St. Louis directory :
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Correction: SUM-SWE
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Summers, Andrew, lab.laborer , Laclede ironworks
Summers, Charles, butcher . Wash e.east 24th
Summers, Charles, butcher , 2 outside n.north Market; res.
24th c.corner> Wash
Summers, Daniel, drayman , 22d b.between Carr and Biddle
Summers, Ferdinand.(Nolte & Summers,) r.residence rear
Franklin av.avenue b.between 20th aud 21st
Summers, Harrison, steamboat engineer , 208 Carr
Summers, Henry, carpenter , bds. 230 n.north 2d
Hummers, Henry W., es. Collins nr. Columbia
Summers, Joseph, com.commission merch't. , 16s.south Commer-
cial; r.residence 271 Chesnut
Summers, Michael N., drayman , 261 Green
Summers, Peter, steam boatman , bds. Davis bet.between 23rd
and 24th
Summers, Stephen F., trunkmaker , 16 Vine; r.residence
Marion c.corner> Rosatti
Summers, Thomas H., clerk , bd3. Randle House
Summers, William, temperer , rear 127 O'Fallon
Summerville, Nicholas, carpenter , bds. 208 Franklin
Summerville, William, lab.laborer , Allen ironworks
Sumner, E. V., Col. commanding western division
U.S.A.; r.residence 105 Washington avavenue>
Sumner, William, stonecutter , al.alley b.between High and 14th
nr. O'Fallon
Sumpf, Frederick, watchmaker , Wash c.corner> 16th
Sumrall, Joseph K., lawyer , 211/2 n.north 5th
Sunbeck, Bernard, porter , 15 Mullanphy
Sunday, Times, 3d nw.northwest c.corner> Olive
Sunderland, John J., carpenter , 14th nr. Carr
Sunderland, Julius, clerk , Belchers' sugarhouse; res.
186 n.north 4th
Sunderman, Frederick, hairdresser , Laclede c.corner> Lef-
fingwell avavenue>
Sunderman, Joseph, porter , 279s.south 7th
Sundhouse, Cbarles, lab.laborer , wks. Laclede ironworks
Sundmaker, Conrad, lab.laborer , ws. Rosatti nr. Carroll
Sunthouse, Charles, ns. Angelica bet.between Broadway and
Beliefontaine read
Suphess, Stephen, tailor , ns. Arsenal bet.between Carondelet
av.avenue and 7th
Suppan, Anna, wid.widow Benjamin, , ss. Franklin av.avenue near
Supple, James, grocer , Springsw.south west c.corner> Mercer
Supple, John, lab.laborer , ns.St. Charles b.between 14th and 15th
Sun, Barnard, fruit dealer , bds. 449s.south 2d
Surkamp, Christopher, 12tb b.between O'Fallon and Cass avavenue>
Surveyor General'S Office , ss. Chesnut b.between
Main and 2d
Suss, Alexander, jeweler , 70 Main; r.residence 147s.south 4th
Sust, Peter, dairyman , ns. Geyer av.avenue nr. 2d Caronde-
let avavenue>
Suszdorf, Henry P., saloon , 51s.south 2d
Suter, Gottlieb, carpenter , ws. 2d nr. Lombard
Suter, Lewis, porter , Finney & Bro
Sutkenhoff, Henry, cigarmaker , bds. Locustsw.south west c.corner> 3d
Sutkoff, August, shoemaker , ns. Spruce bet.between 12th
and 13th
Sutler, Peter, cigarmaker , bds. 18 Franklin avavenue>
Sutliffe, John, silversmith , bds. 178 Green
Sutloff, John, silverburnisher , es. 7th b.between O'Fallon and
Cass avavenue>
Sutor, Andrew, teamster , es. 7th b.between Arrow and Ann
Sutor, August, steamboat clerk , 111s.south 7th
Sutor, Henry, locksmith , wks.St. Louis wooden
ware factory
Sutter, Christopher, (C. Sutter, & Co.) r.residence 275s.south 3d
Sutter, Isabella, wid.widow John, , dairy , Gravois road bet.between
Utah and Cherokee avavenue>
Sutter, Jacob, porter , Hanenkamp & Hynes , r.residence 18th
and Wash
Sutter, John, carpenter , ss. Clark av.avenue b.between 14th & 15th
Sutter, John, (John Sutter & Co.) r.residence Olive st. plank
Sutter, John J., clerk , co. assessor's office, bds.boards Green
se.c.corner> Main
Sutter, Louis, porter , rear 159 n.north llth
Sutter, Michael, drayman , 165 n.north 14th
Sutter, Michael, saloon , 63s.south Levee
Sutter, Theobald, 165 n.north 14th
Sutter C. & Co. , (Christopher, Sutler and Joseph, Et-,) rectifiers , ne.o. Convent and a. 3d
Sutter John & Co. , (John, Sutter and Lucien, D.Ca-,) milk depot , 35 n.north 6th
Sutthuff, Herman, lab.laborer , es.s, 12th near Salisbury
Sutton, Aaron, finisher , Jr. 166 n.north 17th
Sntton, Abraham, engineer , r.residence es. 10th b.between Montgom-
ery and Warren
Sutton, Charles, ss. Morgan b.between Leffingweli & Ewing
Sutton, Edward, cooper , bds.sw.south west c.corner> Main & n.north Market
Sutton, George K., tinner , Wash c.corner> 15th
Sutton, James, clerk , 159 n.north 4th
Sutton, Mary, wid.widow Joseph, , r.residence 133 n.north 12th
Sutton, Mary AnnMrs., Parsons near Grand avavenue>
Sutton, Nicholas, lab.laborer , 192 Wash
Sutton, Robert D., policeman , 156 n.north 17th
Swab, Elizabeth, wid.widow John, , r.residence 314s.south 3d
Swab, Henry, tobacconist , r.residence 314s.south 3d
Swab, Michael, cooper , r.residence es. 12th near Angelrodt
Swager, Henry, saddletreemaker , r.residence al.alley bet.between 10th and
llth near Market
Swain, Robert, r.residence 249 n.north 8th
Swain, Rufus, (Stanton and Swain,) ss. Eugenie bet.between
High and Pratte avavenue>
Swain, Thomas H., (Vining & Swain,) 234 Chesnnt
Swales, Thomas, (Swales & Co.) 160 n.north 6th
Swales & Co. , (Thomas, Swales, John, J.Outley and
Frederick, G.Henesy,) hides and leather, 73 n.north
Swangan, James, Paul near Hickory. (Information
Swanigan, August, lab.laborer , ss. Douchouquette near Ca-
rondelet avavenue>
Swantler, Francis, lab.laborer , ns. Lesperance b.between Carondelet
av.avenue and Jackson
Swanzey, William M., producedealer , ns. Chesnut b.between
Ewing and Garrison avavenue>
Swappie, Caspar H., lab.laborer , ns. Penrose av.avenue near 17th
Swarthing, George, patternmaker , Wash'ton fosndry
Swarthing, Henry, patternmkr. , Washin'ton foundry
Swarti, Ann, wid.widow Abraham, , r.residence 196 Washington avavenue>
Swartz, Frank, blacksmith , bds. Broadway bet.between La-
beaume and Webster
Swartz, Frederick, porter , W.A.Nelson,
Swartz, Hamer, lab.laborer , 15th b.between O'Fatlon and Cass avavenue>
Swartz, James H., (Davis, Benson & Swartz,) bds.
433 n.north 9th
Swasey, Saml., (Swasey, Bassett & Co.) r.residence 77 n.north Levee
Swasey, Bassett & Co. , (Samuel, Swasey, William, A.
Bassett and David, P.Clay,) 77 n.north Levee
Swatz, Adam, sausagemaker , 347 Carondelet avavenue>
Swatza, Catharine, wid.widow John, , ss. Mallinckrodt bet,
Bellefontaine road and llth
Swatzbah, Jacob, lab.laborer , ne.c.corner> Columbus and Marion
Sweeney, A., teach. Jackson school, r.residence 13th c.corner> Benton
Sweeney, Edward, moulder , bet.between Sth and 6th
near Gratiot
Sweeney, James, printer , 88 Market
Sweeney, Michael, brakeman , O. & M.R.R. , bds. 245
Sweeney, Michael, Bhoeraakor , 129 n.north 8th
Sweeney, Patrick, carpenter , bds. 34s.south 10th
Sweeney, Patrick, coaldriver , bds. 830 Broadway
Sweeney, Patrick, gasmaker , gasworks
Sweeney, Patrick, lab.laborer , ss. Sidney near Jackson
Sweeney, Patrick, lab.laborer , rear 81 n.north 10th
Sweeney, William, musician , 352s.south 7th
Sweeny, Bernard, lab.laborer , 52 Carr
Sweeny, Edward, moulder , bds. Gratiot b.between 5th & 6th
Sweet, Albert L.clerk , Alton packet Co. , bds.sw.south west c.corner>
5th and Carr
Sweet, Anthony, carpenter , r.residence Webster c.corner> Thomas
Sweet, James F., s.b.between mate , r.residence 18th bet.between Market and
Sweet, Louis S., salesman , Field Brothers, bds.boards Vir-
ginia Hotel
Sweetheart, Compram, lab.laborer , Ohio bet.between Cherokee and
Sweezter, Michael, lab.laborer , ea. Columbus b.between Carroll and