St. Louis directory :
Alt 25 Amo
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AlleS, John. lab.laborer bds.boards 44s.south Levee
Alley, Martin, boatman , 192s.south 2nd
Alleyne, J. B., physician , 129n.north 5th,r.residence same
Allgner, John, turner , bds.boards 30 Morgan
Allington, John, Magwire, Market, res.e.east s.south 9th
bet.between Salisbury and Farrar
Allis, Catherine, wid.Chares, , washing, e.east s.south 1-
ton near Marion
Allison, Erasmus, steamhoat engineer ; r,265 Carr
Allison, Hfary T., lawyer 33 Chesnut, bds
5th r, Pt. Charles
Allison, Joel F., steamboat engineer , 263 Carr
Allison, Rolland H., druggist , bds.boards 17s.south 14th
Allison, William, carpenter . bds.boards 72 Washington av
Allmand, William, machinist ;r.residence 725 Broadwav
Allmayer, Henry, printer , alley near Biddle , b. 10th
and 11th
Allmon, Dnnicl, hootmaker , 75s.south 8th
Alfred, Ann, wid.Gilbert, , dressmaker , 107n.north 5th;
r. same
Almarodh, Adam, tailor , bds.boards bs. Gyer av.avenue near De-
Almeida, William H.,physician , 11n.north 13th,r.residence same
Almering, Andrew, lab.laborer ws. Fulton near Barry
Almond, Eugene, cook , White's restaurant
Almond, James, (Best & Almond ,) 8th bet.between Locust
and St. Charles
Almstadt, William, tnilor ;r.residence alley, bet.between Cairondelet
and Jackson, roar Miller
Ahnstedt, Henry. capt. , clerk City Assessors Office;
r,ss.south side Menard b.between Ann av.avenue and. Arrow
Alpes, Jacob, lab.laborer Spring bet.between 13th and 14th
Alsauson, Jacob, carpenter , 8th bet.between Cass av.avenue and
Alsanson, John, carpenter , 8th bet.between O'Fallon and
Cass av
Alsbacher, David, beersaloon, 112n.north 3d;r.residence same
Aslbrook, Richard, patternmaker ;r.residence rear 595 Morgan
Alsner, Frederick, lab.laborer bds.boards Park av.avenue near Missis-
Alstot, Henry, carpenter , 375s.south 7th
Alt, Andrew, lab.laborer alley, , bet.between Rutgers and Hickory;
r, 7th
Altag, Charles, teamster , rear Saxony Mills
Altefokt, Frederick W., stonemason ;r.residence 15th near
Penrose av
Alteman, Samuel, carpenter , bds 40 Collins
Altemeyer, Frederick, stonemason ;r.residence High, bet.between
O'Fallon and Biddle
Altenbernd, Christopher, sansagemaker , 290s.south 5th;
r. same
Altenbeumer, Francis T., (Meisenbach & Altenbeu-
mer ;)r.residence ns. Market, b.between 14th and 15th
Alter, James O., clerk , bds.boards 120 n; 10th
AlterJohn , Al, clerk , c. 2nd and Cherry;r.residence ws.west side 10th.
bet.between Wash and Carr
Alter, Jobn E., clerk . bds.boards 120n.north 10th
Alter, —widowWin.; 120n.north 10th
Alter, William F., pilot , bds.boards 120n.north 10th
Alterdiesen, Zacharias; lab.laborer es. 15th bet, Madison and
Althen, Henry O., bartender ;r.residence 1 Rutgers
Althen, Michael, fireman , rear of Saxony Mills
Althor, Henrv, stoneqiHiry , es. Hjth:r.residence es. Kossuth
uv. near Bremen
Althoof, Frederick. stonecutter ;r.residence ea. 21st near Bre-
men av
Althoff, Simon, clerk , (W.Myer., ) bds.boards 175 O'Fallon
Althoir, William F., stonecutter ;r.residence ws. 20th, near
Bremen av
Althonje, Ernst, carpenter , bds.boards H.H. Meyers
Altinger, Charles, gun store, 27 Market;
Chouteau av.avenue near 9th
Altmnn, Anton H., cignrmaker , 150n.north 8th
Altmauch, Jacob; peddler ;r.residence 79 Franklin av
Altmeyer, William, tailor . Franklin, av,se.southeast c.corner 6th
Alton packet , office, 19n.north Levee
Altortf, William, stonecutter ;r.residence wd. 20th near Bremen
Altschah, Henry, shoemaker ;r.residence ns. Lami, bet.between Step
and Caroudalet av.avenue
Altsohue, John, timmer , bds.boards 234s.south 4th
Altschul, Bernhard, peddler , Park av.avenue Cor.corner s.south 7th
Altschul, Charles, clerk , bds.boards 293s.south 4th
Altvater, William, laborer , bds.boards 2d b.between Plum and Cedar
Altwater, Conrad, bootmaker ;r.residence Lomabrd, , bet.between 2nd.
and Main
Alvelt, John H., stonecutter ;r.residence ns. O'Fallon, bet.between
13th and 14th
Alwrd, Brewster C., clerk T,H. & A.R.R. , bds 128
Alvord, James H., clerk Am.Ex.Co.Company , bds.boards 128 Pine
AlvordJoshua , N., supt.superintendant Western Union Telegraph
Line, office, 10 Chesnut;r.residence Trenton, Ill
Alwelt, Herman H., boatmam . 206n.north 12th
Amala, Adolph, carriagetriimiicr ;r.residence 9th bet.between Carr
and Wash.
Amann, Louis, hairdresser , 43 Green
Amas, Frederick, carpenter 612 Broadway
Ambric, Frederick W., lab.laborer Spring, bet.between 13th and
Ambrose, Eliza, wid.Charles, , 6th near Poplar
Ambrose, Robert, col'dcolored , barber , 116n.north 6th;r.residence 5n.north 9th
Ambrose, William, lab.laborer na. Orchard, near Bockwith
Ambruster, John, lab; r.residence sw.south west c.corner Olive and Pratt av
Ambruster, Joseph, cook City Hotel;r.residence 9th bet.between
Franklin av.avenue and Carr
Amba, Jacob, (Amhs, Brother & Co.Company ;)r.residence es. 17th, b.between
Market and Clark av
Ambs, Joseph, gardener , ss.south side Park av.avenue near Compton av.
r. same
Arabs, Peter, (Ambs, Brother & Co.Company ;)r.residence Macket,c.corner
Ambs, Brother & , (Peter & Jacob Ambs &
Chas.C. Reas ,) importers wines and liquors ,
35 Market
Ambuscher, Michael, lab; r.residence ns. Short, near Wood
Anrtmst, Martin, blacksmith , bds.boards ss.south side Market, near
Pratte av
Amale, Theobald, lab.laborer ;r.residence alley, near Miller. bet.between Jack-
son and Columbus
Ameling, Louis, cabinetmaker , ws, 9th, b.between Carr and
Amelung, Henry, at Belcher's sugar house
Amchuig, Henry, dairyman ne.northeast c.corner Soulord and Car-
roll;r.residence same
Amelung, John F.. grocer , 125 Carnndekt av;r.residence same
Amend, John, livery stable, 214n.north 9th,r.residence 10th,
b, o'Fallon and Cass av
Amend, Sophia, wid.. William, , confectioner , 91 s.
4th:r.residence same
America Insurance Co.Company , Pine, , ne.northeast c.corner 2nd
Ambrican Express Co,Company , (S. M.Allen, , agt.agent ,) 56
n. Main
American House , (Lee. C.Wallace, , prop. ,) 110
n. 4th
American Sunday School Union , No. 9s.south
5th, A.W. Corey, General agt.agent , J.W. Mclntyre
American Tract Society , 7s.south 5th, Rey.S.
Warren, General agt.agent , J.W. Mclntyre, Deposi-
Ames, Edgar,(Henry. Ames & Co.Company ;)r.residence 280n.north Main
Ames, Edward B., eyewater , 42 Vine, bds.boards City Hall
Ames, Henry, (Henry Ames & Co.Company ;)r.residence 175 Olive
Ames, Henry, pork merchant ;r.residence 175 Olive
Ames, James, (Amea & Johnson ;)r.residence Hickory, , near
Ames, Joseuh M.;r.residence 51n.north 8th
Amea, L., Contractor , 13th, b.between Poplar and Randolph
Ames, Norman, salesman , (J. C.Havens, & Co.Company ,) bds.boards
es. 8th, bet.between Olive and Locust
Ames, William G., carpenter : r334n.north 9th
Ames Henry &, Co.Company , (HenryAmes, , EdgarAmes, ,)
porbpackers , 918 Broadway, and 280n.north Main
Ames & Johnson , James Ames & William T.John-, , brick mnfr.manufacturer 24th near Cass av
Amman, Lawrence, haridresser , bds.boards ss.south side Market, b.between
20th and 21st.
Ammann, John A., saloon, 224 Carondalet av;r.residence same
Amos, Ema G., wid.William, , boardinghouse, 39 and
41n.north 5th