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In about Thirty Parts at Twenty-five Cents each.

In one large volume handsomely bound, price $10, or in plain binding, strong style, at $8, and per Mail, fre
of Postage, to any part of the United States.

Superbly Illustrated with upwards of Three Hundred Engravings,
Rivera Mountains, Hills, Dales, Public Buildings, Fine Mansions, Street Views. Water Falls
Prairie And Railroad Scenkry, Views Ok The Cities And Towns Throughout The
United States.

The Land We Live In:
Historical, Geographical And Statistical;
A Full And Comprehewsive Review
Of The Progress, Present Condition, Commercial. Railroad, Manufacturing And Industrial Re
Sources Of
The American Confederacy.

First Division:
The United States—Historical, Commercial and Political.

Second Division:
The States aDd Territories, (each by itself,) Geographical, Statistical and Industrial.

Third Division:
Full Description; Statistics of the Principal Cities and Towns, showing their Resources, Manufacturing, Commercial,
and other advantages, as also in drawing the attention of Capitalists and others thereto, as the most
profitable place for investment.

Fourth Division:
The Internal Improvement System of the United States, embracing a Historical and Descriptive Acconnt of the
Rise And Progress Of Railroad, Steamship, Steamboat And Telegraph Companies, &C.,
With a full exposition of the modus operandi of their management by the various Presidents and Boards of Directors,
With Numerous Beautiful Illustrations Upon The Different Great Routes.

The following distinguished Gentlemen art among the Contributors to this Great Work:

Henby V.Poor, .Esq., New York.

E. D.Mansfield, , Esq., Cincinnati.

Ben.Cassady, . Esq., Louisville,

R. S.Fisher, , M.D., New York.

Emerson, Bennett, Philadelphia.

R. S.Mathews, , Esq., Baltimore.

From the Hon. Judge Le Grand, Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals.

Sir :—I have had exhibited to me some of the proof sheets of the work you propose to publish, showing the Growth
and Progress of this Republic, Historical, Commercial, and Industrial. I take pleasure in saying that the examination I
have been able to give to the sheets presented, convince me it will prove not only interesting, but of practical utility to
our whole people. The part of it which I have seen has been compiled with great fulness and accuracy of detail I
cannot doubt the business and scientific portion of our population, throughout the Union, will welcome the issue as a
valuable auxiliary to their present stock of knowledge. With respect, your obedient servant.

John C.Crand, .

From the Hon.Honorable A, P.Sutler, , U.S. Senator for S.C.

In the foregoing recommendation of Judge Le Grand I cordially concur.

A. P.Butler, .

From the Hon. Thomas Swann, Mayor of Baltimore.

Sir :—I have examined the proof sheets of The Land We Live In," which you have submitted to me, and take pleas-
ure in saying that it promises to be a valuable and useful work. A comprehensive view of the resources of the Ameri-
can Confederacy cannot fail to prove a useful appendage to every library.

RichardEdwards, , Esq., Baltimore.

Tho.Swann, .

From the Hon.Honorable Thomas J.Rusk, , U.S. Senator for Texas.

Sir :—I have examined the pages of a work entitled "The Land We Live In," and take much pleasure in recommend
ing the same to the patronage of my countrymen, and trust you may be liberally rewarded for your labors.

Thomas J.Rusk, .

Front his Excellency, Gov. Wise, of Virginia.

Sir :—I have cursorily examined the proof sheets of the new work you propose publishing, submitted to me I re-
turn these sheets to you, as you request, and take pleasure in saying that, as they enable me to judge, I approve very
much of the work and recommend its publication, and you will please accept my order for a copy, and am yours, very
RichardEdwards, , Esq., Baltimore.

Henry A.Wise, .

From the Hon.Honorable Thomas H.Benton, , Senator for thirty years from Missouri.

Sir :—I cheerfully recommend your book to the patronage of the public. I think it well calculated to promote the
business, pro perity and happiness of the people of this wide-extended nation. I wish you much success in your enter-

Thomas H.Benton, .

Any information from Merchants, Manufactures, Literary Gentlemen, and others, will be thankfully received. Such
can be addressed to RichardEdwards, , Editor , Box 1027, Baltimore P.O., or Box 1619, St. Louis.

Published by
T. B.Peterson, & Brothers , 306 Chestnut Sts.Streets , Philadelphia.

Sold by appointed agents in every County, Town and City throughout the United States.

Virtue, Son & Co.Company , London, Wholesale Agents for Europe.

Persons Wishing The Agency Of This Work Will Please Apply To The Editor As Above.