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Raymond'S Latest Improved

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Sewing Machine
Warranted To Be The Best In The World.

They Will Stitch And Hem, Tuck And Fell, Father And Embrolder, With Perfection, And Are
Especially Adapted To Family Use.

They will sew all kinds of goods, from the finest to the coarseat, better than any other Machine now extant, and may
be used with excellent success in all kinds of light leather work. Any person of ordinary intelligence canb, in one hoar,
learn to use them successfully. These machines are Warranted and any person purchasing them can returs
them and get their money, if, after a month's trial, they don not prove satisfactory.

The following are among the advantages they possess over all other machines;

1st.-They are simple, strong and durable, easily understood and managed, and not liable to get out of order.

2d.-They use cotton from the ordinary spool, without rewinding, saving time, trouble and waste.

3d.-The stitch is stronger and more difficult to rip than any other made by machinery, and is superior to the best hand
Sewing. The two threads are double looped into cach, and firmly tied and knotted at every stitch. They take the
same stich as the celebrated Grover & Baker Machine, which is the best and most clastic stich over yet made.

4th.-They sew with Cotton, Linen and Silk Thread equally well.

5th.-They Finish their work. There is no accasion to fasten the threads at either end of the seam, as is required
by all shuttle stich machines.

6th.-Every Machine is made to run by hand or foot power, thus combing the advantages of both methods.

Price Of Hand Machine, 25 Dollars.
With Stands Axd Treadle, Tools, &c.,$33.

They have been used extensively for last six months in the City of Chicago. Iii. Wo have a large list of refer-
ences, but will give the names of only a few who are among the first families, viz;

We, the undersigned citizens of Chicago, Ill., and St. Mo. Louis. Mo., having lately purchased one of Raymonds' latest
Improved Patent Sewing Machines, and used it successfully on different kinds of goods, in our families' service, de
Cheerfully recommend it to all persons wishing to purchase for family use.

Chicago References. St. Louis References.

B. F.Wiggins, , MrsWatson P.Coe, , Mrs.P. A.Mofkett, . Mrs,James H.Lamton, ,
Mrs.J. P.Cook, . Mrs.Levi B.Taft, . MrsClemens, . Mrs.D. B.Gale, ,
Mrs.D. F.Groves, . E. E.Gurney, , Mrs.M. B.Tennison, , Mrs.J. A.Hale, .
Mrs.A. A.Barrows, , Mrs.M. D.Downs, , Mrs.E.Tillman, Mrs.Ej. Stevens, .
Mrs.N.Sturtevant, , Mrs,M.Duck, , Mrs.J. JewettWilcox, , MrsJoseeCofran, .
Mrs.Frd'K. Rickords, , Mrs.R. R.Whof., Mrs.L. F.Livermore, .
Mrs.W. R.Williams, , Mrs.D. R.Arbuckle, ,
Mrs.H. M.Blossom, .

These names are deemed are deemed sufficient to ensure an examination of our Machine by all persons desirous of purchase
ing, and we invite them to call at our Rooms, No. 82 North Fourth street, St. Louis and examine for themselves. They
will find a lady in attendance, who will always respectfully receive our customers, and operate the machine.

EdwinClark, ,
No. 82 North Fourth st.street , St. Louis, Mo.Missouri

N.R.-Agents wanted to all the cities South and West. Address EdwinClark, , No. 82 North Fourth
Street, St. Louis, Mo.Missouri