St. Louis directory :
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Superior Saws.

Saw Mandrills,
saw gummers
Upsets And Files,
Straw Cutter.
Cane, Corn,
Tobacco Knives,
Eeafee Sickles , Empire Saw Works
Curtis & Hiles
Gage & Co.Company
Manufacturer Of Every
Description Of Extra Refined
Cast Steel Saws
All Kinds Of Saws
Repaied In The Best Manner
Main Above Florida Street
Office And Salesroom No 29. N Main St. St. Louis Mo.
Carpenter Squares.
Butchers' Cleavers
Springs & Knives,
For every description
Made To Order.

in the manufacture of our saws we use none but the best quality of steel, and employ
the most experienced workmen'.

We sell at Eastern .Manufacturers' Prices,
and make the same discounts to the trade,

important to carpenters & builders.
Twenty Per Cent. Saved !

rooping .ajst:d guttering.
the subscriber hating secured the right to
Lee'S Patent Guttering Machine,
For St. iOuis Citf Jjvzt Coujytv,
is now prepared to furnish all styles of
Cornish And Eve Gutters,
At The shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms.

SamuelCowell, ,
Jvo. 107 Worth Fifth it., 6.1. Grttn 10 Wathtngton nv.
Saint Louis, Missouri.

Book & Job
Book-Binding, Ruling And
Blank Book Manufactory.
J. B.Cross, , Proprietor.
Corner Main And Vine Sts.Streets ,
S4Mjvt Jlouis.

Mrs.Deneny, ,
No. 97 Market Street,
Saint L0Uis.