St. Louis directory :
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Causae, Robert, (Causae & Co.Company ,) r.residence 62n.north 7th
Causse & Co.Company , (Robert, and George, ,) frnitdealers , 60
Cavagaha, John, cooper , bds.boards 364n.north 2d
Cavanagh, Dennis D., lab.laborer , al.alley near Biddle, b.between 9th
and 10th
Cavanagh, James, lab.laborer ,r.residence 62n.north 16th
Cavanagh, John, stonemason , es, 9th, b.between Destrehan,
and Malinekrodt
Cavanagh, Joseph, stonecutter ,r.residence 195 Christy av
Cavanagh, Michael, baker ,r.residence 5s.south 14th
Cavanagh, Thomas, lab.laborer , 84 Carr
Cavanagh, Thomas, stonemason ,r.residence es. 21st,b. Morgan
and Franklin av
Cavanagh, Timothy, stonemason ,r.residence 102 Christy av
Cavanah, Daniel, lab.laborer , 208 Green
Cavanaugh, Arthur, boatman , 270n.north 7th
Cavauaugh, Arthur, clerk ,r.residence 294 Chesnut
Cavauaugh, Edward, lab.laborer ,r.residence 317 Washington av
Cavanaugh, Ignatius, bricklayer , bds.boards es. 13th, b.between
Madison and Jefferson
Cavanaugh, Johanna, wid.Michael, , ws. 9th, b.between
Wright and Palm
Cavanaugh, John, ornamental carver ,r.residence 111 Brooklin
Cavauaugh, John, cooper , at Belcher & Brother
Cavanaugh, Patrick, teamster , Carr, b.between 20th and 21st
Cavanaugh, Thomas H., physician ,r.residence 103w.west Brooklin
Cavanaugh, T. H., physician , ns. Eugenia, b.between Adolph
and Mercer
Cavanaugh, William, machinist , Pacific R.R. ma-
chine shop
Cavanaugh, William, lab.laborer ,r.residence 441n.north Main
Caveuder, John,r.residence 187s.south 3d
Cavender, John S.,r.residence 187s.south 3d
Cavin, Dennis, lab.laborer ,r.residence sw.south west c.corner Warren and 2d
Cavin, Michael, lab.laborer , 20th, near Mullanphy
Cavin, Patrick, shoemaker , 60n.north 17th ;r.residence same
Caviuaugh, John, plasterer ,r.residence alley b.between 6th and 7th,
near Wash
Cavinaugh, John, engraver , bds.boards 96s.south Main
Cawley, Thomas, lab.laborer ,r.residence 15th and Myrtle
Cawthie, Charles, tailor , 62 Biddle
Cax, Christian, stonemason , alley b.between Jefferson and
Monroe, near 12th
Cayhel, Michael, lab.laborer ,r.residence al.alley b.between 3d and 4th, nr. Convent
Cuyou, Atitoine, salesman , ss.south side Mallinckrodt, b- Belle-
fontaine road and 9th
Cayon, Michael, keeper .stationhouse, 1st dist.;r.residence es.
2d, b.between Hazel and Lombard
Cayon, Michael, policeman , Labadie, b.between 5th and 7th
Caytou, Francis, steamboatpilot , 307 Franklin av
Cayton, George J., pilot , 90n.north 10th
Cay wood, Henry, hempspinner , bds.boards ws.west side Main, b.between
Florida and Mullanphy
Cazenave, Peter, bartender , 13n.north 3d
Ceasar, Joseph, lab.laborer , Almond, c, 2d
Ceaser, Philip, cabinetmaker ,r.residence ss.south side Sidney, b.between Buel
and Menard
Cebert, William, oysterman , 59n.north 4th
Cecil, Samuel B., fishdealer ,r.residence 170 Green
Celars, Edmon, lab.laborer , wks. St. Louis car wheel works
Cella, Dominico, sculptor ,r.residence 7th, b.between Pine and Olive
Oellweter, John, carpenter ,r.residence 332s.south 3d
Cetik, Henry; hairdresser ,r.residence 210 Washington av
Centenary, M.E.Church, Sth,c.corner Pine
Center Market , 7th. b.between Spruce and Poplar
Central Christian Advocate , office, 97
n. 4th
Central Fire Co.Company , No. 1, ss.south side Chesnut, b.between 3d & 4th
Central House , (EdwardThuemmler, ,) 37 and 39
Central Presbyterian Church , Locust, nw.
c. 8th
Cepp, Adam, carpenter , ns. Picotte, b.between Jackson and
Cerf, D., clerk , L.Bussy, , bds.boards 27s.south 4th
Cerre, Michael S., sheriff , Court House ;r.residence 39s.south
4th, near Plum
Cetti, Dominick, (Codoni & Cetti,) 328s.south 5th
Chadbourn, Thomas, collector , Court House;r.residence 7th,
b. Olive and Pine
Chadbourne, Gideon W., (Chadboume & Former.)
andpres.president Shot Tower Co.Company ,r.residence 59 Florida
Chadbourne & Forster , (Gideon W.Chad-, ahd TheodoreForster, ,) com. merchants ,
88 Commercial
Chadburae, G. W., bds.boards Monroe House
Chaddick, James B., pilot , bds.boards 132s.south 5th
Chadduck, Isaac, musician ,r.residence ca, llth, near Market
Chadwick, Alfred, (Wallace & Co.Company .) bds.boards Monroe
Chadwick, Alfred, bookkeeper , W.M. Morrison & Co.Company ,
bds.boards Monroe House
Chadwick, George W., com,mer.merchants , 24 Levee ;r.residence 46n.north
Chadwick, James, carpenter , rearns.northside Cass av.avenue b.between 8th
and 9th
Chadwick, William, engineer , 16th, near Madison
Chaflher, Peter R., (Chaflner & Gantzman,) r.residence ws.
Columbia, b.between Marion and Barry
Chaflher & Gantzman , (Peter R.Cbaflher, and Adam
Gantzman, ,) wood yard , ns. Miller, b.between s.south 2d and
Chailot, C. S., clerk , John J. Anderson & Co.Company ,r.residence
Chesnut, b.between 4th and 5th
Challen, David C, (D.C. Challen fc Brother.) rooms,
6s.south Commercial
Challen, Joseph J., (D.C. Challen & Brother,) rooms,
6 3. Commercial
Challen, , D.C. & Brother. (DavidC., and
JosephJ., ,) prod,com.merclrts. , 6s.south Commercial
(see advt., p. )
Chaling, Cbarles, clerk , Rutgers, near Stoddard av
Chalmers, David, Masonic Hall saloon , 5th C.
Chesnut;r.residence ws.west side 10th b.between Montgomery and Spring
Chalmers, James, seedsman , 18s.south Main;r.residence 4thc.corner
Chalon, Peter, carpenter , 100 Myrtle
Chamber Of Commerce , s. Main b.between Walnut and
Chamberlain F.B. & Co.Company , (Frederick B.Cham-, and Francis C.Sprague, ,) com.mere. , 50.
n. 2d
Chamberlain, Frederick B., (F.B. Chamberlain & Co.Company ,)
Christy av.avenue b.between 17th and 18th
Chamberlain, George W., carpenter , bds.boards llth b.between
O'Fallon and Cass av
Chamberlain, Gilbert T., 6th ward collector ,r.residence Cham
bers near 12th
Chamberlain, Guilford T.,r.residence ns. Chambers b.between llth and
Chamberlain, Marion, carpenter , bds.boards 738 Broadway
Chamberlain, Marion, 99 Mulberry
Chamberlain, Nathaniel, carpenter , llth b.between O'Fallon
and Cass av
Chamberlain, Nathaniel W., painter , bds.boards 11th b.between
O'Fallon and Cass av
Chamberlain, S, B., bds.boards 41 Green
Chamberlain, W., bds.boards Monroe House
Chamberlaine, James L., salesman , Hayden & Wilson ,
r.146 Washington av
Chamberlin, James M., carpenter , bds.boards 60n.north Market
Chamberlin, James T., carpenter , 60n.north Market
Chamberlin, Nelson,r.residence 233 Pine
Chambers, Amelia, wid.Nelson, , (col'dcolored ) 118s.south 3d
Chambers, Charles, 6n.north 5th
Chambers, Dynes, bookkeeper , Goodrich, Willard &
Co. , Thomas b.between Glasgow av.avenue and Clay av
Chambers, Francis, teamster ,r.residence 893 Broadway
Chambers, Henry W., cityweigher , bds.boards 108 Morgan
Chambers, Joseph,r.residence 96 Gay
Chambers, Joseph A.,r.residence O'Fallonc.corner 17th
Chambers, Thomas, carpenter , 143n.north 17th
Chambers, Thomas F., showman , 174s. 3d
Chamblin, Baylis, grocer and com.mer.merchants , 10
Commercial b.between Vine and Washington av.avenue ;r.residence near
the reservoir
Chamner, John, (col'dcolored ) lab.laborer ,r.residence al.alley near Carroll b.between
Jackson and Columbus
Champaigne, John, carpenter , rear 227 Green
Champion, Alexander, carpenter , side n.north Market
b. 10th and llth