St. Louis directory :
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Stiermann, John H., prop. quarry, , r.residence Farrar nr. 18th
Stiess, Rudolph, tailor , ns. Lafayette nr. Buel
Stifel, Adam, cooper , bds. 346 n.north 2d
Stifel, Charles G., brewer , 38 and 40 Cherry,
and 14th b.between Howard and Chambers; r.residence 40 Cherry
Stifel, Christopher A., saloon , 40 Cherry
Stiffton, Henry, baker , 175 n.north llth
Stiger, Louis, butcher , ws. DeKalb bet.between Picotte and
Stigers, George, blacksmith , bds.boards 140 n.north 7th
Stiggis, John S., policeman , Park av.avenue b.between 8th and 9th
Stika, John, shoemaker , r.residence ns. Lesperance b.between Caron-
delet av.avenue and Jackson
Stiles, Benjamin, gasfitter , r.residence ws. 7th b.between Franklin av.
and Wash
Stiles, George, clk. , Missouri Bank, 54 Myrtle
Still, William, bricklayer , 98 Olive
Stille, Antoine. 53s.south 13th
Stille, George H., notary public, 4 n.north 2nd; r.residence
ws. 8th b.between Rutgers and Hickory
Stillen, Henry, lab.laborer , Benton b.between l6th and 17th
Stiller, Henry, (Stiller &, Buschar,) ns. Chouteau av.avenue
nr. Tayon avavenue>
Stiller & Buscher , (HenryStiller, and Joseph
Buscher, .) brickyard , se.c.corner> Tayon av.avenue and Papin
Stillinger, Adelia C., wid.widow Daniel, , r.residence ss. Estelle bet.between
20th and 21st
Stiliinger, Daniel S., clk. , side Estelle bet.between 20th
and 21st
Stillwell, Enoch, foreman , S. Stillwell & Co. , r.residence 79
s. 3d
Stillwell, Samuel, alcohol manfr. , 12 n.north 2nd; r.residence
63s.south 5th. (See advt.)
Stinde, Conrad R., (C.R. Stinde & Co.) r.residence Spring b.between
Mercer and Naomi
Stinde, Emanuel R., (Holcomb, Harkness & Stinde,)
bds. 112 Pine
Stinde, Herman F., (C.R. Stinde&Co.) r.residence 163 Locust
Stinde C.R. & Co. , (Conrad R.Stinde, and Her- F.Stinde, ,) boots and shoes , 18 n.north Main
Stine, Charles W., (August Maschmeyer & Co.) 113
Stine, Henry A., 66 Market; r.residence South St. Louis
Stingel, Andrew, lab.laborer , al.alley b.between Jackson and Columbus
nr. Carroll
Stingel, Andrew, lab.laborer , bds.boards 191 n.north 4th
Stinger, John A., private watchman , bds.ns.north side Benton
b. 14th and 15th
Stinger, William A., boat watchman , r.residence ns. Benton b.between
14th and 15th
Stingler, John, lab.laborer , Flora Garden 7th
Stinkemeyer, Henry, drayman , ns. Jefferson b.between 13th
and 14th
Stinman, Henry, teamster , n. Market bet.between 9th and
Stinson, James S., printer , Rep. office; r.residence 8thse.south east cor.
Stinson, John, lab.laborer , Benton b.between 16th and 17th
Stinz, Rudolph, brickmaker , r.residence ws. Carondelet av.avenue b.between
Arsenal and Pestalozzi
Steirat, James R., drygoods , 196 High
Stishel, William, cooper , al.alley b.between Wash and Carr near
Stith, James D., clk. , Marine Ins.Co. , bds. 112 Pine
Stith, Griffin, bookkeeper , Loker & Bro. , bds. 112
Stith, James W., bank clk. , bds. 6s.south 7th
Stith, Morrison, trader , r.residence ws. 10th bet.between Montgomery
and Spring
Stitmar, Lawrence, cabinetmaker , r.residence al.alley b.between Broadway
and 2nd nr. Chambers
Stiver, John, tailor , Menard nw.northwest c.corner> Geyer avavenue>
Stock, Charles, saddler , b.between Wash and Frank-
lin av.avenue nr. 21st
Stock, Dominique, (Stock & Pfeiffer,) r.residence 301s.south 3d
Stock, Edward, music teacher , r.residence 328 n.north 6th
Stock, Henry, tailor , bds. 51 Franklin avavenue>
Stock, Joseph, carpenter , 15th b.between Chambers and
Howard; r.residence 1ll n.north 15th
Stock, Stephen, Oregon brewery , 412s.south 7th; r.residence 8th
c. Fulton
Stock, Theodore, gunmaker , 208 Market
Stock, Vincent, cigar manfr. , 72 Carondelet avavenue>
Stock & Pfeiffer , (DominiqueStock, and Joseph
Pfeiffer, .) wines and liquors , 40s.south Main
Stockdale, William, finisher , bds. 320 n.north 2nd
Stocke, George, baker , bds. 1110 Broadway
Stocke, George V., grocer , ns. Geyer av.avenue nr. 2nd Ca-
rondelet avavenue>
Stocke, Jacob, clk. , side Geyer av.avenue near 2nd Ca-
rondelet avavenue>
Stocke, Valentine, bakery , 1110 Broadway
Stocker, Barnabas, paperbox maker , al.alley b.between llth and
12th nr. O'Fallon
Stocker, Benedictcigarmaker , 109 n.north 9th
Stocker, William H., cooper , Commercial c.corner> Chesnut;
r. 49 w.west Brooklyn
Stockhoff, Herman H., bootcrimper , 151 n.north 6th; r.residence
187 Washington av
Stocking, Sidney D., bookkeeper , John B.Vielle, , bds.
Missouri Hotel
Stockhausin, Ignatz, 35 Rutgers
Stockmeier, William, grocer , es. 15th nr. Bremen avavenue>
Stockoh, Henry C., boardinghouse , 171 n.north 8th
Stocksig, Conrad, lab.laborer , rear 172 n.north 9th
Stocksig, Frederick, painter , al.alley b.between 12th and 13th nr.
Cass avavenue>
Stockstead, Alexander, tailor , bds. 30 Morgan
Stocktin, Edward, mate , ws. Bellefontaine road bet.between
Salisbury and Mallinckrodt
Stockston, David K., salesman , Finney & Brother ,
bds. Virginia Hotel
Stockton, Joseph A., (Becker & Co.) 138s.south 4th
Stodart, Ann, wid.widow William, , 308s.south 7th
Stoddard, Edward H., (Stoddard & Co.) r.residence 1ll n.north 5th
Stoddard, Thomas A., bookkeeper , Southern Bank,
es.n.north 10th nr. Morgan
Stoddard & Co. , (Edward, H. & —,) wh. wines,
liquors, & c.corner> , n. 5th b.between St. Charles and Washing-
ton avavenue>
Stodeck, Henry, porter , 132 n.north 9th
Stodick, Charles, woodsawyer , al.alley rear Madison bet.between
14th and l5th
Stodick, Henry, porter , 204 n.north Main; r.residence ws.west side 9th bet.between
Carr and Biddle
Stoeber, Frederick, shoemaker , bds. 3d nr. Olive
Stoeckel, Andreas, sawyer , ne.c.corner> Decatur and La-
Stoecker, Albert, tanner , side Marion b.between Jackson
and Columbus
Stoecker, Frederick, tanner , side Marion bet.between
Jackson and Columbus
Stoecker, William, tanner , r.residence ss.
Stoehner, Frederick W., lab.laborer , es. Kossuth av.avenue near
Stoehr, John, coppersmith , 491 Morgan
Stoehr, Lewis, brewer , es. 7th bet.between Sidney and Victor
Stoehrens, Henry, carpenter , ns. Soulard b.between Decatur
and Fulton
Stoeppelmann, Christian, lab.laborer , es. Decatur cor. La-
Stoevener, Ferdinand, steamboat clk, , Julia nr. 7th
Stoffel, Mrs., ladies' furnishingstore , 106 Pine
Stohl, George, lab.laborer , al.alley nr. Lafayette b.between Jackson and
Stohl, John, tailor , bds. 245 Carondelet avavenue>
Stohl, Martin, butcher , side 16th bet.between Spring and
Stohle, Charles, lab.laborer , bds. 480 Morgan
Stoker, August, tanner , bds.ns.north side Bellefontaine road b.between
Dock and Harrison
Stokes, Jane, wid.widow Robert, , al.alley b.between High and 14th nr.
Stokes, Thomas, lab.laborer , sw.c.corner> Warren and 2d
Stokes, Thomas, bootmaker , bds. Mullanphy House
Stolberg, William, porter , Monroe b.between 13th and 14th
Stolemann, William, dyer , 9th b.between Rutgers and Park
Stolk, Henry, lab.laborer , 143 n.north 9th
Stoll, Jacob, blacksmith , 53 Almond
Stoll, Jacob, blacksmith , bds. 85s.south 2d