hour. according to size, and will work in all kinds of lumber without sawing crooked.
We warrant the Mills to perform in every respect as represented. Any information respecting them will be cheerfully given on application to Isa Ac >. Garrison, President, or to T.L. Sal-
is urv., Secretary of Home Mutual Insurance Company, corner of Main and Vine streets, or to the undersigned.Steam Engines of all sizes, and Castings and Machinery of every description,
turn shed at short notice, and on satisfactory terms.

St. Louis, March, 1859.

Voorhies & Totten.